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The nevada truck accident attorneys at bisnar & chase are experienced in the area of truck accident law and have a successful track record of recovering the maximum monetary compensation for their seriously injured clients. We exclusively represent the victims of serious personal injuries and the family members of wrongful death victims. If you or a loved one has suffered serious physical injuries in a truck accident, please contact bisnar & chase today for a free consultation. Every year hundreds of thousands of truck accidents take place in the u. S. It is estimated that approximately 70% of all truck accidents take place in rural locations. In 2003, big trucks were involved in 4,669 fatal traffic accidents in the united states, with 608 of those fatal accidents being rollovers. A few common factors that contribute to truck collisions in nevada include unsafe vehicle operation, oversized loads, and fatigued drivers. These hazards place innocent drivers and passengers on the road at risk for serious harm. Truckers who drive big rigs in the united states must follow strict driving laws in an effort to protect themselves and others from being involved in truck crashes. If you have been injured in an accident with a big rig in nevada, you should contact an accomplished big rig injury lawyer at bisnar & chase. We may be able to help you collect a monetary settlement for your physical injuries and any damage that may have occurred to your vehicle. Our personal injury law firm is committed to protecting the legal rights of our nevada personal injury clients and to recovering the maximum monetary compensation for their injuries and injury-related expenses. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our personal injury clients. If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one as the result of a truck accident, you need the advice of an experienced nevada personal injury lawyer. Call bisnar & chase today for your free consultation. Bisnar & chase has been awarded the highest ranking a law firm can be awarded, signifying that the lawyers have reached the best heights of professional excellence and are recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity. ================== if you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident in the state of nevada, you should contact an experienced las vegas motorcycle crash attorney at bisnar & chase immediately. The nevada personal injury lawyers at bisnar & chase have successfully represented clients in a variety of auto accident and motorcycle accident cases, and recovered for them the monetary compensation that they deserve for their injuries. Please call our firm today so to set up your free motorcycle crash consultation. There were 3,382 motorcycle fatalities in the united states in 2003. Every year, approximately 50,000 motorcyclists receive injuries in motorcycle crashes. Many motorcyclists suffer serious injuries when involved in accidents because of the lack of protection that the motorcycle provides as compared to other types of vehicles. A majority of motorcycle-related fatalities occur when the victim suffers an injury to the head. Approximately 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in a fatality, compared to the approximate 20% injury/fatality rate of passenger vehicles. In the state of nevada all motorcyclists are required by law to wear helmets unless they ride mopeds that are 50cc or less and go no faster than 30 miles per hour. In addition to a properly fitting helmet, motorcyclists are required to wear eye protection unless their vehicle is outfitted with a proper windscreen. Nevada law states that motorcycle drivers must obtain a class m license in order to legally operate of a motorcycle. This license is required to assure that the driver has passed a written knowledge test and an approved skills test at the dmv or an approved training school. Some of the serious injuries and disabilities that may result from a motorcycle crash include: amputation broken bones neck and back injury paralysis skull fracture spinal cord injury traumatic brain injury inadequately maintained roads, bad weather conditions, negligent and reckless drivers, and poorly posted signs are just a few factors that place motorcyclists at risk for harm each day. At bisnar & chase we are committed to protecting the rights of our nevada motorcycle accident clients and to recovering for them monetary compensation for their injuries, such as medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, motorcycle damage, and other accident related costs. If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one as the result of a motorcycle accident, you need the advice of an experienced nevada personal injury lawyer. Call bisnar & chase today for your free consultation. Bisnar & chase has been awarded the highest ranking a law firm can be awarded, signifying that the lawyers have reached the best heights of professional excellence and are recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity.

USA Truck Accident Lawyer represent victims of truck accidents, Semi Truck accident, Tractor Trailer accidents, Auto Truck accidents and several other types of auto accidents. Trucking accident lawyer provide legal consultation related to auto accident claims, lawsuits and settlements.

These days approx. 23 % of heavy trucks on the road are out of service, and this figure could only be the tip of an iceberg. In an attempt to raise consciousness regarding hazardous truck firms in USA, a simple manual has been designed to let other drivers, truck accident victims and truck accident lawyers recognize unsafe motor vehicles.

SafeStat, stands for Motor Carrier Safety Status Measurement System, is an automatic data based system which works decides the safety fitness on motor carriers.  This safety data is administered by the FMCSA, and making laws regulating the truck business. Information that is collected regarding trucking companies consists of mishap reports, roadside vehicle examinations, driver infringements, and conformity appraisals.

Each and every month, several truck accidents are reported from various cities of the United States. Some of the commercial heavy vehicles such as eighteen-wheelers and other freight carriers, tractor trailers can prove fatal to the driver and occupants of other smaller vehicles in case of an accident.

A majority of truck accidents take place due to negligence of the truck driver. Most of these drivers work overtime which results in lack of attention of fatigue while driving on the road.

Some of the unsafe acts committed by truck drivers are as given below: –

•   Truck Drivers driving under fatigue/tiredness

•   Lack of attention

•   Tire treads separation and tire blowouts

•   Over-Speeding, and other forms of Aggressive/Bad driving by the truck driver

•   Improper loading of the heavy truck

•   Negligent passing and over-taking other vehicles on the road

•   Driving on with an unsecured load

•   Truck driver using drugs such as amphetamines

•   Pitiable maintenance of the truck or trailer

•   Negligent Driving under bad weather conditions

•   Truck jackknifing and rollovers usually on slippery roads

•   Trucks blocking a car driver’s view

Auto Drivers must follow these guidelines in order to avoid trucking accidents

If you or someone close to you has sustained serious injuries in a truck accident then you can file a truck accident injury compensation/claim lawsuit against the negligent driver or the trucking company.  You must consult a truck accident lawyer who will let you know whether you should pursue your case or not. In case you were a victim of negligent driving by the truck driver then your attorney will help you receive justice and compensation.

Truck Accident Attorneys

representing victims of auto accidents, truck accidents, and car accidents within USA must consider search engine promotion for the online promotion of their law firm.

Truck Accident Lawyer represent victims of trucking accidents. Truck accidents, particularly those involving commercial tractor-trailer trucks, often lead to disastrous damage- severe personal injury or even death to those involved in the accident. Since injuries in such accidents are always of a serious nature, it is essential to get in touch with an experienced truck accident lawyer to represent the case. The lawyer would investigate and find ways to represent the interests of the victim in the court. How to find a suitable and reliable lawyer is the question.

To have a known truck accident attorney in mind even before the tragedy strikes is one strategy. Lawyers are known to all, but not all of them can be hired as they practice in different fields. A lawyer handling divorce cases is not somebody you would let handle your accident case. Be very careful while selecting a lawyer to fight the case. Do they have sufficient experience to handle truck accident cases from both plaintiff and defense sides? Check the firm’s website and read their publications. See the case results and their qualifications.

In some major  truck accidents, the insurance company for the trucks involved would contact immediately after the accident and would send their investigator to the scene for evidence, take statement of witnesses, photographs etc. Each day’s delay in waiting to hire a lawyer would allow more time to let evidence disappear.

Whether you are looking for New York Truck Accident Lawyer or any other then you must get in touch with an experienced attorney who has experience and expertise to handle your case.

Internet is filled with information about different law firms that handle accident cases. Be careful and precautious. Many times, firms spend plenty of money on their websites and advertising and the firm may not be of high standard. Thoroughly read about the attorneys handling the cases and analyze their backgrounds and results. Check the New York Bar Association website and search for the personal injury lawyer. Consider the Illinois State Bar Association also.

Always take time to interview an attorney before hiring them and particularly in a disastrous injury case. Never hire a lawyer by just talking to him/her over the phone. Sit down with the lawyer, ensure you are comfortable with their conduct, and believe that they are the best for the case.

It costs absolutely nothing to find and interview a Truck Accident lawyer. Majority of the attorneys offer free consultation sessions as it is an opportunity for them to examine the case and you as a client and to convince you that they are the best for your case. Accident cases are generally managed on contingency fee basis, which means if you win a settlement, then the lawyer gets a percentage of the settlement and if they lose, and then nothing is paid to the lawyer.

It is essential to seek an attorney’s help when you are injured in a truck accident. There are many subtleties involved in such accidents which people are not aware of, so it is important to consult an experienced truck accident lawyer.

A legal representative would find out, what caused the accident. Common causes of truck accidents include poorly maintained brakes, inaccurate loads, fatigue, and other causes related to truck driver consuming drinks or drugs.


All car accidents have a risk of personal injury, but if you or a loved on were involved in a vehicle rollover, chances are it was a serious accident. Statistics show that whenever a rollover happens, the occupants are more likely to suffer traumatic injuries or death. For example, 22 percent of car accident deaths and 62 percent of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) deaths occur during vehicle rollover.

The greatest risk of rollover occurs in SUVs. Unlike cars, which tend to slide sideways when they go out of control , SUVs are more likely to flip over because they have a higher center of gravity , Based on studies conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), 79 percent of fatalities in a single-SUV crash involve a rollover compared to only 45 percent for passenger vehicles. The estimated risk of rollover in an SUV is 30 percent compared to only 16 percent risk of rollover in a passenger vehicle. Despite these statistics, one in every four new vehicles sold in America today is a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Generally, rollover litigation against SUV and other car manufacturers is based on product liability law. Product liability refers to the legal responsibility placed on manufacturers and sellers of defective products. When a vehicle rollover occurs injury victims may use product liability law to claim that a defect in the design of the vehicle either caused the accident or made the injuries from the accident more severe. A critical element of the claim may include demonstrating that the defective design feature was reasonably avoidable

The need for skilled legal representation is evident in light of the fact that more and more cases are being tried on their technical merits, and automobile manufacturers are responding to claims with overwhelming amounts of scientific and technical evidence and expertise.

Rules for Recovery in Rollover Litigation

Usually, in a regular personal injury claim you need to show negligence or carelessness. However, cases against a vehicle manufacturer based on a vehicle’s defect are governed by different rules. Liability in motor vehicle defect cases is controlled by the doctrine of strict liability. If strict liability applies, the plaintiff does not need to prove that a manufacturer was negligent, but only that the product was defective. By eliminating the issue of manufacturer fault, the concept of no-fault or “strict” liability allows plaintiffs to recover where they otherwise might not.

These rules were created as a matter of social policy because, between the innocent victims who suffer harm from defective products and the manufacturers, distributors and sellers of such products, the product suppliers are in a better position to insure against such losses.

Most rollover litigation against manufacturers of SUVs and other vehicles focus on two design defect theories: Vehicle Instability and Enhanced Injuries (Crashworthiness Defects).

Vehicle Instability

Drivers confronted with an object in the roadway – e.g., a car, deer, or person – tend naturally to turn the steering wheel sharply to avoid a collision. Often, the next reaction is to turn the wheel the other way to get back on the roadway. How should an SUV or other passenger vehicle perform under these extreme conditions?

Automobile manufacturers concede that a vehicle should not roll over on flat pavement. Vehicles must be designed to withstand sudden steering or turning maneuvers by a driver. These are foreseeable actions given normal driving conditions. Accordingly, any evaluation of a rollover accident begins with an evaluation of the cause of the rollover. The first thing that must be determined is whether there was an external trip mechanism for the rollover. If there was a potential external source of the trip that caused the rollover, the defense will argue that the roll was inevitable. If there is no identifiable external trip mechanism, then it is possible that the rollover was due to the inherent instability of the vehicle.

Obviously, not all vehicles are inherently unstable. Some vehicles, however, are notable for their inherent instability. The most egregious examples of unstable vehicles on the market today are the Ford Bronco II, Suzuki Samurai, Jeep CJ-7, and Isuzu Trooper. A number of other popular sport utility vehicles have also tested poorly in vehicle stability. The reason for their instability can be found in the basic laws of physics. The height of these vehicles, when compared with the track width, is such that the vehicles are prone to rollover during ordinary avoidance maneuvers. If a rollover accident involves one of these vehicles, and there is no trip mechanism, the potential for a vehicle instability case exists.

