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Drugged Driving Is Just As Rampant As Drunk Driving

Accidents are often chalked up to drunk driving, but after autopsies have been performed, the reports will show about thirty percent of these bodies had large doses of drugs that impaired the driver’s judgment. The problem is that there is no roadside test for the average police department to check for drugs in the driver’s system.

Typically, they will arrest them for being suspected of drunken driving and get a judge to issue a court order for an entire workup on a blood sample. This is nothing new, but the public has not yet become aware of drugged driving.

People consuming narcotics like heroin, LSD, and marijuana have no idea what they are doing at times behind the wheel of a four thousand-pound car that now becomes an assault weapon with the capability of killing one or as many as a dozen people before crashing into a halt or being forced to stop by the police.

Someone hallucinating from drugs while driving is just as deadly as someone consuming a fifth of vodka before getting in their personal vehicle. Sadly, the driver is usually spared in these types of accidents, but the emotional loss caused by the victim’s families cannot be calculated.

Even more deadly are combinations of drugs and alcohol for vehicle operators; some will die from overdosing while driving and cause a crash, as there is not a living person behind the steering wheel.

The federal government and several car makers are working on technology that could possibly render vehicles immobile in the future by sensing the chemicals that are coming out of the pores of their hands, but that is years away from becoming a reality. Making this type of technology, a requirement for each vehicle will have to be fought out in congress and at state-level legislatures too.

People who kill others while under the influence of drugs are just as guilty as drunk drivers and are just as liable in civil court for wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits.

When technology finally catches up with drug users, the jails will start swelling by double, but for now, most of these people are only caught after the damage has been done to them and their victims.

Prevention through new inventions will hopefully curtail this whole area of criminal activity and prevent thousands of deaths each year in the future.





When is a Person Too Old to Drive?
I have a friend complaining that his neighbor was still driving at 95. He went on to describe at length how he would see the garage door roll open several times a week at all times of the day and night and marvel at how this little elderly woman – nearly impossible to see above the dashboard and behind the steering wheel – would inch her way down the drive and then down the street.

Those who lived close by knew to stay off the road when she set off because she had a habit of forgetting to stop at stop signs and driving on the wrong side of the road. Police had been called on several occasions, but – as yet – law enforcement had been unable to deny her a driver’s license.

This might be mildly amusing if it weren’t so potentially deadly. As baby boomers and their parent’s inch into their twilight years, it isn’t easy to get them to accept what should be considered a natural limit to their abilities. With age comes decreasing eyesight clarity, reflex response times, and impaired judgment – such as predicting the amount of time needed to make a left-hand turn in front of oncoming traffic.

I am not elder-bashing here. A wealth of studies have been done to support these premises – and the statistics are available to show that aging adults are less capable of handling several thousand-pound machines in increasingly congested traffic situations.

If you have an older parent or family member who is still driving – consider discussing alternative methods of transportation that may keep everyone safer.

News stories in which an elderly driver caused injury and death to others because of incapacitation are challenging to read – and most certainly are even more tragic to experience.

We want to protect elderly drivers from contributing to car accidents and getting injured.



Distracted Driving and the DOT
Recently a father on his way to work was broadsided by an automobile. The impact sent his truck tumbling, and he was dead when it came to a stop.

Accident reconstructionists found no skid marks at the scene, which led them to conclude that the car driver did not even see the truck before hitting it…most likely because she was distracted. This type of auto accident happens every day in Texas.

Distracted driving is quickly becoming the national focus of local, state, and government organizations and people of influence – including well-known celebrities.

To drive home the fact that people being killed in distracted driving accidents are our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, family members and friends – the United States Department of Transportation has developed a video entitled ‘The Faces of Distracted Driving.’ In it, family members share the pain and tragic stories behind what many only see as the statistics of the death and devastation that accompanies a distracted driving accident.

