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Car Insurance for Teenagers
Bring the Costs Down

Car insurance for teenagers is more difficult to obtain at an affordable rate, so if you are looking for one, make sure you know what to do. A lot of families do the usual thing: simply add teenagers to the family’s existing car insurance policy.
But hold on a minute; teenage drivers pose different risks, and car insurance companies are aware of that fact. Thus, they can take advantage of that to hike up the price of your insurance premiums more than slightly.

Why the Price Hike?

It seems that there is a price hike when it comes to car insurance for teenagers, and this can be attributed to the fact that teenagers are considered as risky drivers. Check any car accident statistics in any area and you will easily see the reason why. Teenagers account for a large percentage of car accidents, and a lot of fatal car crashes involve young people between the ages 16 and 20.
Probability studies also show that teenagers are four times more likely to get involved in motor vehicle accidents than drivers in other age groups. Aside from current statistics, teenage drivers also lack the experience in driving, which raises the risks even more. And since car insurance rates depend on the risks, car insurance for teenagers can be quite expensive.

The Frightening Numbers

Recent statistics attest to this, as it shows that every year, more than 5,000 teenagers die in car crashes. An even larger number, recorded at around 400,000, get physically and sometimes fatally injured. In costs, teenagers are said to cause about 30% of the total cost of car accidents that occur in the United States. This is equal to about $26 billion dollars in all. And alarmingly, although the teenage population makes up only 10 percent of the total population of the United States, they account for 12 percent of the total number of fatal car crashes.

How to Save on Teenage Car Insurance

Fortunately, there are ways through which you can save on car insurance policy premiums for your teenage driver. It is just an accepted fact that car insurance for teenagers simply cost more, but if you know what to do and what factors to consider, you can save as much as possible. So what factors are important?

Automobile Type

The type of car your teenager uses will affect the price of your teenage car insurance policy. Since a teenage driver has higher risks of getting into an accident, you have to find a car that balances the risks out even slightly. This means you have to get your teenager a relatively safe and a practical car. Getting him a fast and flashy sports car, which most teenagers usually want to drive, means an affordable car insurance policy will be impossible. To keep the costs down, look for a safe, practical car with lower horsepower rating. You should also go for cars with lower theft rates. Get him a car that’s sturdy though a bit bulkier and heavier. This will not only bring the costs down, but also help save your teenager’s life since such cars are harder to maneuver and drive fast. Thus, your teenage driver will be forced to slow down and drive carefully.

Driving Record

A teenager’s driving record is one of the most important factors that insurance companies consider when it comes to car insurance for teenagers. Make sure your teenage kid knows the importance of keeping a good driving record. Even minor car accidents and speeding tickets can hike up the price of your car insurance policy for teens.
A good driving record coupled by good performance in a driver’s education course can help you get better rates. Some states require attendance in driver’s education classes, while some do not. However, the value of such programs for car insurance companies is the same.
So whether your state requires it or not, look for a driver’s education program for your teenage kid to join. Even those offered by local high schools and community colleges will be enough.
Nevertheless, effective car safety education will always begin at home, so parents should also do their parts in educating their teenage kids about being responsible drivers. Setting a good example will also go a long way.

Special Discounts

You can also avail of a lot of special discounts for teenage drivers. For example, good students are sometimes given good student discounts. So if your teenage kid is on the honor roll or gets pretty good grades, you can ask your car insurance company for special discounts in case they offer such promos. This is not a baseless discount, too. A student’s school record helps support a teenager’s credibility. Students who get better grades are found to be more responsible, which means they can exercise such level of responsibility to driving as well, hence the discounted car insurance rates.

Your Car Insurance Strategy

Before getting your teenage kid a car insurance policy, make sure to consider your overall car insurance strategy. Some decide to include the teenage car insurance into their existing insurance, while some get a separate policy so they can try and avail of special considerations and promotions for teenagers.

The Verdict

Teenagers can be exposed to greater risks of getting into car accidents. So when your teenage kid starts driving, don’t forget to avail of car insurance for teenagers for security purposes. Getting one, though, is not like getting a regular car insurance policy. Take note of the special considerations so you can avail of a good and affordable policy.


Cause of Teenage Car Accidents
What’s the Story Behind the Alarming Numbers?

A lot of people do not stop to wonder what the most common cause of teenage car accidents are. After all, teenagers are exposed to drugs, alcohol, and so on. However, the occurrence of car accidents are consistently high and this includes an alarming number of teenage car tragedies. And in order to help stop the growth of this number, the factors behind teenage car accidents should be looked into.
When people hear of this, the blame is often pointed to drunk driving and illegal drug influence. While these reasons are valid causes of car accidents, there are other common causes not very much known or that people commonly ignore.
These, however, are important to know because they can help prevent car accidents. It is, thus, extremely important to uncover the number one cause of deaths in youths 15 to 20 years old.

Breaking Rules

First, let us start with one of the most common cause of teenage car accidents: drunk driving. Parties all-night-long, overflowing drinks that they never seem to get tired of. Teenagers have a whole lot of energy and, obviously, you can’t expect them to sit all day and all night at home.
And alcoholic drinks are often fixtures in such parties. Sometimes, with peer pressure that most commonly leads teens to ignoring their personal limits, they do what they think their peers find cool, which includes drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, teenagers who drive their cars naturally have to drive themselves and sometimes, their friends, home. This is when most teenage car accidents happen.