Recently, the NHTSA released a rating system for new-vehicle stability, using the vehicles’ stability index (SI) or static stability factor (SSF) to provide a method for consumers to compare makes, models, and years. NHTSA’s comparison is expressed as one to five stars, similar to its rating for crash safety. One star, representing the most risky vehicles, translates into a risk of rollover of 40 percent or greater in a single vehicle crash and an SSF of 1.03 or less. Five stars translates to a risk of rollover of less than 10 percent and an SSF of 1.45 or greater


Even if the rollover was not due to vehicle instability and was caused by an external trip mechanism, some courts have held SUV and other car manufacturers liable under the crashworthiness doctrine. The crashworthiness doctrine is a theory of recovery in which the manufacturer of a product can be held liable for the defective design or manufacture of a product if that product enhances an injury beyond that which would have otherwise occurred as the result of the accident. – In such cases the design defect results in a lack of protection to the occupant once the rollover has begun. These cases usually involve serious or fatal head and neck injury due to seat belt failure and/or roof crush and/or roll bars. Crashworthiness has been broadly recognized and applied in automobile design cases and courts have held that manufacturers should take reasonable steps in design to minimize the injury-producing effect of impacts.

The crashworthiness doctrine permits a plaintiff to recover only for “enhanced injuries,” which are those injuries he can prove he would not have sustained if he had been riding in a crashworthy vehicle. If enhanced injuries cannot be shown, then the manufacturer has no liability under the crashworthiness doctrine.

The most common crashworthiness defect allegations in SUV and other rollover cases include the following: restraint system/seat belt defects, fuel system defects, seat design defects, roof crush defects, side impact protection defects, door latch defects, and glass defects.

Pursuing an Rollover Claim

Each state has their own laws governing time limits for bringing product liability and motor vehicle claims. You should consult an attorney as soon as possible after any rollover accident to protect your rights. An attorney with experience in the areas of motor vehicle personal injury and product liability will best help you assess your claim and ensure a thorough evaluation of the likelihood of success of recovering damages for the injuries you have suffered.



Chaiken & Chaiken, the law firm that treats you with respect

Being involved in a serious or catastrophic accident and receiving a personal injury can be a devastating experience – physically, emotionally, and financially. At the Law Offices of Chaiken & Chaiken, P.C. we understand that you require swift justice in order to secure the compensation you are entitled to when you are injured through the negligent acts of another. We fight for the rights of injured people.

Our fee is contingent in personal injury cases. This means that our fee is a percentage of the compensation we obtain for you in regard to your injury. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. The contingent fee system enables injured individuals and families to obtain an experienced personal injury lawyer without the added financial burden of paying an hourly attorney fee.

As your legal representatives, we will be aggressive advocates on your behalf and will do everything we can to make your experience with the legal process as free from emotional and personal frustration as possible. We care about our clients and work hard to get you the compensation you are due.

We work with nationally recognized medical and industry experts to prove liability and damages. This provides our clients with the maximum available recovery for their debilitating and permanent injuries.

At the Law Offices of Chaiken & Chaiken, P.C. we have handled numerous cases where individuals have died or suffered catastrophic injury such as quadriplegia, paralysis, closed head or burn injuries, amputation and other debilitating and permanent injuries. We also handle most types of personal injury accident cases, including:

  • Trucking, 18-wheeler or professional driver accidents
  • On-the-job injuries
  • Nursing home, assisted living, home health care neglect or injuries
  • Product liability, defective products, drug or pharmaceutical litigation
  • Wrongful death
  • Motorcycle or ATV accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Insurance bad faith litigation
  • Slips and falls, property or premises liability

Auto, Motor Vehicle, ATV, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents

Whether you travel regularly by car, truck or other motor vehicle, there is a very high probability that you will be involved in an accident during your lifetime. Generally, people who operate motor vehicles must exercise reasonable care, and failure to use reasonable care is considered negligence. A person who negligently operates a vehicle may be required to pay for any damages, either to a person or property, caused by his or her negligence.

The Law Offices of Chaiken & Chaiken, P.C. represents individuals and their families who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of others while driving a truck, ATV, or any other type of motor vehicle. Motor vehicle accident cases can be difficult because the insurance company tries to protect their driver, even if at fault, to limit their exposure or liability. We will protect all your rights and ensure that you receive fair compensation from the insurance company or at-fault party by aggressively pursuing your interests. We will also make sure you receive the proper medical treatment and file all of the necessary insurance forms.

Slip, Trip, and Fall / Premises Litigation

Too often, property owners neglect the condition of their property, which may create a dangerous condition. When you are injured due to property owner neglect or lack of maintenance, you may be able to recover for your injuries. If you have been injured due to a slip, trip, and fall accident, we have the knowledge and skill to protect your legal rights. In fact, we have recovered large settlements for individuals in slip and fall injuries and security negligence.

On-the-Job Injuries

If you are injured in the workplace, many times owners, insurance companies, and manufacturers of equipment may be held responsible for inadequate safety provisions.

We work tirelessly to help you secure compensation for:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain & Suffering

We have successfully secured million dollar awards for our clients. So if you have been seriously or catastrophically injured or killed as a result of the wrongful actions of others, you or your loved ones need experienced, dedicated and resourceful advocates. Contact us today for a free initial legal consultation.


The Need for Truck Accident Lawyers

According to statistics provided by United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), over 5,000 people died and over 80,000 people were injured last year in the U.S. as a result of Truck Accidents. Currently, there are millions of truck accident victims in United States citizens that require life-long care and assistance. The cost of care for truck accident victims exceeds twenty billions dollars per year in the U.S. Victims of truck accidents suffer loss of personal and family income, as well as the stress of high medical bills and the cost of rehabilitation and medication. In addition, need may arise for special education, childcare, and additional insurance costs. A truck accident lawyer understands these costs and works to help you minimize the financial burden that accompanies a personal injury.

Being a victim of a truck accident injury is painful enough. You do not need the added stress of learning about commercial vehicle law and putting in the time and effort it takes to gain a successful verdict in court. In order for your lawsuit to have a reasonable cause of action (reason for filing a claim), the injury must have been a result of some kind of negligence or misconduct of a truck driver, truck company or other third party. In order to determine whether you have a case and what your potential outcome would be, you should consult with a truck injury lawyer. An experienced truck accident lawyer will be able to tell you whether you should pursue legal action and, if you do, how to go about filing your case for the greatest chance of a settlement or a verdict in your favor.

What You Should Know When Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit

In the event of your need to engage in legal action on your own behalf or on behalf of a loved one, there are many factors to consider and issues to address. Do you have enough knowledge of the circumstances and injuries to proceed with confidence? Do you have knowledge of the laws surrounding the issue? Do you have proper evidence gathered? A Truck Accident lawsuit requires a level of certainty that only an experienced personal injury lawyer can provide. Any lawsuit can be a mentally and emotionally draining experience; an accident lawsuit is no exception. Going it alone is more stressful and you are less likely to gain a favorable verdict without an expert at your side. If you are ready to file a Truck Accident lawsuit, the services of a lawyer can be invaluable to you and your family.

Finding a Truck Accident Lawyer

If you believe that you have a claim, do not wait to contact a truck accident lawyer that can help you. Seeking legal assistance early will help to prove the extent, circumstances and ramifications of your injuries and costs. Find a LegalView attorney in your area by filling out a contact form. You will be referred to a personal injury law firm and a truck accident lawyer with the experience and knowledge to guide you through your legal action.


Questions and answers q. What is the truck accident victims lawyers group? Q. Tavlg is a national law firm. Will i get as much attention as i would from a local lawyer? Q. Why should i hire tavlg instead of another firm? Q. What does the tavlg promise me? Q. What are the fees and how are they paid? Q. How long will it take to reach a settlement? Q. What is the truck accident victims lawyers group? A. Tavlg is the only nationwide team of attorneys dedicated to the representation of truck accident victims. We believe that the victims of truck accidents are entitled to the same legal protection as the powerful trucking companies who cause the accidents. Back to top q. Tavlg is a national law firm. Will i get as much attention as i would from a local lawyer? A. Almost undoubtedly more. Tavlg only handles large cases. Our client’s are typically the victims of tragic circumstances and we feel that it is imperative they form a strong human bond with the attorney they have selected. That is why the tavlg attorney who takes on your case handles all aspects of your case, and answers all questions personally. Your case will never be “passed off” to another attorney, nor a paralegal, nor a legal assistant. Personal attention is guaranteed. No excuses. No exceptions. Back to top q. Why should i hire tavlg instead of another firm? A. In most cases, truck accident victims and their attorneys are outgunned, outspent and out-maneuvered by the powerful trucking law firms from the moment they begin asserting their claim. It is precisely this inequality that the tavlg was designed to redress. Upon hiring tavlg, you can rest assured that your legal team is more than a match for the opposition, because: you will never be outgunned. From the moment you get injured, the trucking industry hires an army of experts and legal specialists. Tavlg brings an equally powerful team of attorneys to your side. You will never be outspent. The trucking industry knows that most opposing law offices do not have the financial power to engage in extensive, protracted litigation. They therefore wage such litigation campaigns in order to defeat their accident victims by attrition. When you hire tavlg, you can be assured that we are financially able to carry on the fight to the fullest extent possible. It is precisely because the trucking industry knows we can fight them on their own terms that they typically engage in early settlement negotiations with our firm, achieving our clients faster and larger settlements. Never be outmaneuvered. Our trial attorneys are not simply “personal injury attorneys. ” they are expert trial attorneys, initially trained by the insurance companies and are specialists in the complexities of truck accident litigation. Remember, many of these cases are filed in federal court; few local personal injury attorneys ever step into federal court! Back to top q. What does the tavlg promise me? A. The tavlg promises you what no other firm can boast: higher legal power and lower legal fees than your local law firm. Personal attention; no excuses, no exception. Our trial attorneys always make house calls. Your own optimum team of attorneys, equipped with the knowledge and funds to inspire respect on the part of the trucking industry and their attorneys. Almost unlimited funds are available for the financing of your medical needs. Back to top q. What are the fees and how are they paid? A. There are absolutely no fees until you receive compensation for your injuries. We only charge a contingency fee, which is a percentage of your settlement or award. This percentage varies depending on the case, but it is almost always lower than the typical fee charged by local attorneys in your community. In other words, by hiring tavlg, you get a team of attorneys, likely a larger settlement, and a lower fee. Back to top q. How long will it take to reach a settlement? A. The majority of cases settle before they are scheduled for trial; many settle without ever filing a lawsuit. Because the trucking industry, and their insurance carriers know we are able to “go the distance, ” they typically engage in early settlement negotiations with our firm.
q. What is the truck accident victims lawyers group? Q. Tavlg represents clients nationwide. Will i get as much attention as i would from a local lawyer? Q. Why should i hire tavlg instead of another firm? Q. What does the tavlg promise me? Q. What are the fees and how are they paid? Q. How long will it take to reach a settlement? Q. What is the truck accident victims lawyers group? A. Tavlg is the only nationwide team of attorneys dedicated to the representation of truck accident victims. We believe that the victims of truck accidents are entitled to the same legal protection as the powerful trucking companies who cause the accidents. Back to top q. Tavlg represents clients nationwide. Will i get as much attention as i would from a local lawyer? A. Almost undoubtedly more. Tavlg only handles large cases. Our client’s are typically the victims of tragic circumstances and we feel that it is imperative they form a strong human bond with the attorney they have selected. That is why the tavlg attorney who takes on your case handles all aspects of your case, and answers all questions personally. Your case will never be “passed off” to another attorney, nor a paralegal, nor a legal assistant. Personal attention is guaranteed. No excuses. No exceptions. Back to top q. Why should i hire tavlg instead of another firm? A. In most cases, truck accident victims and their attorneys are outgunned, outspent and out-maneuvered by the powerful trucking law firms from the moment they begin asserting their claim. It is precisely this inequality that the tavlg was designed to redress. Upon hiring tavlg, you can rest assured that your legal team is more than a match for the opposition, because: you will never be outgunned. From the moment you get injured, the trucking industry hires an army of experts and legal specialists. Tavlg brings an equally powerful team of attorneys to your side. You will never be outspent. The trucking industry knows that most opposing law offices do not have the financial power to engage in extensive, protracted litigation. They therefore wage such litigation campaigns in order to defeat their accident victims by attrition. When you hire tavlg, you can be assured that we are financially able to carry on the fight to the fullest extent possible. It is precisely because the trucking industry knows we can fight them on their own terms that they typically engage in early settlement negotiations with our firm, achieving our clients faster and larger settlements. Never be outmaneuvered. Our trial attorneys are not simply “personal injury attorneys. ” they are expert trial attorneys, initially trained by the insurance companies and are specialists in the complexities of truck accident litigation. Remember, many of these cases are filed in federal court; few local personal injury attorneys ever step into federal court! Back to top q. What does the tavlg promise me? A. The tavlg promises you what no other firm can boast: higher legal power and lower legal fees than your local law firm. Personal attention; no excuses, no exception. Our trial attorneys always make house calls. Your own optimum team of attorneys, equipped with the knowledge and funds to inspire respect on the part of the trucking industry and their attorneys. Almost unlimited funds are available for the financing of your medical needs. Back to top q. What are the fees and how are they paid? A. There are absolutely no fees until you receive compensation for your injuries. We only charge a contingency fee, which is a percentage of your settlement or award. This percentage varies depending on the case, but it is almost always lower than the typical fee charged by local attorneys in your community. In other words, by hiring tavlg, you get a team of attorneys, likely a larger settlement, and a lower fee. Back to top q. How long will it take to reach a settlement? A. The majority of cases settle before they are scheduled for trial; many settle without ever filing a lawsuit. Because the trucking industry, and their insurance carriers know we are able to “go the distance, ” they typically engage in early settlement negotiations with our firm. Back to top (800) 946-4878 copyright 2000, truck accident victims lawyers group. All rights reserved.
Denver, colorado wrongful death lawyers are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, every day phone: 303-502-5010toll free: 866-701-7302preventable tragedies happen every day. The people and companies that cause those tragedies need to be held accountable. Accountability brings better safety, more security, more preventive planning and maintenance into our workplaces and public accommodations. When a father dies in a tragic construction accident, when a mother dies in a terrible truck crash , when a child dies because of careless medical procedures, the wrongful death lawyers at the sawaya law firm follow the firms heritage of justice to pursue recovery for the families of wrongful death victims. Call the sawaya law firm day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Someone will be at the office to answer your call and talk to you about your wrongful death claim. Or send an e-mail about your case and the sawaya law firm will respond quickly. Phone: 303-502-5010toll free: 866-701-7302because of our nationwide network of experienced attorneys, we are able to represent clients nationwide. Regardless of where you are located, we can help. The moment you suspect a wrongful death, call right away. The experienced wrongful death lawyers at the sawaya law firm can begin an immediate investigation into the cause of death. The faster the attorneys and their staff act on your behalf, the faster they can: identify the persons responsible talk to witnesses gather evidence find surveillance tapes send doctrine of spoliation letters to assure the accident scene evidence is not tampered with. The experienced car accident attorneys and wrongful death lawyers, paralegals, legal assistant and investigators at the sawaya law firm know how to investigate accidents, assess the full range of accountability involved (products liability, for example), and obtain a fair and just legal settlement or jury award for your loss. You owe it to yourself, your family and to possible future victims to demand accountability for wrongful death. The denver wrongful death lawyers at the sawaya law firm have helped families whose loved ones have died in many situations including: in an auto accident or a truck collision caused by negligence or by badly manufactured and designed vehicles (such as suv rollover accidents)in an on-the-job accident because of unsafe machinery and procedures or poorly designed equipment in a slip and fall accident caused by poor maintenance or unsafe design of walkways because of a dangerous prescription drug that was manufactured, prescribed and sold despite known side effects because of a defective product such as a saw with inadequate safety, an electrical machine improperly grounded, poorly designed brakesas a result of medical malpractice such as physician error, anesthesia mistake, inadequate staffing or lax safety standards because of inadequate security or safety such as poor lighting or a lack of care in areas known to be hazardous if someone else’s actions or negligence caused the death of a loved one, the sawaya law firm cannot undo that. The sawaya law firm can, however, assure that those responsible are held accountable and that you and your family are compensated for your loss. The sawaya law firm cares about you and your family’s recovery in the event of wrongful death. The firms case management process will help you find the resources you need for medical care, your personal well-being, loss of wages, and your family’s future. The sawaya law firm will review your case and give you a detailed evaluation at no cost.