The video is a series of segments in which family members are friends are encouraged to share their losses with verbal frankness. It is difficult to look away – and haunting for those who give little thought to their behavior behind the wheel.

An accident can be an unfortunate mishap – but distracted driving is not an accident – it is apparent negligence instead.



Vehicle History Reports May Show Car Accidents
Consumers have more tools than ever at their fingertips to help them make good vehicle buying decisions.

One of these is the car or truck history report – you must know how to read them! The goal is to become as educated about the potential purchase’s history as possible, and that sometimes requires the individual to be able to ‘read between the lines as well as on them.

First, car shoppers should know that it is impossible to discover all car problems simply by taking a short test drive.

The vehicle history report will provide a combination of information from a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and any police reports that may include the VIN of that car or truck.

Why would that be important? Because a police report will track whether or not the vehicle was in an accident – the extent of the damage and the previous owner’s insurance information – which will allow you to do further research on your own.

Here are some things to be on the alert for:

*multiple owners – could indicate problems because it’s cheaper to sell (and even take a loss) than to repair.

*previous ownership locations – has the vehicle suffered through harsh weather conditions, and how often?

*odd markings on the vehicle report itself may indicate that something was erased or changed. That is not only a problem – it’s illegal.

Don’t purchase a vehicle before thoroughly researching the car’s or truck’s history.




Underinsured Motorist Coverage in an Auto Accident
Many people wonder what to do in a severe car accident. The wrongdoer has a minimum limits insurance policy, which does not cover their medical expenses or adequately compensate them for their injuries.

One Savior has been underinsured motorist coverage available in Texas and should be a part of your auto insurance coverage unless you have specifically declined it. Underinsured motorist coverage provides additional protection after a car accident if your injuries are severe and the negligent driver is either uninsured or inadequately insured.

If you have been in a severe car accident and are concerned about insurance coverage issues is best to speak with a personal injury attorney as early as possible after the accident.

When dealing with uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, there are several pitfalls that an unsuspecting family can fall victim to if they try to settle the case with the wrongdoer without obtaining formal written consent from their underinsured motorist carrier.

Suppose you have questions or concerns after a severe car accident and are thinking of speaking to a car accident lawyer. In that case, you should contact one as soon as possible and, if possible, before giving any recorded statements about the issue.



Selecting a Car Accident Lawyer
Many factors come to mind when looking for a car accident lawyer, and one of the main things is to make sure you are comfortable with the attorney you choose. Make sure he or she is answering your questions and addressing any concerns you may have such that you have confidence in their ability to handle your car accident claim.

Many people have not been required to hire a lawyer in the past but find themselves injured in a car accident and require a lawyer to deal with the insurance company and legal issues.

It is a good idea to research the attorneys you are considering and look to personal references and the lawyer’s reputation in the community. Many organizations rank attorneys, some of which are pretty good, particularly those that use peer review ratings by other lawyers.

Selecting a car accident lawyer can sometimes involve interviewing several lawyers to find the firm you are most comfortable with. A car accident victim should be concerned about the recovery process and not have to worry about an automobile insurance claim.

Finally, when making your final selection, it is usually a good idea to look for those attorneys who specialize or whose practice is limited to one particular area, such as personal injury.



Emergency Room Treatment After an Auto Accident
I have learned in many years of personal injury law practice that emergency rooms are for emergencies. They are not for treating non-emergency situations. Many car accident victims are transported to the emergency room, checked out, given x-rays, and told to follow up with their physician or a recommended physician.

The victims mistakenly believe they are acceptable, only to discover that x-rays do not reveal serious disk issues such as a herniation or disc bulge and sometimes require surgery.

That is not to say the hospital is at fault, only that to be released from an emergency room does not mean you don’t need further treatment. Additionally, there is an expectation once x-rays are taken that, everything is okay, and that is not always the case. X-rays are great for showing fractures and breaks but not spinal cord injuries involving the discs of the spinal cord, which are not reflected on x-rays.