What Should a Person do Immediately Following an Accident?
We strongly suggest that a victim of a truck accident immediately speak to an experienced trial lawyer to get specific advice.  The consultation is free and the benefits are immeasurable. Important dates must be complied with and evidence saved.  Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day.

Is there anything I can do in preparation for a conference with an attorney?
Yes.  It is important for the victim to make a record of the events leading up to the accident.  However, the most important task for the injured is to make sure that all evidence is preserved.

What’s involved in “making a record?”
If you have been in a serious accident, chances are that someone has already made a record of what has happened to you. There already is a police report, an on-the-job worker’s compensation report or the like. If your condition required medical care, hospital records will confirm your injuries.

Never hesitate to “get checked out” even when you feel “O.K., but shaken up.” Many times the onset of physical complaints begins 12 to 24 hours later. Maybe you did walk away from being rear-ended by a truck and only feel “shaken up” but tomorrow morning when you get out of bed it may be different.

What should I do to preserve the evidence?

First and foremost immediately have someone take actual physical custody of what ever was involved in causing your accident.

Never hesitate to buy wreckage. Once you gain ownership of the defective product, lock it up in a facility that you control. Possession of the defective procduct is paramount to ensuring the successful prosecution of your claim. The difference can very literally mean millions of dollars. 

What if the evidence is owned by someone else, such as a rental car?
If the evidence cannot be bought, at a minimum, put everyone on notice by certified mail, including owners, tow operators, wrecking yards, police impounds, and the like, that they must take every step to preserve important evidence and the failure to do so will subject them to spoliation of evidence lawsuit.

Never hesitate to buy wreckage. Once you gain ownership of the defective product, lock it up in a facility that you control. Possession of the defective product is paramount to ensuring the successful prosecution of your claim. The difference can very literally mean millions of dollars.

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Our lawyers are dedicated to helping people that have been injured in a collision with a semi-truck or tractor-trailer. Our firm has the experience and proven track record that will help you prevail against the trucking companies and their insurance companies. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Truck Accident we can help. Remember we handle case nationwide and will travel to your home to assist you.


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The Statistics

  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), estimates that there are 402,000 police reported motor vehicle crashes involving commercial vehicles every year
  • There are approximately 110,000 injuries annually
  • There are approximately 4,400 deaths annually
  • Accidents with commercial vehicles cause about $57 billion worth of damage each year
  • 23% of truck crashes occurred when commercial vehicles were driving too fast for road conditions
  • 40% of speed-related deaths occur on curves
  • Loaded trailers need 20-40% more distance to brake in order to come to a complete stop than the distance passenger vehicles require
  • A loaded trailer is 10x more likely to roll than an empty one
  • 13% of commercial truck accidents involve a fatigued driver

What is a commercial vehicle?

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), commercial vehicles are “used or maintained for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit.” For example:

  1. Buses – when used to transport people for hire
  2. “For hire” vehicles – taxis, limos and ambulances
  3. Motor trucks – used to transport property
  4. Multipurpose vehicles
  5. Pickups
  6. Tow trucks
  7. Truck tractors
  8. Water-well drilling rigs

The Common Causes Of Commercial Truck Accidents in San Diego

  • Commercial driver mistakes
    • Fatigued
    • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Inexperienced
    • Distracted
    • Making unsafe lane changes
    • Aggressive driving
    • Mechanical or vehicle defects
    • Failed brakes
    • Engine problems
    • Failed inspections
    • Blown/flat tires
    • Poor or unsafe road conditions
    • Overloaded vehicle – becomes more difficult to control because of the vehicle’s weight
    • Unsecure cargo
    • Error caused by another driver/vehicle

Commercial Vehicle Driving Tips

  • Buckle up
    • Prevents ejection from the vehicle
    • Protects against serious head and spinal injuries
  • Don’t drive too fast for road conditions:
    • In rain, snow, ice
    • In fog
    • On uneven roads
    • In construction zones
    • In intersections, around curves
    • In heavy traffic
    • When entering/exiting a ramp
    • With a loaded trailer
  • Familiarize yourself with roadways
    • Map out the route beforehand
    • Ultimately saves time
    • Minimizes distractions of a map/phone GPS
  • Carefully survey your surroundings
    • Make safe lane changes
    • Be aware of blind spots
    • Use and check mirrors frequently
    • Anticipate the road ahead, drive defensively
    • Cautiously approach intersections
  • Avoid driver fatigue
    • Get enough sleep
    • Avoid driving between 12-6am and 2-4pm (the hours when drivers are most tired)
    • Avoid medications that cause drowsiness
    • Rest/nap for at least 45 minutes at a time
  • Avoid distracted driving
    • Don’t eat, text, read or play with the radio while driving
    • Stay focused on the road and not on outside distractions
  • Leave adequate spacing
    • Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front
    • Double the spacing in poor weather conditions or roadways
  • Practice evasive actions
    • Pay attention to brake lights in front of you
    • Anticipate the actions of vehicles in front of you
    • Frequently scan the road for hazards, other drivers

FAQs about Commercial Truck & Auto Accidents in San Diego

Question: What is a commercial truck driver?

Answer: Commercial truck drivers have specific driver training and have special regulations that control how and when they can drive. These professionals have the responsibility of maneuvering very large vehicles up to 20x bigger than the average passenger car.

Question: What are the FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS) regulations?

Answer: These are strict regulations that dictate how long the drivers of passenger-carrying vehicles and property-carrying vehicles may drive without a rest or “off-duty” time. The regulations are specific and must be adhered to, ensuring both public and driver safety.

Question: What can happen when commercial drivers fail to abide by the HOS regulations?

Answer: Drivers start to experience dangerous and potentially fatal impairments such as:

  • A delay in reaction time
  • A lack of attention
  • A risk of falling asleep at the wheel
  • A decrease in alertness to dangerous road conditions or other drivers
  • A loss of vehicle control

Question: What should I do if I’ve suffered an injury as a result of a commercial truck accident?

Answer: There are 5 im portant steps that you should take:

  1. Most importantly, seek medical attention if you are injured. There are many potentially dangerous injuries that can be hidden or may not present themselves at the time of the accident, like head trauma and spinal cord injury.
  2. Take pictures of the scene, any injuries and any damage to vehicles.
  3. Collect any witness testimony and personal information.
  4. Do not accept any form of settlement from the commercial driver’s insurance company. Commercial insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and claims are usually more involved than they are for normal passenger vehicle claims. Often there are various agencies involved in the investigation of the accident, lots of evidence gathering (including checking the on-board recorder, logs and any recent truck inspections) and determining what, if any, trucking violations have been committed. In addition, there can be multiple vehicles and drivers, multiple victims and very serious and even fatal injuries involved.
  5. Contact a San Diego personal injury attorney as soon as possible, who can help guide you through the oftentimes complicated and confusing process. It’s important to find the cause of the commercial vehicle accident in order to determine who is at fault, which eventually leads to compensation. An expert will be able to assist you with this investigation.

The Next Step

If you suffered serious injury as a result of a commercial vehicle accident, contact Mission Legal Center. We are San Diego automobile accident attorneys with a proven record of success in helping those who suffer from a serious injury, to receive the necessary medical attention, care and treatment you need, in addition to compensation for future care you may require. Call for a free consultation and case-specific guidance: (619) 564-4455. You may also email us at [email protected] or follow us on Facebook.

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There are approximately 420,000 auto accidents every year according to the California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System. Of those in 2008, there were 170,000 that involved injuries and 3,000 that involved the death of one or more persons.

Did You Know…

The law allows you all reasonable compensation in order to put you back as closely as possible to the place you were before the injuries caused by an automobile accident. Consequently, California and Texas law provide for just compensation for lost wages, medical bills, medication costs, pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, physical impairment, loss of consortium, and other reasonable damages…

You are also entitled to compensation of your damaged vehicle. You may recover costs of repair, rental costs while your vehicle is in the shop, loss of value to your vehicle or full market value of your car if
totally damaged.

Warning: You are not in good hands when dealing with an insurance company. Be assured, they are not good neighbors when it comes to paying you what is fair and reasonable for your car and your bodily injuries. They make their money by collecting our premiums and paying as little claims as possible.

Do not ever accept a check from an insurance company “on the spot.” That is, if an insurance company adjuster goes to the scene of the accident and offers you a check in order to settle the case against their insured, REFUSE IT.

Get Representation

Call our firm. Our firm is familiar with all the tricks and secrets an unscrupulous insurance company may use to try to avoid paying you what you are legally entitled to.

Important Things to Note:

1. One of the most important things you can do at the scene of the accident is identify eye witnesses. Most often, the police officers investigating the car accident will fail to identify and report these witnesses. When this happens and the negligent party later denies fault or worse, tries to blame you for the accident, independent witnesses are indispensable for countering this defense tactic.