The story’s point is a follow-up on your doctor’s advice, and if your emergency room physician tells you to follow up with a physician, do so. And follow your doctor’s advice.



Driving in Bad Weather
A winter storm that wreaked havoc across a large portion of the country – and the impact it had on drivers everywhere is reason enough for me to offer caution to people who would consider venturing out onto public roads when warned off by authorities.

To begin with – in today’s environment of 24-hour news – coupled with technological advancements in weather forecasting – only a hermit would be unaware of an impending storm well in advance.

News announcers drone on and on about expected snowfall levels and ice and sleet hazards. The reason I bring this up is that when a person gets into their car to drive after a storm has been predicted to begin and continue over a specific period – it is gambling (with their life and others).

Take, for instance, those drivers in the northern United States. At times, dozens and dozens of cars are left abandoned as police and emergency personnel work to rescue drivers whose cars become stuck thanks to a foot or more of snow that fell in a short period.

This identical scenario was repeated on highways across the country. Undoubtedly, those drivers wish they had heeded the warnings of local and state officials who repeatedly stated that people should stay home.

Inclement weather is an expected part of the winter season. But when weather experts are all but begging states to close down all public buildings and advising people to remain in their homes – this is more than a bit of rain and snow – and the intelligent person listens to the advice of the experts.



The Real Consequences of Texas Tort Reform
If you have been involved in an automobile or 18-wheeler accident in Texas, then you may have several questions you need to be answered relating to responsibility and compensation.

If I and my family were victims in an automobile accident, would I be required to use my insurance to pay for medical and property damage expenses?
Hopefully not; if the other driver has insurance ticketed by the police that would demonstrate he or she may have been negligent in causing the accident, then his or her insurance company should be responsible for covering the reasonable cost of medical expenses and car repairs.

Sometimes, however, in Texas, insurance companies are now highly aggressive and often deny legitimate claims and force litigation in part because of the rights stripped from Texas families with “tort reform.”

In other situations, some large, well-known insurers take such outrageous positions that an innocent victim can not settle his or her clear liability claim. They are made either to accept an absurd lowball insurance company settlement offer or hire a personal injury lawyer.

The real adverse consequences of Texas tort reform have been that insurers now routinely force families to file lawsuits on explicit liability claims, which is an injustice to the victims and also to the negligent person who now gets sued because his or her insurer required a lawsuit to be fair on the claim. Some insurers use “employee” attorneys to keep their costs down and profit high, and many take steps to make sure that the litigation is as costly to bring as possible to the injured victim. Often hiring bogus medical professionals to run up the lawsuit cost to the innocent victim.

There are now several frivolous claims in lawsuits in Texas, and the vast majority of them are frivolous defenses by the insurance companies in litigation only because of their unfair and bad faith claims handling practices that forced into court a matter that should have been settled.
Other states have taken some of the wells-to-know insurers (who reap huge profits in Texas) to court and have reduced the outrageous premiums sought and required changes in their claims-handling practices to protect their state’s families.
Unfortunately, for Texas families, in Texas, it does not appear that anyone is trying anything to protect our families from the insurance company abuses we now see in Texas every day.



Rental Car Woes
Suppose you’ve ever been in a position to rent a car. In that case, it’s probably because you’re having problems with your vehicle or in other circumstances that require the extra financial burden of taking on the cost of yet another car.

You’re probably too harried and frustrated even to consider that there have been mechanical problems with rental cars that can be as problematic as that you are enduring with the car or truck you own.

A recent expose by a national newspaper uncovered that the number of problems with rental cars is not insignificant – and some have even been deadly.

One of the worst incidences of rental car mechanical problems occurred when two sisters rented a subcompact from a rental car company that had failed to attend to a safety recall on the vehicle the girls leased for the weekend. The car subsequently suffered a mechanical failure that caused the girls to lose control of the car. They were killed instantly in a head-on collision when their vehicle crossed the median into oncoming traffic.