An insurance company will almost always stand by what their insured states (even as incredible as his or her statement might be) in order to avoid paying your claim. Consequently, getting the names, addresses, and phone numbers of independent witnesses is crucial.

2. Another important act you can perform at the scene is to get pictures of the accident scene, the vehicles as they came to rest after the accident and pictures of both cars. Now a days, you can use your phone to take pictures or even video these things. This may become important if there is any discrepancy as to whose fault the accident was or what damages were caused by the accident.

3. Most importantly, for the sake of your health and well being, get immediate medical treatment. Most often, folks don’t feel any pain immediately after an accident because of altered mental state or increased adrenaline. The best thing you can do for yourself and/ or your loved ones is to seek immediate medical attention to ensure your health is not jeopardized.

Our law firm is dedicated to helping you get through all the legal processes necessary in order to get you back on your feet. We will see your case through from initial consultation with you to making a claim on your behalf, aggressively settling your case or if necessary taking your case to trial. Our goal is to get you the most reasonable compensation for your injuries and damages occasioned upon you by a negligent driver.

When our clients come to Mission Legal Center in San Diego, we promise to give our all, based on decades of experience, tried and true trial skills, and ongoing education.

We Are a Family Owned Multi-Generational Personal Injury Law Firm

Our San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm is family owned and operated, giving our team a truly unique dynamic. We realize how important the support of friends and family can be, especially during the difficult time of an injury and lawsuit, and our number one priority is to be an advocate for our clients. Our family is here to help your family.

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We have successfully been running our Texas firm for 25+ years and couldn’t be prouder of the accomplishments we’ve achieved for our clients. It’s the success of the Texas office that gave us the opportunity to expand our practice into California, enabling us to serve two jurisdictions.

We Are Authentic Allies and Advocates for Our Clients

Backed by our extensive accident injury law experience, we have amassed incredible knowledge of personal injury cases and case specific laws pertaining to injuries and accidents: automobile accidents and defects, bicycle accidents, brain injuries, slip and fall accidents, injuries caused by products and much more. Our focus has always been accident injury law and our commitment to this area of practice shows in our numerous, ongoing successes.

We Insist Upon Educating Our Clients

Our goal is to help our clients fully understand what’s happening every single step of the way. With over 25 years of personal injury experience, we are dedicated to sharing that knowledge using consistent communication, explanation and transparency. The process and details of the case are shared on a regular basis to ensure our clients and their families are completely up to date and feel comfortable with the various phases of the case; education is the best way to achieve that.

Our San Diego team promises to treat each client and their personal injury case with confidence and thoughtful attention, giving you the peace of mind you need and deserve.


Victims of Dog Attacks

Dog bites are dangerous and can cause permanent disfigurement or even loss of life. These injuries can leave emotional and physical scars that may never heal. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog attack, consulting with a San Jose dog bite attorney is essential in order to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Having and aggressive and experienced attorney on your side will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for the injuries sustained injuries allow you to more quickly move forward with your life. At the Dunnion Law Firm, we have over 35 years of experience in personal injury claims, providing our clients with dedicated and aggressive lawyers who take a no-nonsense approach to recovering damages for your losses.

Although most pets are friendly and provide great companionship to man, unfortunately, there are the few that are vicious and dangerous to those who live or pass nearby them. Millions of Americans are bitten every year with over 850,000 requiring medical attention. Sadly, many of these are children. It has been shown that many dogs that have bitten a person once, will bite again. Owners of such pets usually have ample warning of the dangers their dogs might pose to innocent bystanders.

Most people have very little information on what to do if they or their child has been bitten by a dog. A dog bite attack can occur for a variety of reasons, and serious
bodily and emotional injuries can be inflicted on the victims of such attacks.
Dog bite statistics show that over 4.7 million people are bit by dogs every year. Of those bitten, 800,000 require some kind of medical attention. You may be wondering
what to do after a dog bite incident that has left you suffering from
soft tissue injuries or another form of injury. The experienced attorneys at our firm have the vital information you need to know about
the legal rights of dog bite victims. We are committed to assisting those who have suffered from
dangerous dogs and protecting your children from dog bites in the future as well.

We have experience helping children victims of dog bites and helping their families seek compensation for the physical injuries and emotional trauma that was caused.
Facial injuries in dog bite incidents can have a lasting impact on a child or adult and may even result in life-long disfigurement.
California Dog Bite Law holds the dog’s owner liable for damages caused by a dog attack.
Dog owner liability/responsibilities exclude situations where a dog bites a trespasser, a veterinarian or if the dog bites someone provoking it. For more information on dog owner responsibilities,
fatal & severe dog bite injuries,
leash laws and answers to your questions like “Do I Have A Case?”, please contact our firm today.

Injuries From Dog Bites

While most dog bites are not fatal, they can and do leave serious injuries that leave considerable trauma in their aftermath. Most dogs bite a person’s face or legs, causing wounds such as lacerations, abrasions, cuts, punctures and tears. When deep enough, these can also cause fractures, nerve and muscle damage and disfigurement. Often these injuries require surgery and subsequent reconstructive surgery to repair. Scarring often lasts a lifetime, with emotional and psychological trauma continuing long after the incident took place.

Because of the often severe and permanent injuries that are caused by a dog bite, having our experienced and committed legal team working on your behalf is essential. Medical costs of recovery for this type of injury are extensive and can create a financial burden on a family. Our firm will uncover all possible insurance sources available to you, whether from the owner of the dog, it’s keeper at the time the dog bite took place, or any public venue which should have protected such an incident from occurring but failed to do so.

Contact a San Jose Dog Bite Lawyer at The Dunnion Law Firm today
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This page answers some of the most common questions asked by our clients about
dog bite cases

1) If I get bitten by a dog, is the dog’s owner liable for the injuries?
The owner’s responsibility for injuries depends on where the dog bite occurred-dog bite
laws vary depending on the state and city laws, ordinances and rules. Most states impose
special protection laws more favorable to dog bite victims through “strict liability” rules.
In other states, that follow the “one-bite” rule, it is more difficult to make the dog’s
owner responsible because there must be a showing that the owner was negligence, and
had knowledge of the dogs past biting or propensity for dangerous behavior. In addition,
violation of leash law or other rules may make an owner liable.

2) What is a strict liability dog bite state?
These are states in which the owner of the dog is generally liable for injuries caused by
the dog bite even without showing any negligence, knowledge or intent to cause harm by
the owner.

3) What are “one bite” dog bite states?
These are states in which the liability of the dog owner(or custodian) depends on whether
the dog has previously bitten anyone or has done anything that should have put the dog
owner on notice that the dog had a dangerous propensity to bite someone. The dog is
generally given one free bite, after which the dog bite owner is held to possess knowledge
of the dog’s dangerous propensities and therefore responsible for injuries caused by the

4) What compensation can be recovered in Dog bite Cases?
Damages sought by an experienced dog bite attorney usually include the following:
-past and future medical expenses(emergency/urgent care bills, ambulance bills, office
visits, surgery, physical therapy, medication)
– lost wages caused by time off work and/or reduced earning capacity
-pain and suffering
– property damage

5) Will bringing a case cost me money?
No, you will not have to pay any money unless we are successful in obtaining a recovery
for you. If we are successful on your behalf-we receive a contingency percentage of the
award and this is approved by court rules.

6) Will I have to go to court and get on the witness stand?
Although it is possible, it is unlikely you will have to go to trial. Our years of experience
as aggressive advocates on behalf of our personal injury clients results in the insurance
company’s settling the majority of our dog bite cases before having to go to trial. We
strive to minimize the hassle and stress our clients have to go through. After all, our
clients are the victims, have suffered sometimes vicious and traumatic dog attacks. We
try to make the whole process as short and hassle free as possible to get our client the maximum amount of recovery and let them move on with their lives.

7) What constitutes a dog bite?
Although there is some variation from state to state, generally, if the dog’s jaws have
closed down anywhere on the victims body, this constitutes a dog bite even if the dog’s
teeth did not penetrate or break the skin.

8) Can I recover if there is no actual bite?
Compensation can be sought for other injuries caused by a dog attack but which do not
include an actual bite penetrating the skin-such as injury caused by being knocked
down by an aggressive dog. These injuries often come within common law or negligence
rules under which a must show that the dog’s owner or custodian was unreasonably or
recklessly careless-such as that the dog’s owner knew or had reason to know that the
dog was vicious or dangerous to people, or had a propensity for the specific type of
dangerous activity(such as jumping on people or knocking people down.) Liability
generall exists also in the case of dogs that attack when off their leash in violation of
leash laws

9) How long does it usually take to finish the process and receive compensation?
Although each case is different and it always depends on the nature and complexity of the
medical injuries, generally it takes about a year to receive compensation, with many cases
settling much faster than that. We are usually able to obtain settlement and receive
compensation within two months of finalization of the medical treatment.

10) Who will have to pay? I know the owner of the dog, and I do not want to burden them
or force them into bankruptcy — I just want fair compensation. If I file a lawsuit, will it
bankrupt them?

You do not have to worry. Most dog bite injury cases are covered by homeowner’s,
renter’s, dog owner’s, or landlord’s insurance policies so that the money paid almost
always comes from the insurance company and not from the owner of the dog. Since it is
extremely common that the dog involved in the bite is owned by a family member, friend
or neighbor, this fact that the insurance company usually pays the damages gives relief to
a lot of victims who feel uncomfortable with the idea of making someone they know pay
the money. Where the claim is successful, so long as the insurance policy covering the
bite provides sufficient coverage limits for the amount of the claim, the insurance
company, and not the owner, will pay the entire damages. In the event that there is no
insurance policy covering the claim, or the coverage limit was inadequate, and the owner
could possibly have to pay the damages themselves, without the help of insurance, our
experienced attorneys will inform you of this present your options and leave it up to the
victim’s discretion as to how to proceed.

11) What insurance policies might cover dog bite injury?
Homeowners insurance, renters insurance, landlords insurance, commercial general
liability insurance, auto insurance.

12) Who else besides the owners can be liable for the injuries caused by a dog’s biting someone?
–Parent of the owner of the dog can be held liable(if the dog’s owner is a minor,
generally under 18)
–Custodian of a dog can be held liable(such as dog walker, dog-sitter, neighbor) can also
be held liable
–Landlords or Apartment Property Owners can be Liable in dog bite attacks. There are
often standards imposed in cases of landlord or property owner liability such as that the
landlord must have known about the dangerous nature of the dog who committed the
attack, and did nothing about it, but there are also circumstances where landlord liability
can exist for defects in the property such as if a gate or fence on the property was
defective and allowed the dog to escape and attack someone.
–Commercial Property owners
— Homeowner’s associations and property management companies:The owner or
landlord or HOA or management company at a commercial property may have
affirmative obligations to inspect and be aware of the existence of a dangerous dog on the
property, such as if a business owner keeps a dangerous dog at his place of business who
bites a customer.
–Day care centers

13) Are dog owners always liable in a strict liability state?
No, there are exceptions such as if the dog bite victim was trespassing at the time of the
bite. Other additional exceptions may be if the dog bite victim was a veterinarian or other
professional providing treatment to the dog, the victim was committing a crime against
the dog owner, the victim abused the dog physically or if the dog was the police or military
dog on duty.

14) Is there a time limit by which I have to bring a lawsuit in a dog bite case?
Yes, every state has a time limit or deadline called a “statute of limitations” by which the
victim of a dog bite attack must bring their claim. The specific “statute of limitations”
time deadline varies from state to state, and it generally runs from the time of the dog bite
incident. Courts are very strict in requiring compliance with these time limits so care
must be taken to take action promptly to ensure legal rights are not lost.

15) Why do dogs bite?
Dogs bite for many different reasons, sometimes to a percived threat to their and their
owner’s territory, due to neglect, disease, temperament, breeding, mistreatment, and
various other reasons.

16) Is There A Way to Reduce My Chances of Getting Bitten?
Unless you are very familiar with a dog over a long period of time and know that it is
friendly, you should not try to pet it. Even if a dog has been friendly in the past, a dog’s
mood or temperament could change, without your knowledge. Sometimes dogs that have
been sick, mistreated, or have been placed in threatening or provoking circumstances may
exhibit violent or aggressive behaviors. Some warning signs that a dog may be inclined to
violent or aggressive activity is growling, baring of teeth, snarling or staring angrily.

17) Do I have to hire an attorney to handle my case?
To give you the best chance for success in maximizing your recovery, you should retain
an experienced aggressive dog bite attorney who will fight for you, who knows exactly
how to put together the claim that will lead to the best results, and who takes the
aggressive position of not being afraid to go to trial so that the insurance company
attorneys know they must come up with the maximum offer, or suffer the dangerous risk
of losing a large judgment after a trial. An experienced dog bite attorney will ensure that
all of the evidence and testimony, whether it be from the dog owner, the witnesses, the
medical personnel, government agencies and you the dog bite victim is professionally
assessed and presented in compliance with legal evidentiary standards. Additionally, the
experienced attorney will assess and work to capitalize on weaknesses or strengths in the
insurance company’s position such as issues of victim’s location at the time of the bite, any
provocation or mitigating factors, any policy limits or loophole issues in the insurance
coverage. Finally, the experienced dog bite attorney will work to ensure compensation is
sought for the victim’s future cost of medical injuries and any psychological trauma scarring or disfigurement that may have been incurred in the attack.

18) Won’t the insurance company make a fair offer to me?
Beware–the insurance company’s only goal is to get you to settle your claim for as little
as possible; they are not looking out for your interests. Ordinarily, the insurance
company’s only make their maximum offers when they know that the victim has hired an
aggressive experienced attorney who has promptly begun to preserve evidence and
establish the strongest claim possible and is moving toward trial. Our experienced
aggressive attorneys will fight for you by doing exactly this-aggressive, thorough and
diligent preparation of legal claim—this is what makes the insurance company’s act and
come up with the maximum amounts possible to compensate you for your injuries.

19) Why should we use your attorneys?
Our service is Free, and it is dedicated to providing you with experienced, knowledgable
aggressive attorneys to fight for you. They will provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation
consultation to assess your case and answer your questions. Our attorneys look forward to
the opportunity to talk to you about your case. You can call 800— or submit your contact
info in the contact sheet and you will be contacted promptly for a free consultation.

20) What Steps Will The Attorneys Will Take Once They Are Retained?
Our attorneys will contact you, answer your questions, explain the entire process
followed to best preserve your rights and give you an estimate of the value of your case.
We will contact the insurance company and coordinate the medical bills and treatment of
physical injuries, medication, therapy and any psychological treatment needed for the
trauma. We will gather evidence to document your case including, if possible taking
photos of the scene, the injuries, the ripped clothing, the dog, and gathering any other
evidence from witnesses, police, animal control and any other sources. We coordinate the
contact with quarantine officers, arrange for a medical review by a plastic surgeon in
order to assess the extent of treatment required, coordinate gathering of all the medical
and treatment reports. Our goal is to minimize the hassles for you so you can reduce your
stress, know you are in good hands with someone looking out for your interests, and you can move on with your life and concentrate on healing.

21) Why do our attorneys have such a high success rate in obtaining favorable settlements?
Because our attorneys have obtained successful results in previous dog bite claims, we
always proceed with from a position of strength, not weakness. We aggressively and
quickly prepare a complete and thoroughly documented claim and we treat each case as if
we are going to go to trial. The insurance companies we deal with know our reputation,
our extensive experience and past victories and our willingness to go to trial for our
clients and this maximizes the favorable settlement offers we receive for our clients.

22) What happens to the dog that committed the attack ?
Under most state laws, nothing is done to the dog except for a short quarantine period
which, upon a showing that the dog has received all its vaccinations, especially rabies,
can usually occur at the dog’s home or the dog’s veterinarian’s office. The quarantine
period is performed and supervised by the animal control or other agency to be sure that
the dog is not diseased or excessively violent. In the event that the dog is found to be
highly dangerous or vicious during the quarantine period, local animal control authorities
or a court may make appropriate orders regarding the dog.

These FAQ’s are provided for general information purposes. Since no two cases are alike
and there are numerous factors and variables involved in every case, it is best that you
contact an attorney as soon as possible after the dog bite incident to obtain an assessment
of your individual case



Important Facts You Should Know About Dog Bites

A virtual epidemic of dog bite incidents is occurring: The number of dog
bite attacks increases every year. There are more than four and a half
million dog bite incidents yearly, one occurring every 30-40 seconds, with
over 1000 dog bite injury victims going to emergency rooms and another
2000 receiving some kind of non-medical treatment for dog bite injuries
each day . Financial losses exceed one billion dollars a year. Due to
increasing dog population, increase in urban high-density living and the
corresponding increase in the interaction between dogs and people in
sidewalks and narrow environments, and the popularity of highly dangerous
attack breed dogs, the number of dog bite attacks just keeps rising. Each
person has a one in fifty chance of being bitten each year and that chance is
increasing as all the factors leading to higher dog bite attacks coincide.

Over half dog bite injuries occur in the home with the attack caused by
either the family dog or friend’s dog

Half of those injured are children usually under ten years old; the majority
of these injuries to children occur in the face and neck area of the body.

According to the US government, the most dangerous breeds with the
highest risk of biting are the following: Doberman Pinschers, Alaskan
Malamutes, Chows, St. Bernards, Akitas, Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers,
German Shepherds and Huskies. Other reports include wolf-dog mix, and
American Bull breeds as particularly dangerous.

Rottweilers, Wolf-Dog mix and pit bulls are responsible for a large
percentage of the dog bite attacks each year: over 75% of the dog bite
attacks that cause bodily injury to the victim; over 70% of the attacks on
children; over 80% of attacks on adults; over 75% of attacks that cause
maiming of the dog bite victim

Most dog bite victims each year statistically are children, the elderly and
postal service workers.

How and where do dog attacks occur?

One quarter of attacks occur while the dog is chained,
one quarter while dog loose in yard,
20 percent while dog is inside home
17 percent while dog is roaming off property
Puppies, more than adult dogs are likely to commit attacks.


You should never allow a child to be alone with a dog, even one that
seems friendly. Dogs can become territorial, frightened, threatened, or
attack for any unexplained reason at all, unrelated to the child, and such
attacks are often of the child’s face and neck and extremely severe.

You should never approach a strange dog in the dog’s territory, near a
dog’s puppy, family, or food.

You should refrain from holding your face close to a dog’s face, startling a
dog, or teasing or provoking a dog, especially if the dog is eating, sleeping,
with its puppies.

You should refrain from running from a dog that is attacking you, try to
stand still, or if the dog has knocked you over, cover your head and face
and roll into a ball; try not to act threatening to a dog by staring it in the

Note: These statistics are based upon reports issued by the US
government and other research agency reports.

Information on Common Treatment of Dog Bite Injuries

Plastic surgeon guidelines on dog bite injury treatments state that the first
priority is to ensure the bleeding has been stopped. In certain severe cases,
especially among children who are often bitten in the face and neck, check
must be made regarding hemorrhage from blood vessels around the head and
neck must be checked.

Next, treatment must be carefully designed to prevent infection from
occuring. The bites can present in the form of skin punctures, lacerations,
cuts, crushing wounds, and fractures caused by the powerful jaw muscles of
certain dogs. Plastic surgeons are often called in due to the fact that the dog bite attacks more often than not involve punctures, scarring, and
disfigurement to the face, throat, nose, cheeks and thus require the highest of
specialized care. After cleaning, the wound is washed with a saline solution
and a catheter is attached to allow irrigation to puncture wounds in order to
limit infection.

Subsequent to irrigation, depending on the nature of the injury, the wound
could be sutured or closed with tape. The wounds with higher liklihood of
infection should recieve antibiotic treatment while the lower risk wounds
may be sutured unless infected. The following are considered high risk dog
bite wounds: Any dog bite wounds in which the treatment has not occurred
for over twelve hours, wounds involving foot, ligaments, hands, tendons,
bones or punctures. Sometimes skin that is severely damaged from the bite
must be cut, require grafting, reattaching, multiple surgeries involving
removing skin from other parts of the body to attach to the wounded area.

Infections associated with dog bite wounds include sepsis, septic arthritis,
osteomyelitis, tenosynovitis and others. Tetanus records of the victim must
be checked to ensure recent timely tetanus shots which must be
administered, along with a check on rabies vaccination for the attacking dog,
so that appropriate required vaccinations if any, can be administered to the

Emotional and Psychological Trauma From the Dog Bite Attack

Even after the physical injuries from the dog bite wound have healed you will still very
likely be experiencing psychological trauma from having gone through the frightening
experience. Are you still reliving the frightening dog bite attack in your thoughts? Due to
the vicious, sudden and surprising nature of many dog bite incidents, victims usually
suffer from emotional trauma and this trauma often requires treatment by professional
doctors and therapists who can assist you in best dealing with the emotional scarring and
the post traumatic stress disorder(“PTSD”) that often occurs.
Especially among children who often victims and who also may be traumatized by being
witness to close personal attack of a loved one, the child will demonstrate anger,
withdrawal, depression, all immediately or shortly after the incident. These are all normal
emotional reactions to an extremely frightening and traumatic event which create long
lasting memories in a child’s brain. Scientific studies have led many doctors to conclude
that a single severely violent frightening incident like a dog attack can lead a child to
develop PTSD because a child is always looking at the environment and acting to maximize its comfort and survival. A severe event like a dog bite attack will often be
construed as a general data input that all of life in general can and will be painful,
frightening and uncertain, especially if the child viewed a loved one being subject to
severe and sudden attack by dogs. The child assumes such violent attacks will happen
again, without warning like the first one. The child will replay the event continuously in
its mind re-experiencing it and suffer from nightmares, flashbacks and general distress,
often triggered by encounters or viewing of dogs similar to the injuring dog. In certain
cases, the child may internalize the incident such that it is interpreted to mean the child is
itself bad and brought it on through its own actions. These PTSD traumas can in some
cases last through adulthood becoming an integral part of the adult personality. These
PTSD symptoms may appear in a child or young adult immediately or not for several
weeks or months after the dog bite attack. Alternatively, PTSD may diminish and resolve
itself after time passes, but mental health treatment by a professional trained in helping
children to cope with such occurrences is often recommended for at least a 12 week
period generally required to alleviate the PTSD symptoms, through play therapy, and
other psychotherapy treatments, sometimes assisted with medication. Children rely on
support from family and friends to assist in recovery, to reduce depression, anxiety and
trauma of the PTSD disorder.


The online form includes everything needed in order to process your ticket, represent you before the courts, and request a plea offer on your behalf.  The form collects information regarding you, your ticket, and my representation of you.  Filling out the form does not obligate you to hire me as your attorney; instead, it simply gives me the information necessary to evaluate your case and present you with a quote for fees.  Occasionally it will be necessary for you to fax or mail me a copy of your ticket and sometimes your driving record is required.  I will notify you if you need to submit these documents.  (You may also use this form for minor municipal code violations, such as Minor in Possession of Alcohol and Indecent Exposure/Public Urination or MetroLink fare violations or Warrant Recall needs.)

Confirmation email.

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email confirmation of your form submission.  If I agree to take your case, the email will include a quote for fees related to the handling of your ticket.  If you don’t receive an email within 24 hours, it means I did not receive your information and you need to resend it.  If, for whatever reason, it is later discovered that the charges against you are more complex than originally presented, I reserve the right to adjust the fee.  I reserve the right to refuse representation to anyone, but this rarely happens.  If your court date is within three (3) business days of the date you are sending the information form, please call my office to confirm receipt of your form and discuss the fees .

Pay the legal fees.

Pay the quoted legal fee to hire me to begin work on your ticket.  You will be able to submit your payment online through Paypal, a secure payment service, by using your Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.  You do not need a Paypal account to pay online with your credit card.  If you have a Paypal account, you may also pay online using your checking or savings account.  Alternatively, you may mail a check to me for the fee.  No legal services will be performed on your behalf until the agreed fee is paid in full, and I am not your attorney until payment of the fee has been made.

Sit back and relax!

I will take care of the paperwork and the court appearances necessary to resolve your ticket.  In most cases you will not need to appear in court.  If you are required to appear in court, you will be notified of the specific date and time for your appearance.  Note :  Your court date will most likely change from the one originally appearing on your ticket when the court is notified that I am representing you, so don’t worry if processing your ticket takes longer than you expected.  The process usually takes several weeks to complete.  I will receive a plea offer from the prosecuting attorney, usually amending the charge to a non-moving violation (e.g. illegal parking), along with the amount of the fine and court costs.  The fine will generally be higher than if you had pled guilty, however, no points will appear on your license.  If you find the plea offer acceptable, I will accept the plea offer on your behalf.  I will then send you a letter to explain to you what has happened and what to do next.