There are countless other examples – some not so serious – of car rental problems that have resulted in the compilation of a list of suggestions for all persons to refer to when renting a car.

These include ensuring that your own insurance company and credit cards cover the damage that may incur in the use of the rental car, carefully inspecting the vehicle for cracks before driving it off a lot of the car rental company and when returning it – and although this may seem extreme – even taking pictures of the car so there is no question about its condition. And as always, drive safely.




Personal Injury Attorney

Premier Personal Injury Specialists
The effects of bodily injury can dramatically change a person’s life. Whether you have suffered personally or trauma has touched someone you love, you will require time, attention, and money to regain your life. Consulting experts who understand your challenges are vital for your and your family’s well-being. At this difficult time, retaining a personal injury attorney can make the difference you need for a full recovery. Attorneys at our Law Firm are dedicated to helping you attain the compensation you deserve from parties responsible for your injuries or loss.

Personal Injury Lawyer
With well over 100 years of combined experience, our Texas State Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyers are dedicated and aggressive specialists who will defend the rights of injured individuals in any of the following circumstances:

Car Accident
A failure to use reasonable care when operating an automobile is considered negligence. Drivers who negligently operate a vehicle cause many car accidents. What to do after an accident may not always be clear or even possible, but correct steps must be taken for total car accident compensation. Car accident injuries nearly always result in a degree of whiplash but also often include broken bones or severe head and back trauma.

Truck Accident
The causes of truck accidents are essentially the same as those of any motor vehicle accident. Due to their weight and size, truck accident injuries can be catastrophic, especially those resulting from a commercial truck accident. Drivers of large, heavy trucks have additional responsibilities to keep hours-of-service drivers logs and remain alert. Tired drivers cause more accidents than those driving under the influence.

Motorcycle Accident
Causes of motorcycle accidents can include the rider’s lack of riding skills. Still, in most motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle, the driver of the other vehicle violated the rider’s right of way and caused the accident. Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries for which most motorists, including the riders, are underinsured. Uninsured/underinsured motorists pose a grave threat to riders.

Serious Accident
Any motor vehicle collision can result in catastrophic severe injuries and property damage. It is vital to understand your rights to recovery when you or a loved one is debilitated due to personal injury from a severe accident. The backup of a personal injury specialist from our firm can help relieve unnecessary stress in your time of need and bring you the compensation you need.

Other Accidents
The lack of a substantial protective barrier between a bicycle and the road and the difficulty motorists may have seen a bike and rider can result in serious injury. Additionally, Texas industries involve some of the most dangerous jobs in the nation. Our firm can assist you in seeking compensation after a construction accident, offshore accident, or oil field accident.

Slip and Fall
A “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” injury occurs when someone slips, trips, or falls due to dangerous conditions on someone else’s property. Unseen or hidden water, ice, or snow and abrupt changes in walking or working surfaces can cause one to slip, trip, and fall. Falls from height are of concern in many Texas industries, such as construction, offshore, and oil field drilling platforms.

Wrongful Death
Losing a family member due to another’s negligence is likely one of the most challenging parts of life. When a person is taken suddenly through the negligent acts of another, a wrongful death action may be filed, which offers legal recourse to family members for losing their loved one.

Catastrophic Injuries
Injuries that have serious, long-term, or permanent effects on the victim are considered catastrophic injuries. Texas is the home of some of the most dangerous industries in the nation, where spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, amputations, and burn injuries are all too often occurrences. Our extensive background in helping injured individuals and families recover the damages they deserve is unsurpassed.

Traumatic Brain Injury
TBI or traumatic brain injury occurs from sudden physical force to or impact of the head with an object, such as a windshield or car dashboard. Tearing and bruising the delicate tissues of the inner surfaces of the skull can result in permanent disability and astronomical treatment and recovery costs. Let our firm help you through the legal and emotional consequences you face.

Spinal Cord Injuries
Spinal injuries are most severe when spinal cord tissue is bruised, torn, or crushed. Most sufferers will continue to need medical care and personal assistance. In these circumstances, contacting experts who understand the physical, emotional and financial strain involved in such injuries can make all the difference to you and your family.

Burn Injuries
A severe burn injury is traumatic and overwhelmingly painful, and treatment is costly. Texas burn injury victims often face a long, rugged path to recovery. The common causes of burn injuries include electrocution, electrical burns, workplace explosions, automobile accidents, chemical sources, and fires. It is essential to understand your legal options when you or a family member has suffered a burn injury.

Birth Injuries
One of life’s most extraordinary events can turn tragic when avoidable complications during the birth process result in temporary or permanent injury to a newborn. A birth injury or medical malpractice claim may not be limited to the conduct of your physician or obstetrician. Still, it may also be brought against negligent nurses, anesthesiologists, and other health care service providers.

Products Recall
It is always advisable to check whether a product has been recalled for safety reasons before buying a used or second-hand item, especially any form of transportation. Some recall banning the sale of an object, while others ask consumers to return the item for replacement or repair. If you have been injured by a product subject to a product safety recall, you may be entitled to compensation.

Defective Products
Defective hip implants have been under scrutiny and subject to recall in recent years, such as with the DePuy Hip Implant recall. Such diverse products, from the Trans-Vaginal Mesh to defective automobiles, have given rise to a product’s liability claims when injury or illness results from their use. Defective prescription drugs have resulted in dozens of recalls and warnings, such as the Actos warning, where an increased cancer risk was linked to its use. If you have been injured due to any defective product, you may have a right to recover compensation.

Rights of Injured Workers
Workers’ compensation insurance paid by an employer provides employees with a remedy for on-the-job injuries. You may be the primary income source for your family. You may need vocational rehabilitation. Workplace safety rights and remedies available to construction workers, railway workers, and others working in hazardous industries vary from those working in an office. You need to know your rights when you are injured on the job.

Denial of Insurance
Most people depend upon their insurance company to help them through trying times. Many insurance companies, however, do not have your best interests at heart and, unfortunately, will mistreat you and unjustly deny or delay payment on your claim. Our specialists will hold insurance companies accountable for their actions and ensure you receive the total value of your claim and any other damages available to you under Texas law.

Texas Courts of Appeals are part of the Texas judicial system. In Texas, all cases appealed from the district level may be heard by one of the fourteen Texas Courts of Appeals. From the Courts of Appeals, a patient may go to the Texas Supreme Court. There is a separate set of administrative courts in the case of Workers’ comp claims and appeals.

Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional fails his duty to provide standard treatment for recovery from your medical condition or when his or her negligence causes a new illness or injury or worsens your current situation. When you have suffered a treatment or surgical or emergency error, it is vital to consult an attorney from our firm immediately.

Overtime Law
Both employees and their employees need to understand the Texas overtime laws. There are still penalties for those who willfully do not comply with these laws. Texas follows federal labor laws and has not adopted any rules. According to Texas overtime laws, employers must pay their employees overtime pay for hours worked over forty hours a week.

Consult Experts in Personal Injury Law
Working with legal professionals and experts in Texas personal injury lawyer is your best opportunity for success when pursuing recovery of compensation for your losses and damages. When you have suffered injuries at the hands of another, you can trust our negotiation skills, expert testimony resources, and staff of highly skilled attorneys, investigators, paralegals, and support staff who will work tirelessly to assure the best outcome for your injury lawsuit. Our firm has the experience and dedication to fight for your rights even in the most overwhelming and difficult circumstances. Your specific circumstances are different than those of any other injured person. Feel free to consult with one of our attorneys with any questions regarding your injury case; we offer a free initial consultation.