Pay any fines, fees or court costs.

You will need to pay the fine associated with the amended violation.  In addition, you will owe the court some money to recover the costs of running the court system called “court costs”.  These costs are charged on every ticket.  Payment of fines and court costs will be time-sensitive – the court will set a deadline for payment, and if you fail to pay, the judge can revoke the plea agreement and issue a warrant for your arrest .  You will in most instances be required to submit these fees directly to the court in the form of a personal check, cashier’s check or money order payable to the court.

Complete your end of the plea agreement.

For cases such as DUI/DWI  or where an accident has been involved, there may be additional plea agreements that you will need to complete.  These agreements may include a combinationof things like registration with the office of probation, community service, driving school, or purchase of high risk insurance.  The plea agreement entered into will depend primarily on the circumstances of the case and your past driving record.  Additional plea agreements are time-sensitive, as well – if you don’t complete them by the court’s deadline, the judge could revoke your plea agreement and issue a warrant for your arrest.  Once you complete your end of the deal, your done!

What if I have other questions?

1. Read back through this site or the FREQUENTLY ASKED TRAFFIC QUESTIONS page.  Many answers about the process are right here.
2. Wait until you hear from me.  Most of your questions will be answered once you have submitted your ticket and I have responded.

3. Email questions to [email protected]

4. Call me at (314) 226-9137

Know your options and protect your rights. Contact me today .

Attorney Jennifer A. Coke of The Coke Law Firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services for individuals and businesses in traffic, business and consumer, and real estate law, while continuing her long-standing focus in estate planning and probate administration.

Jennifer A. Coke, Attorney at Law, at The Coke Law Firm in St. Louis, MO, serves clients throughout St. Louis City and St. Louis County including Tower Grove, the Central West End, the Loop, and cities of Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, West Port, Ballwin, Kirkwood, Shrewsbury, Glendale, Clayton, Brentwood, University City, Sunset Hills, Webster Groves, Town & Country and many other local municipalities in Missouri.

Is it cheaper to just pay the fine marked on my ticket and move on?

It is almost never “cheaper” to pay the fine for a traffic ticket.  The cash outlay for the fine may be smaller, but you will end up making a very unnecessary and potentially very expensive mistake.  Right after you write your check to the court, two very important things will happen: (1) the court will put the ticket on your state driving record, and (2) your insurance company will see it on your driving record, likely increasing your insurance rates.  In Missouri, the ticket will also cause points to be assessed to your record, which may lead to suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.  Plus, if you drive for a living or have a CDL, a ticket could impact your employment.

Do I have to go to Court?

Most St. Louis area courts do not require that you appear if you have hired a lawyer to represent you in a traffic matter.  Without an attorney, you may be required to appear.  Sometimes when you hire an attorney, your attorney alone is required to appear.  I can inform you after you have completed the ONLINE TRAFFIC TICKET INFORMATION FORM whether you and/or I will be required to go to court.

What does “amending” a traffic ticket or “requesting a recommendation” mean?

The majority of courts in the St. Louis area have policies that allow persons charged with traffic offenses to plead guilty to certain non-moving or no-point violations, instead of the original traffic charge, and then pay a higher fine amount.  The specific policies vary by jurisdiction, but most courts amend the charge to something like “noisy muffler” or “illegal parking” for a fine plus court costs.  An attorney requests a recommendation from the prosecutor to have the moving violation changed to a non-moving violation.

Can’t I negotiate an amended plea with the prosecutor myself?

Yes, you have the option of taking time out of your day (or evening), showing up at your court date with the other 10’s to 100’s of people waiting to make a court appearance, sitting in a line to talk to the prosecutor, asking him or her personally for a deal, and receiving a plea offer from the prosecutor.  For the general public, that process can take hours.  In addition, it is likely that when you receive the plea offer it will be in “legalese” which the prosecutor will not explain to you and you may not even know if it is a good deal.

If I hire a lawyer, am I guaranteed an amended ticket?

The overwhelming majority of traffic tickets that are eligible for amendment and a lawyer requests it, are amended.  There is, however, no guarantee.  Amendments are granted by city and county prosecutors on an entirely discretionary basis.  The amendment may be granted based on the specific facts of the violation, the person’s driving record, and policies in effect at the time of the request.

I want to try my case.  I was done wrong and I want to prove it at trial.  Will you take the case for me?

Generally speaking, the rates quoted are starting points and anticipate only seeking the best plea offer the prosecutor is willing to give you, and accepting that offer on your behalf.  Legal fees for taking a traffic matter to trial may be cost-prohibitive, however, I will be happy to look at any individual situation and give you an idea of what I think your degree of success might be, what the benefits would be, and the estimated costs involved.  If you have a DWI/DUI, it is almost always a good idea to fight it if you have the means (see more DWI/DUI answers below).

What are the consequences of pleading guilty?

In Missouri, a point system is used to administer driver licenses and generally, receiving eight points in eighteen months could result in a license suspension.  Various types of violations carry different amounts of points.

If my license is suspended, can I still drive?

Under some circumstances, driver’s license privileges can be reinstated.  Once the period of suspension is completed, the driver’s license is again valid.  In the mean time, an individual can apply for “hardship” driving privileges under certain conditions.  The specifics of the case dictate whether or not this is an option, and you should discuss this with your attorney.

Know your options and protect your rights. Contact me today.


West Seegmiller Attorneys, is a reputable personal injury and wrongful death law firm that serves Reno, NV and its surrounding communities.

We know that no one else will completely understand how your injury or loss has affected you and your loved ones. At our law firm, we commit to providing utmost attention and compassion to our clients. We will tirelessly fight for your rights and the best interests of your family, combining our skills, experiences, unique trial strategies, and latest technologies to achieve maximum results on your behalf.

Why Choose West Seegmiller Attorneys?

  1. Our Record of Successes

At West Seegmiller Attorneys, we have successfully handled hundreds of personal injury cases over the years, ranging from $100,000 to millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Although there aren’t any guarantees that your case is worth a specific amount of money as it depends on its own set of facts and circumstances, we generally represent clients we believe to have valuable cases.

  1. Our Financial Resources

We invest money into every case we take on in order to obtain the highest possible verdict or settlement. We believe that a law firm without ample monetary resources may be unable to take on bigger cases or worse, be tempted to settle for an amount lower than what the client really deserves.

  1. Our Unique Approaches

In order to obtain the most beneficial results for our clients, we assign several attorneys to your case. Our support staff is comprised of knowledgeable case managers, paralegals, and other trained professionals who can give us an advantage when defending your case. To prepare for court, we also hold mock trials with a mock jury in a makeshift courtroom located in our headquarters.

  1. Our Focus on Personal Injury Claims

We at West Seegmiller Attorneys only focus on personal injury claims, compared to other law firms that utilize a jack-of-all-trades approach that take on all clients that come their way – even if they are not equipped to handle their claims. Our attorneys are skilled in this particular field, thus in a better position to demand for an advantageous outcome for you and your family.

  1. Our Modern Technology and Infrastructure

We are taken seriously every time we step into the courtroom. We arm ourselves with the latest research, as well as modern equipment and technologies that can help us to obtain the outcome that you need to move on with your life.

  1. Our Solid Commitment

We know that you have countless options of personal injury attorneys to work with, which is why we commit to helping you meet your legal needs and objectives. We will take all the measures necessary to deliver results, and will treat you with utmost respect the entire time. We also aim to develop a relationship with every one of our clients, which is why many of them have been past of the West Seegmiller Attorneys family for years.

  1. Our Years of Experience

We at West Seegmiller Attorneys have hired personal injury lawyers who graduated at the top of their class, who have been recognized by their industry peers, and who have also been recognized due to the quality of their work in the community.

  1. Our Concern and Compassion

Being in a Reno area accident can be a difficult time for all involved. We understand this, and so we do whatever we can to simplify the legal process for you. We want you to be comfortable with us and be assured that you can trust us to answer all your concerns and questions honestly and sincerely.

  1. Consultations at Your Convenience

You need rest in order to fully recover from your injuries. If you are unable to come to our office for a consultation or meeting, don’t worry. We will meet you at a location most convenient to you, whether it be your home, hospital room, or any other location.

  1. Our Contingency Fee

We at West Seegmiller Attorneys charge on a contingency fee basis, which means that we will not be paid unless you are paid. You will not be charged unless your case is won. Simply put, we take all the risks so that you don’t have to. This is because we believe that can help you obtain the results you need.

Record of Success

Our Reno personal injury lawyers at West Seegmiller Attorneys have a history of obtaining positive results for our clients in  Washoe County and beyond. Over the last three decades, we have settled significant cases and won jury verdicts in all types of personal injury cases. These include auto accidents, train accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, nursing home negligence, premises liability, and wrongful death.

At our firm, our goal is to help our clients obtain maximum compensation at the soonest possible time. We know that it can be painful and stressful to be injured in an accident, which is why we do what we can to help you recover and obtain compensation for your injuries in an efficient manner. We will help you with every aspect of your case, from setting up property damage claims to finding quality medical care. Whether you have sustained physical injuries such as back pain, traumatic brain injuries, bruises, slipped discs, concussions, burns, lacerations, amputations, or internal bleeding or physical pain such as pain and suffering or emotional distress, we will help you through this difficult time.

Although we have an impressive record of success, our true strength comes from our unwavering commitment to you and all our clients. If we are fortunate enough to represent you and your family, we commit to doing whatever we can to help you recover the full amount needed to compensate for your injuries and losses. When you choose to work with us at West Seegmiller Attorneys, you can be assured that you are working with an experienced, aggressive, and accomplished team who has your best interests in mind. Call us today for a free consultation.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

One of the most important decisions you can make for your future is choosing the right personal injury lawyer to work with.

Since we have helped numerous injured individuals over the years, our team of attorneys has a very good idea of the financial and emotional burdens that you will face for the next few years. We have witnessed the effects that personal injury accidents can have on a person’s life, which is why we are so dedicated to fighting for full and fair monetary compensation on your behalf.

At our law firm, we do not see you as just a number on a court docket. We see you as a person dealing with real pains, and a person in need of quality legal representation in order to move on. We can and will make a difference in your life, and in the future of your loved ones.

Only Representing People and Not Insurance Companies

We at West Seegmiller Attorneys make it a point to only represent people—not big businesses or insurance companies. In fact, we believe that our focus to individuals and their personal injury cases that is the reason for our successes in some of the state’s largest personal injury verdicts and settlements. We take pride in knowing that we receive referral after referral from other attorneys and judges who are aware of our successes and achievements in the legal field.

Consult with West Seegmiller Attorneys Today

If you are injured in a personal injury accident, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. The ideal attorney to work with is someone who can protect your best interests and who can help you understand your legal obligations in the simplest manner possible. This attorney should also be able to explain all impending deadlines, and be able to truthfully answer all your concerns.

We at West Seegmiller Attorneys are only paid when you are paid. If you do decide to work with us, know that we will not charge you any upfront fees or costs. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or call us at (775) 200-0908. Our initial case review is free and without obligation.

Success Records

$4.5 million
Hand and eye injury

$3 million
Burn injury

$2 million
Neck injury

$2 million
Back injury

$1.3 million
Lost income

$1.2 million
Scarring injury

$1 million
Car accidents

$1 million
Truck accidents

$1 million
Motorcycle accidents

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Author: William “West” Seegmiller

There are many types of insurance provided to give protection to those who are behind the wheel. One of the most important types is personal injury protection insurance, better known as PIP. Available in many states across the U.S. including Florida, New York and Texas it serves a valuable function to those drivers and passengers involved in an accident.

Since PIP covers anyone, driver or passengers, who were in the vehicle at the time of the accident, the payments gained from this insurance can play a large role in helping accident victims receive funds when they need them most, such as if they are injured and forced to miss work. Another advantage of this insurance is that it’s considered “no-fault” insurance, meaning it will provide payment without any of the people involved in the accident having to prove the accident was the fault of someone else. In doing so, expenses such as medical bills are paid as soon as they are received by the insurance company, which in many cases can be less than one week.

One downside to this coverage is that insurance companies often set the limit quite low, with many having a $5,000 limit. While this can sound high to many people, if an accident occurs that limit could be reached very quickly when ambulance rides, emergency room visits and medical tests are factored in. For additional premium amounts, it’s recommended most people carry at least $10,000 of this coverage.