Appeals Attorney

Appealing Denied Insurance Claims
If you have lost a trial or are about to go to trial that may end up with a verdict that needs to be appealed, you must experience appellate representation. The laws about appeals are particular, and the opportunity to appeal a judgment may be lost in the trial court if you do not know how to proceed. Contact a personal injury lawyer from our firm today to arrange the legal representation you require.

If you are going to trial, it is necessary to know if that trial may end up in appeals. Appeal opportunities may be jeopardized if the argument you want to present in requests has not been introduced in the trial court. You need representation that will preserve errors in the trial court to secure a victory in the appellate court. You need an attorney well-versed in appellate law if:

You have lost a trial.
Your current lawyer is not experienced with writing appeals
You need to predetermine if your case is appeal perfected
You need a lawyer that knows to preserve error for a subsequent appeal
One of our board-certified lawyers will begin today to ensure that your request will not be compromised.

Appeals Lawyer Serving
You do not want your appeal to be thrown out on a technicality. At our Law Firm, we have over 100 years of combined experience to ensure the correct process is used to bring about the best possible outcome for you. Don’t let the confusing legal process stifle your progress. Let us clarify the situation for you and bring you the peace of mind that comes from putting your appeals case in the hands of our law firm. We have experience in all areas of personal injury law, including car accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, and catastrophic injuries. Our caring and knowledgeable team of attorneys, investigators, paralegals, and support staff is ready to fight vigorously for you. We don’t just see the injuries; we see the people behind the injuries.




Defective Product Lawyer
Taking Legal Action in Cases of Injury from a Defective Product
When an individual buys a product or undergoes a medical procedure in which a product is used or implanted, that individual trusts that the product in question has undergone countless tests to ensure that the product is indeed safe. It is a sad reality that companies will often release products without first testing their safety. Some products may also present unforeseen health risks years down the road. No matter the circumstances surrounding your case, if a defective product significantly harmed you or someone you love, you should not hesitate to speak to a personal injury attorney from our firm immediately.

Defective Products Lawyer: High-Quality Legal Representation
Our attorneys are nationally recognized at our Law Firm for their legal expertise and past successes in and out of the courtroom. We have over 114 years of combined experience to draw from, and we are proud to lend our time-tested legal insight to your case. It is important to note that product manufacturers and product retailers are not legally obligated to initiate a product recall if one of their products has been shown to pose a threat to consumers. Some companies will forego running extensive safety tests or clinical trials to maximize profits. As a result, more and more unsafe products flood the marketplace every year.

Our firm has represented clients in a broad range of product liability cases. Some recent defective product lawsuits we have handled include defective hip implants, transvaginal mesh, and the Actos warning surrounding that medication. We have also dealt with a large number of lousy automobile cases. No matter how severe your injuries may be, it would be best if you took legal action in the event of a defective product to protect other consumers from potential dangers.

If you have been harmed or injured due to a defective product, contact a defective product attorney immediately.



Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Was your valid insurance claim denied?
If your insurance company has denied you the coverage you contracted, you may be entitled to recover damages from them for breach of contract. Suppose you have been mistreated by your insurance carrier, such as a legitimate claim denied or an attempt to avoid paying on a claim. In that case, your insurance company could be guilty of operating in “bad faith.” If they are found to have caused undue damage or stress because they fail to honor their contract with you, they can be held accountable. Contact our firm’s injury lawyer today to help you through your legal dilemma.

No matter what type of insurance you have purchased, be it auto, homeowner’s, medical, dental, or life, you have a right to expect to receive the service agreed upon by the insurer when you entered into the contract. Denial of insurance rights is a severe legal violation constituting a breach of contract. In filing a claim against your insurer for breach of contract, you not only may be granted the coverage you were initially denied, but you may also be eligible to recover further damages caused by their bad faith.

Personal Injury Lawyer: Denied Claims
Having to deal with the loss, damage, or illness that has made it necessary for you to require action from your insurance carrier can be a painful event, only compounded when your insurer refuses to hold up their part of the contract. At our Law Firm, our caring and knowledgeable attorneys have over 100 years of combined practice to bring to your assistance. Our team of professionals, including lawyers, investigators, paralegals, and support staff, will help you through this challenging process with the goal of optimum restitution. We not only look at the injuries, but we also look at the people behind the injuries. We can assist you in various personal injury areas, including medical malpractice, wrongful death, and car accidents. Let us start helping you today by contacting our firm to discuss your options and best action plan.

We are there for you regarding legal matters where your rights have been violated. Contact an insurance bad faith attorney from our firm today.




Workplace Injury Lawyer

The Rights of Injured Workers
Have you been injured on the job or in any work-related injury? If so, you may be eligible for financial restitution for various damages, including current and future medical bills, loss of wages, physical pain, emotional stress, physical disfigurement, and impairment. If you have sustained on-the-job injuries, contact a personal injury lawyer from our firm today to determine your rights.

While the nation’s workplace injuries are decreasing overall, these injuries are rising in Texas. You have protection and rights as a Texas citizen to pursue legal and financial compensation for such an injury. In Texas, the rights of injured workers are protected under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act. When an accident occurs, you must know what to do. If you slip and fall, suffer a construction accident, or any of a list of catastrophic injuries, immediately make sure a detailed report of how the accident occurred is given to your employer. It is also helpful to identify any witnesses to the occurrence. Your employer can be held responsible for the injury if any of the following circumstances prevail:

Failure to provide warning of unsafe conditions
Failure to maintain work tools and machinery
Failure to provide adequate staffing
Failure to provide properly trained personnel

It is crucial to seek legal advice as quickly as possible if you are the victim of a workplace injury. Our friendly and compassionate team of attorneys, investigators, paralegals, and support staff can help you today.

Workplace Injury Attorney and Your Rights: Injury Claims
At our law firm, we offer a team of attorneys who know the intricacies of Texas personal injury and workplace injury law. We understand this is a difficult time and will put our over 100 years of combined experience to work for you. Our number one goal is to help you realize your just compensation. Our caring staff doesn’t just see the injuries; we see the people behind the injuries. Let us help you through this painful experience. Call our office today to make arrangements to begin your pursuit of recovering your damages.

Contact our firm’s workplace injury attorney today to discuss your rights and concerns. We’re ready to help you.



Serious Accident Attorney

Severe Accidents and Injury Claims
When a serious car accident occurs, the results can be dire. A powerful car, motorcycle, or truck accident can lead to catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even death. If you or a loved one has suffered a severe injury that resulted in permanent disability, paralysis, or another catastrophic injury, contact a personal injury attorney from our firm immediately to discuss your options. You may be able to seek legal action against the responsible parties to cover your medical bills, pain, and suffering.

When a severe accident occurs, multiple vehicles and drivers are often involved. This may complicate insurance matters and responsibility, as many insurance companies are involved, all of which will try to minimize the amount they will be required to pay. Hiring an attorney will help ensure you get just compensation for your injuries. If you have suffered the death of a loved one due to a severe accident, you need to contact an attorney immediately. You may get compensation for their medical bills, final expenses, and your and your family’s pain and suffering.

Legal Representation in Serious Accidents
When looking for legal representation to help you through your serious accident claim, you want someone with compassion and experience. Our Law Firm has over 100 years of combined experience in personal injury, and we are dedicated to helping the victims of serious accidents get the compensation they deserve for their medical bills, auto repairs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our team of attorneys is compassionate to your and your family’s needs during this trying time.

Contact a severe accident attorney from our firm today if you or a loved one was injured in a severe accident. You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering.



Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Injury Claims
Our law firm represents people who have been injured in truck accidents. Truck accident injuries generally range from severe to fatal if any speed is involved. Even collisions at slower speeds can cause life-changing injuries. The average family passenger car or van is not constructed to withstand the immense weight and force exerted in a crash with a large truck. Consequently, these accidents are the reason for many personal injury claims. Since a commercial truck accident cannot be dealt with in the same way as a fender-bender with another car, you will need to consult a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to file your claim for damages.