While PIP coverage is not subject to deductibles, it does have other limitations. One is the amount of time allowed to file a claim, with most policies allowing the driver and any passengers up to one year to file a claim. In some cases, companies will have provisions allowing claims to be filed as much as five years later. Though this may give additional time to decide if a claim should be filed, most personal injury protection insurance includes provisions for “reasonable and necessary” expenses, which can sometimes make filing a claim difficult. Problems may arise when there are differences as to what the doctor charges and what the insurance company is willing to pay. If there is any amount left over, patients are usually responsible for these expenses out-of-pocket.

In some extreme cases, PIP coverage will award damages for emotional distress and lost wages. These are generally awarded only in worst-possible scenario situations, so should not be counted on in the event of an accident because the victim has to show negligent infliction of emotional distress, which can be hard to prove. As for lost wages, some policies will provide coverage at $50 per day or 85 percent of one’s wages, whichever is greater.

Most people never think they will be involved in an accident, and thus pay little if any attention to the details of their PIP coverage. However, personal injury protection law is there to protect those who are injured, and therefore can make the most difficult of situations much more bearable.

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Just as every city, county, state, and country have their own unique law for governing their specific populace as best as they can, every single personal injury case is unique and requires a Seattle Personal Injury Attorney whose knowledge of Seattle law and its peculiarities is indispensable. No matter how great an attorney you have, having some knowledge of your own regarding personal injury laws will also prove to be incredibly beneficial – possibly even liberating. Personal injury laws are quite complex and you may discover that researching, analyzing, and discussing them are a bit of an intellectual feat a bit akin to an intense game of chess. There certainly are enough factors and issues which go into determining the outcome of a case that the chess analogy is quite accurate. This similarity may or may not be a pleasant thought, depending on your aptitude at chess and the extent of your injury.

The issue in the forefront of a victim’s mind when engaging a Seattle Personal Injury Attorney is usually the compensation, and the amount that this will be is determined by the specific circumstances surrounding the case. A few of the frequent areas in which victims seek the compensation they so desire for the ramifications of their injury include but are not limited to the medical bills of the past, present, and future; any medical treatment that is needed, such as medication, physical therapy, or psychotherapy/psychiatry; any physical, emotional, or abstract pain and suffering that is incurred as a result of the damage; and also any lost wages or time lost at work, both past and future. Entitlement to punitive damages can also sometimes be the reward for a few victims, which basically means that the plaintiff can seek retribution through punishing the person or group whom is determined negligent. It is all up to the specific circumstances surrounding the case, however. You are best advised to engage a Seattle Personal Injury Attorney to help you through this minefield.

After you have gotten a rewarding dose of information regarding the general personal injury laws and the laws specific to Seattle, you will want to do your best to make sure you get a top-grade Seattle Personal Injury Attorney. You will want one who really knows what he or she is doing, who is well-versed in all the skills needed to make sure you get your rightful compensation. A few of the skills you will want to check to make sure your Seattle Personal Injury Attorney is proficient in include: the ability to interview witnesses, the mathematical ability to calculate the damages done, a diplomatic and charismatic flair enabling him/her to negotiate skillfully and carefully with insurance companies, the persistence and contacts to finding the appropriate experts, and the broad-mindedness to see the big picture and pursue every avenue and aspect of your case. If you are able to find a Seattle Personal Injury Attorney who possesses all these skills and you find that you are comfortable with them, hire them!

Consider all the information, make the best choice possible, and get a good Seattle Personal Injury Attorney. If you are able to do all this, the great city of Seattle will reward you by distributing justice in the manner you require.

Personal Injury

MG 16 – 8/9/21 Prescription drug errors – gtg

Drug Injury Attorney on Defective Prescription Drugs

You might be eligible to attempt to obtain compensation through a Texas product defect lawsuit if you have any reason to believe that your illness or injury may have occurred as the result of defective prescription drugs or a pharmaceutical error.

Seeking legal recourse for this kind of injury, however, can be a very difficult endeavor, and it is especially tough if you choose to act as your own legal representative and do not enlist the services of a drug injury attorney. There are myriad challenges that are presented by these kinds of personal injury cases, and in order to have the best chance possible at getting the just restitution you deserve, you will need a seasoned and skilled defective drug injury attorney on your side. The attorneys with our Law Office will be happy to explain what kind of case you may have, the hurdles you will face in attempting to obtain compensation and the ways that our law firm can help you get the justice you have coming.

Why Drug Injury Lawsuits are Considered Challenging
The companies that design drugs and the medical practitioners who prescribe and dispense them, it is assumed, have some level of medical expertise that will greatly exceed that of a typical person. When someone takes a drug, they will likely have a reasonable expectation that the drug will not harm him or her. For instance, a person should be able to expect to understand the intended use of a drug, the potential side effects associated with it, and whether or not the drug prescribed could result in further injury because of a pre-existing medical condition or by using other drugs along with that newly prescribed drug. Basically, the people who have a need for prescription drugs more than likely trust that pharmacists, doctors, and drug manufacturers will do the best they can and do their jobs so that a patient does not experience harm. Accidents, of course, can take place in the field of medicine, but it is still reasonable to expect the drug you are taking is correctly manufactured and designed, and will not cause added problems. But most consumers do not understand how a drug might have prolonged an illness or compounded an existing injury. Additionally, most people do not have the expertise to be able to ascertain whether an incorrectly prescribed drug, a defective drug, or a faulty dosage might have caused them harm.

One of the most formidable hurdles to successfully pursuing a case involving defective prescription drugs is the expert medical knowledge that is necessary to prove that a defective drug injury even occurred. This is a type of personal injury lawsuit that necessitates a certain amount of technical knowledge to be acquired or to be obtained through the help of someone who is an expert in the field. There are many law firms that simply do not have the desire to put in the strenuous work involved in this kind of litigation, nor do they have relationships with medical experts.

However, our Texas medical malpractice firm is not one of those firms. We have assisted many victims of different forms of medical malpractice, including clients who have been harmed as a result of taking defective prescription drugs. We have access to medical experts who can help drug defect victims by connecting their malady to an incorrectly prescribed drug, a wrong dosage, or a defective drug.

Additionally, a lawsuit can also be complicated depending on the kind of lawsuit that is filed against a negligent entity. The following is a detailed explanation of the two kinds of drug injury lawsuits that can be filed.

Drug Injury Case Categories
There are two broad categories in which drug injury cases can be listed:

Product liability lawsuits – These lawsuits are filed as a result of a drug manufacturer creating a drug that is harmful to the public, such as Hydroxycut.
Pharmaceutical error lawsuits – These are filed in response to a drug provider’s negligence in issuing a drug to a patient. For example, prescribing the wrong drug or prescribing the wrong dosage.

Product Liability Lawsuits
The companies that manufacture drugs are sometimes more accurately described as “pill pushers” than drug manufacturers. Drug manufacturers sometimes cut corners in designing and producing drugs, because they are in a rush to get their piece of a pie that is millions and millions of dollars big. They will often fail to properly and completely test a drug before they release it for public consumption. When this happens, and a person is injured due to a drug’s detrimental side effect that is not listed on the drug’s container, that victim can attempt to obtain restitution for their injury through the means of a defective drug product liability lawsuit. Should a drug manufacturer produce an off-brand product that uses questionable ingredients, and those ingredients can be proven to have harmed the consumer, then, likewise, that drug manufacturer can be sued through a drug defect personal injury lawsuit.

Initiating legal action against a drug manufacturer, however, is an incredibly complex and challenging task, and not for those who want to avoid a fight. Drug manufacturers often have millions upon millions of dollars that they can use to defend themselves against lawsuits, and will do whatever it takes – and spend however much it takes – in order to ensure you lose your case. Say, for instance, you were the first person to have been injured by taking Hydroxycut, which was an intensely marketed and highly popular drug when it was originally released. Because you were injured, you filed a lawsuit, and the negative publicity surrounding your suit would have been enough to seriously hurt the manufacturer’s bottom line. It only stands to reason, then, that the manufacturer would work feverishly in order to either make sure you were given a low-ball settlement, or you were defeated by their group of highly paid and extremely effective defense lawyers. Basically, they will stop at almost nothing in order to keep a victim from obtaining fair compensation, because that would be an admission that they were at fault. And if that happened, they would likely face an avalanche of even more lawsuits after dealing with yours. This happens all too often, and liable drug manufacturers often stoop to highly questionable means in order to protect themselves from lawsuits.

Because of the intense and complex nature of defective drug liability lawsuits, there are many law firms that will not touch this kind of litigation. Often, the deck is just too stacked against the rights of a victim, and that is especially true when the defendant is a huge drug manufacturer. But the drug injury lawyers with our Law Office firmly believe that each and every person has a right to attempt to obtain compensation for an injury – it does not matter that a defendant may be a huge corporation with seemingly endless resources. We have extensive experience fighting both extremely wealthy individuals as well as huge insurance companies, so we have the attitude, knowledge, and toughness it takes to aggressively – and successfully – defend your rights against the onslaught of defendants, no matter how deep their pockets.

We should also note that there are some law firms that will initially offer to help the victim of a drug injury, only to ultimately sub-contract that work to another firm that is more experienced in fighting huge pharmaceutical entities. If we are assured that we can help you get the restitution you deserve, we will take your case through the entire process – from its start until its end. We don’t care about how your case can add to our list of successes. We are only interested in your success.

Pharmaceutical Error Lawsuits
If a pharmacist, nurse, doctor, or any other kind of medical practitioner prescribes an incorrect drug or the wrong dosage of said drug, and further illness or injury is experienced by the patient as the result of that mistake, then that victim can attempt to obtain restitution through the means of a pharmaceutical error lawsuit. Because of recent tort reform passed by the Texas Legislature, even though pharmacy errors are considered medical malpractice, pursuing legal action against a medical practitioner can be extremely difficult. The sentiment behind this tort reform was admirable – stop frivolous lawsuits from being filed against doctors and other medical practitioners, long-lasting civil lawsuits that further crippled an already overwhelmed court system. Unfortunately, and tragically in some instances, this tort reform has been a detriment to many injury victims with legitimate medical malpractice claims. One of the detrimental effects of tort reform legislation is the cap the legislature placed on the amount of compensation an injured patient was eligible to receive through the means of a medical malpractice lawsuit in Texas. Oftentimes, this cap doesn’t come close to properly compensating a victim for his or her injuries or accrued damages. Because of the possibility that the chances of obtaining full compensation could be small, there are many medical malpractice lawyers in Texas who will decline these kinds of cases. However, the defective drug injury attorneys with our Law Office will assist you in seeking fair restitution, whether it comes from a negligent hospital, negligent doctor, a negligent third party such as a drug manufacturer, or a combination of all of them.

There is another obstacle that oftentimes will cause Texas medical malpractice law firms from declining to help injury victims, and that is the exceptionally high standard of proof that plaintiffs must satisfy in a medical malpractice lawsuit. As we have stated previously, there are many times where medical experts must be brought into court in order to give technical, specific information regarding how medical practitioners may have committed negligence. There are many law firms that simply do not have access to these critically important medical experts. However, our Law Office has this access, and we have relied countless times on expert medical testimony that has helped our clients successfully pursued both pharmaceutical error injury cases, as well as medical malpractice cases, in Texas.

We are fearless and passionate when it comes to fighting for the rights of our clients – it does not matter one bit how huge and intimidating the drug manufacturers or other entities we fight in court may be. We also have access to medical experts who can effectively make a connection between the negligence of a medical practitioner and your injury. The drug injury attorneys with our Law Office stand ready to help you if you have experienced a further injury because of a pharmaceutical error or an unsafe drug. With our two decades of experience handling this kind of litigation, we are ready to help you as well. Our attorneys are ready to assist you in your efforts to hold accountable all the parties that are responsible for causing you further illness or harm. Please call us as soon as you can (toll-free) for a confidential and free consultation. We will go over all the circumstances surrounding your case, and tell you how we can help you obtain the just compensation you have coming to you for the suffering you have experienced.


Pharmaceutical Error Injury
Were You Hurt Due to a Pharmaceutical Error? Discuss Your Case With Our Attorneys

Every year, nearly 100,000 deaths occur because of prescription errors made by pharmacies in the United States. This statistic is according to the latest study conducted on prescription error. Also, almost 1 in 20 prescriptions are filled incorrectly every year as well.