Injured in a truck accident?
Our streets and highways teem with trucks of various sizes, most of which are involved in delivering a large variety of products. The dangers of sharing the road with these heavy machines are shown in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration statistics, showing an 8% increase in fatalities from truck accidents the previous year. Injury accidents were reported to be almost 75,000 even though large trucks are subject to federal government Department of Transportation regulations. These regulations cover everything from driver training and safety inspections to the number of hours a truck operator may be on the road to prevent a tired driver from causing a traffic accident due to fatigue. The catastrophic injuries of those who manage to survive an accident with a truck change the lives of the victims and their families. An established truck accident lawyer at our firm is very familiar with the common causes of truck accidents, the science of accidents, and the tactics commercial insurance companies use to avoid large settlements or pay any compensation.

Working with a seasoned personal injury lawyer at our Law Firm can make all the difference to the success of your claim. As Texas Super Lawyers with over eleven decades of combined legal experience, we understand the challenges you face after a severe injury and offer a free initial consultation and a thorough explanation of your rights. Don’t delay filing your claim, as vital evidence may be lost.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact a truck accident lawyer who is prepared to help.



What is a wrongful death lawsuit?

Wrongful death lawsuits are brought by the family of a person who has died due to the deliberate, reckless, or negligent actions of another. This type of personal injury claim aims to gain compensation for close relatives to help defray medical costs and provide financial support. A wrongful death suit may also seek damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, mental anguish, and loss of companionship or permission for the surviving relatives. A wrongful death lawyer may attempt to ensure that the family’s emotional suffering is not augmented with unnecessary financial stress.

Can I file a wrongful death lawsuit?
Laws about wrongful death cases vary somewhat from state to state, but in general, immediate family members of the deceased can bring wrongful death claims. This means that parents, spouses, and children are almost always eligible to file a claim, although minors may need an adult guardian to bring a suit to court. In some states, other family members or legal dependents may also have the right to file a wrongful death claim. A personal injury lawyer or criminal death attorney can help relatives understand the laws in a particular state.

What is compensation provided in an illegal death settlement?
Damages awarded in illegal death settlements or verdicts may attempt to provide compensation for several current and future financial and emotional costs to the deceased’s family. The following list cites some damages commonly won:
Medical and funeral costs
Lost wages, including future earnings
Lost benefits
Lost inheritance
Pain and suffering
Mental anguish
Lost of support or companionship
General damages
Punitive damage



We understand that being involved in an accident and having suffered some personal injuries can be difficult. You may need a personal injury lawyer to help you resolve problems arising from the accident. We offer personal attention and aggressive representation. If you suffered a personal injury in a car accident, a truck collision, a motorcycle accident, or any premises or product-related accident, we could help. We are dedicated to getting you the best results for your case. Our injury practice focuses on severe and not-so-severe injury cases, such as brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, burns, herniated discs, soft-tissue damage, and wrongful death.

Our clients face many challenges after injuries in car or truck accidents, motorcycle or pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, or accidents in the unsafe property. We make sure you receive the medical treatment you need. We help you get your car repaired and help you recover for lost wages as well as pain and suffering. We make every effort to accommodate you and resolve your problem. We offer a free initial consultation and evening and weekend appointments. We handle most personal injury cases on a contingency fee – you pay no attorneys fees unless we recover money for you. For more information about our law firm or to have an experienced attorney review your case, contact our law firm for an appointment. Besides litigating auto accidents, we provide service in the following areas:

Personal Injury
Car Accident
Slip and Fall
Wrongful Death
Construction Accidents
Brain Injury
Product Liability (Defective Products)
Truck Accidents
Dog Bites (animal attacks)
Bicycle Accidents
Playground Accidents
Plane, Boat, and Train Accidents
Premises Liability
Workers Compensation

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