These prescription errors are caused by doctors who make mistakes when writing prescriptions for their patients and also are caused by pharmacists filling the prescription improperly.

Pharmaceutical cases involving errors do not include product liability cases against the drug manufacturer. Pharmaceutical error cases are errors committed by doctors or pharmacists who were negligent in writing or composing the wrong amount and type of drug, the dosage, and for giving wrong information on instructions for taking the drug.

Pharmaceutical error injury cases are no different than medical malpractice claims. Both cases are complex legal matters to take on. In pharmaceutical error injury cases, it is often difficult to determine who exactly is negligent for giving the wrong type of prescription. In these cases, sometimes it is difficult to prove whether it was the doctor or the pharmacist’s fault for the pharmaceutical error. Both the doctor and pharmacist can be litigated in different ways. Bringing a lawsuit against the pharmacist is different than having a case against your doctor or hospital for the prescription error they gave you. In addition, tort reform has changed everything. Tort reform has made it difficult for individuals to seek lawsuits against medical professionals. Because of tort reform, there are very strict conditions that one must meet in order for you to hold a medical professional liable for your injury. If you do not meet the standards of these conditions for your case, then your case will have very little chance of succeeding in court.

The good news is that help is still available. The medical malpractice attorneys at our Law Office have twenty years of experience helping injured victims of pharmaceutical error injury cases. At our Law Office, our attorneys know how to handle cases involving pharmaceutical error injury cases. We know how to handle tort reform as well and know how to meet the challenges of tort reform cases. If you or a loved one were victim to a pharmaceutical error either by your doctor or pharmacist, then contact the medical malpractice attorneys of our Law Office. We will help you seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries and help you seek justice as well.

Pharmaceutical Error Lawsuits
In Texas, a victim of a pharmaceutical error injury can seek compensation for their illness or injuries through a pharmaceutical error lawsuit in Texas. A victim may seek this type of lawsuit if their doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or other medical professional prescribed them the wrong drug or the wrong dosage amount of the drug. Furthermore, pharmacy errors are a form of medical malpractice. Like we said before, tort reform makes it very challenging to pursue legal action against medical professionals. Tort reform was initiated by lobbyists representing the medical field because of all the frivolous lawsuits against medical professionals. There were so many lawsuits that tied up the court system that lobbyists fought hard to reduce the number of lawsuits and the amount by using tort reform. As a result, tort reform had a negative effect on injured victims who had a legitimate claim of medical malpractice. Some examples of how tort reform changed the way lawsuits can be sought against the medical field is when tort reform set a cap on the amount of compensation an injured victim could get with a Texas medical malpractice lawsuit. The cap that tort reform subscribed to is not enough to cover for one’s medical injuries, illnesses, or damages. Because of this roadblock, many medical malpractice attorneys refuse to handle such cases. However, at our Law Office, the attorneys do whatever we can to help make sure you are able to receive the maximum amount of compensation needed in your case. We will make sure that all negligent parties such as doctors, a negligent hospital, and all negligent third parties such as a drug manufacturer, are held accountable.

Another challenge one might face when dealing with a medical malpractice lawsuit in Texas is the standard of proof required in proving your case. The standard of proof that a person was injured because of medical malpractice is very high. This scenario prevents many law firms to reject taking cases dealing with medical malpractice because the attorneys feel they can’t provide this high level of standard of proof needed in order to win a case. It is difficult to obtain the standard of proof needed in a medical malpractice claim because the case requires that one obtains specific, technical information regarding medical experts that work to show how exactly a medical professional was negligent. Many law firms do not have the skills, education, or experience to get the access that is needed on such medical experts. However, our Law Office does have the skill and education to get this information from medical experts. At our Law Office, our attorneys have used numerous medical experts in the past to assist our clients with their medical malpractice claims and their pharmaceutical error injury cases in Texas.

At our Law Office, our attorneys are fearless when it comes to defending our clients against pharmaceutical error injury cases. The medical malpractice attorneys of our Law Office are ready to assist you if you or a loved one suffered injury or illness because of an unsafe drug given to you through a pharmaceutical error. Our attorneys bring you twenty years of experience litigating pharmaceutical error injury cases in Texas. We have helped hundreds of injured Texans get the financial compensation they deserved because of a doctor’s error or pharmacist’s error in prescribing medication and giving it. We are ready to help you with your case and help hold all the negligent parties liable and accountable for causing you harm. Call us today toll-free for a free consultation. Our staff is standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week in order to help answer any questions you may have. Call now! Don’t wait!


Fentanyl Attorney on Fentanyl Pain Patch Recalls

Of all the dreaded diseases that plague our society, cancer is one of the worst. It is a common ailment that people in the United States are stricken with, unfortunately. Most people either know somebody who has been diagnosed with some form of cancer or have been diagnosed with it themselves.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) more than a million people are stricken with the dreaded disease each year in the United States. And that doesn’t include the twelve (12) million victims already living with the disease.

It used to be that being identified as a cancer patient, apart from the type of cancer, was no worse than being sentenced to death. But new technology, decades of investigation, and research funds have opened up new treatments for cancer that lead to remission. It’s the next best thing to a cure. Yet with so much focus on inventing a cure for cancer, the researchers have spent very little time on pain management with it comes cancer patients. That’s where Fentanyl pain patches come in. Fentanyl pain patches are used as pain management for cancer patients; nevertheless, the product was recalled because it has been reported as a contributing factor in the deaths of and suffering of many people.

If you are suffering from a leaky Fentanyl pain patch, call the Fentanyl lawyers at our Law Office today. We’re waiting to go over the options for your case. Your family could opt to file a personal injury lawsuit against the corporation which produced the leaky pain patch. But you should call to find out more. Your initial consultation is free.

Researchers say that victims of cancer suffer more than once: They suffer first due to their cancer cells being destroyed in the area of their body where the disease developed, and they suffer a second time because of the unbearable pain most patients experience. Although it’s not common knowledge, most people are living with an undetectable amount of cancer cells somewhere in their bodies. The term “cancer” just means there is the presence of deformed cells in a person’s body. The deformity occurs because most people don’t breathe in enough clean oxygen to help their healthy cells regenerate properly. It can happen when someone lives in a home with asbestos mixed in the building materials or they work in an old building with asbestos in the insulation. Or maybe they live in a smog-filled city and they don’t get enough exercise in the open air. So they don’t get enough oxygen for them to renew themselves normally. Cells that are cancerous also multiply in the body when you eat or drink too much white sugar. Cancerous cells feed on white sugar and it strips away the nutrition trying to replenish our healthy cells. Cancerous cells are unable to live in an oxygen-rich atmosphere. Cancer and oxygen are like oil and water: they don’t mix. The more clean air someone breaths the less cancerous cells can thrive. But when there is a lack of oxygen normal blood cells start to mutate. And those mutated cells start to regenerate. So, most people carry a small amount of cancer in their bodies throughout their lives. And that’s okay.

Cancerous cells will attack different parts of the body. And if it is not quickly diagnosed those cancerous cells start to destroy the organs that it attacks. If it’s colon cancer the patient might have to get a part of the colon removed. If it’s skin cancer the patient might have to get a skin graft. It takes a microscope to see this cellular attack going on. But self-examinations and regular doctor visits can locate unnatural lumps underneath the epidermis. Just because a patient feels healthy today doesn’t mean cancer isn’t growing somewhere undetected in the body.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Still, twelve million victims find themselves living with cancer and anxiously awaiting a cure. And that could be considered as a good thing, except the longer patients live with the disease the pain makes it harder for them to operate normally. To help cancer victims withstand their aches, medical researchers have approved and allowed the use of illicit drugs including marijuana, morphine, and Fentanyl in hospitals and by caregivers in hospices. While marijuana is known for its subtle effects, morphine is known as one of the strongest pain killers available. But Fentanyl is one hundred (100) times more powerful than morphine. And now it’s being used to treat cancer patients who are in chronic pain. Fentanyl is even used to deaden the pain of surgery patients and those in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The strength of the drug is indicative of the need for closer medical oversight when it is prescribed. But Fentanyl was approved for use in the privacy of patients’ homes. So, pharmaceutical companies created Fentanyl nose sprays, Fentanyl lozenges, Fentanyl inhalers, Fentanyl lollipops, and transdermal pain patches. But the patches have been a problem since day one, leaving more sickness and death in its wake. The Fentanyl patch has a leak in it that allows more of the Fentanyl to seep into the patients’ bloodstream during the three-day treatment than intended. And it could cause patients to overdose and die. Hundreds of people complained to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerning the number of patients who died from using the Fentanyl pain patch. And finally, after a few hundred victims had lost their lives, the FDA forced the drug company that manufactured the Fentanyl pain patch to issue recalls. Needless to say, some of those companies are in litigation over the faulty patch.

If you think your loved one died due to a leaky Fentanyl pain patch contact the Fentanyl lawyers at our Law Office today. Call toll-free to discuss the specifics of your case. Your family might be eligible to file a personal injury case against the company that manufactured the leaky pain patch. You might also be able to file a class-action lawsuit and join other families affected by this faulty product. But you won’t know if you don’t call. Your initial consultation is free.

Fentanyl Recalls Go Back Years
Fentanyl pain patch recalls have been going on for years. Janssen Pharmaceuticals was the first company to issue a recall in 2004. At first, it was just one batch, called a lot or a group of products. A lot number is attached to every product that is made in bulk. Lot numbers assist manufacturing companies to audit and readily identify their inventory. But after the first batch of pain patches, the FDA and Janssen expanded the recall to include more lots.

Most people would shy away from a product that is plagued by problems. But when a product like Fentanyl brings in millions of dollars company executives are too greedy to turn away from that. So other companies started to manufacture their own version of the Fentanyl pain patch. But the Alza Corporation had to recall 32 million Duragesic patches in 2008 because they too leaked. Days after Alza’s vast recall, another company, Actavis, Inc., recalled fourteen lots of Fentanyl pain patches that it produced. It was the third recall in four years on the same product. Company executives pushed to keep producing the patches despite the problems. Only Alza halted production for a few months. But they resumed production in the summer of 2011. The profits must have been too much for them to ignore.

Fentanyl Brand Names and Alternative Delivery Systems
Like so many pharmaceutical drugs, Fentanyl is sold under different off-brand names. They include:

Abstral, a lozenge that is similar to a cough drop. It’s made by ProStraken, Inc.
Instanyl, a vapor nose spray which is produced by Nycomed, Inc.
Onsolis is applied inside the mouth and is made by Aveva Drug Delivery Systems
Actiq is a lollipop made by Cephalon, Inc.
Fentanyl is sold in different dose measurements with different strengths. Only the patch has been recalled. So if your physician has prescribed a pain patch to help suppress the pain of a cancer patient, call the physician or the pharmacist to get answers. Then if you need to speak with the Fentanyl drug lawyers at our Law Office, do so today. Our firm has more than twenty (20) years of experience litigating these kinds of personal injury lawsuits. If someone you know has been the victim of a leaky Fentanyl pain patch contact the Fentanyl lawyers at our Law Office today. Call toll-free to discuss the specifics of your case. Your family might be eligible to file a personal injury case against the company that manufactured the leaky pain patch. But you don’t know until you call. Your initial consultation is free.

The side effects of cancer are bad enough without having to be concerned about the side effects of the drug meant to subdue the pain. Still, some side effects of Fentanyl include:

Dry mouth
Rapid weight loss
If the cancer victim has these signs plus seizures and irregular heartbeats, see your doctor immediately.

In addition to the leaky Fentanyl patches, patient advocates complained about what they call the misuse of the Actiq Fentanyl lollipops. These suckers have been prescribed to patients who have no sign of cancer. And some of those patients have been harmed because the lollipops were used to medicate them. This is a classic case of a product liability lawsuit. So if you were prescribed the Fentanyl lollipop and you have not been diagnosed with cancer, call the Fentanyl drug attorneys at our Law Office.

In their effort to make more money some drug company executives blindly jumped onto the Fentanyl bandwagon. They saw their profits more than they saw a way to help cancer patients live more comfortably while living with cancer. So if you or someone you know has been harmed by the negligent behavior of your physician who prescribed the medication or the drug company that manufactured it, it’s your right to file a product liability personal injury lawsuit. The attorneys at our Law Office can investigate your sickness and the medication you might be taking to collect evidence to build your case. But time is not on your side. Call our Law Office today for your free consultation.


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