In connection to this, another cause of car accidents is driving during dark evenings. Most of the recorded cases of teenage car accidents occur during the night. This may be related to the fact that parties end very late at night or during the wee hours of the morning.
This is when drunk teenagers drive or those under the influence of drugs are on their way home, sometimes alone or sometimes with some of their friends. And even when they’re not drunk, the dim road makes it hard for the drivers to see and thus makes it more probable for a car accident to occur.
Rules and laws have been imposed regarding underage drinking, drunk driving, and using illegal drugs. However, people often break them and teens are not an exception.

Do not Distract

Another common cause of teenage car accidents is distraction from passengers. Young or new drivers are most vulnerable to this since they are not yet used to being the drivers. As opposed to being a mere passenger, the driver has to have complete focus and presence of mind while driving.
Passengers, on the other hand, have the option of chatting endlessly with other passengers, playing with handy gaming consoles, eating, reading, and the likes. Drivers may get dangerous distractions especially on long trips that could cause serious car accidents. Too much noise, which is also very common to young groups of friends on the road, may be a very big source of dangerous distractions.

Aside from distraction from passengers, distraction from one’s own gadgets is also something we may want to prevent. Some drivers might think texting or talking on the phone while driving wouldn’t do them any danger, but research proves that wrong. According to several researches, the number of car accidents caused by cellular phone distractions increase every year. When you text while driving, teens sometimes let their pinky finger do the steering or even let their knees balance the wheel. This is very dangerous, counting the fact that driving behaviors and reaction speeds may change when one is distracted. Yes, teens love their cellular phones, which is their ultimate link to the world, and this is why this counted as a very common cause of teenage car accidents.

No Drowse?

Aside from that, studies also show that teens tend to get rather sleepy while driving. This is why sleepiness is also pointed as a common cause of teenage car accidents. If driving with companions gives dangerous distractions that may cause accidents, driving alone, on the other hand, sometimes make people sleepy and also cause crashes. Sleepiness may cause the driver to just doze off while on the wheel, and this is very dangerous both for him and for other motorists. There are several reasons for sleepiness; teens, who go to school and sometimes goes out with friends at night, usually don’t get enough sleep. However, sometimes, sleepiness is brought on by medication or by a sleeping disorder.

Not the Driver’s Fault, at Times

Aside from the common causes of teenage car accidents enumerated, we shouldn’t forget that sometimes, someone else other than the teenagers had been negligent. Drivers aren’t always the ones to blame for car accidents. A poor traffic system may also cause accidents, unexpected road blocks without reflectors, and other such things.
Teenage drivers must be responsible enough to prevent the occurrence of car accidents, but both parents and the traffic system should provide guidance and help in preventing the common cause of teenage car accidents.

Do’s: As parents, teach teens how to be responsible drivers. As teens, recognize the dangers you are in once you take the wheel, and be mature and responsible drivers.
Don’ts: Do not drive when you are not in the best condition to.

The Verdict

The rate of car accidents involving teenagers are continuously increasing. To help prevent such accidents, it is important to look into what could be the main cause of teenage car accidents. These causes should then be dealt with and protected against to help save the lives of thousands of teenagers whose life are put to risk each time they take the wheel.


Meeting with a Car Accident Lawyer – Come Prepared

A meeting with a car accident lawyer is one of the most important parts of the process of making a claim following an accident.

A meeting is your chance to brief your lawyer regarding your case, and the proper reading will help your lawyer assist you with your claim.

Your visit will also be the basis your lawyer will use to assess the chances of your claim. So before you go to a reading, make sure you come prepared.

Meeting With a Car Accident Lawyer: Describe the Accident Itself

Before anything else, you need to prepare all necessary paperwork. First, prepare the police report regarding the accident. The police report will be the best source of the description of the accident.

It will also determine the witnesses, the different views regarding the accidents, and all the involved details and specifications such as involvement of alcohol and so on.

Next, if you have any photos of the accident and the scene of the accident, these will also be very helpful. Through the photos, your lawyer can examine the scene himself and determine the surrounding environment and other factors that may have affected the accident such as traffic and weather conditions.

Then you also have to provide your lawyer with all the information you were able to gather regarding the other party involved in the accident.

Preferably, information should include name, address, contact numbers, driver’s license number, vehicle type, year, and model, license plate number, and the other parties’ insurance company. If possible, names and contact numbers of witnesses will also benefit the investigation.

Damages and Costs
Aside from that, you should also provide specific details and information about the damages you suffered after the accident. This applies to car damages and to any physical injury. Photographs and billing details should be provided so your lawyer can determine the extent of damage and injury and help you make the right claims.

For car damages, take photos of the specific areas affected. For injuries, photographs showing progressive treatment will also help. Aside from the photographs and billing details, throw all medical records into the pile of documents you need to bring for your meeting with car accident lawyer.

Compensation For Losses
If you are employed and suffered lost wages because of the accident, you may also present documentation that will prove this situation. You may also include other losses that you want to have compensated. Your car accident lawyer will take all these into consideration when making your claim.

Finally, bring your car insurance policy papers with you. Your lawyer will check your insurance coverage to determine how much of the damages are covered based on whether the driver at fault is insured or not.

Do’s: Come prepared to your meeting with a car accident lawyer.

Don’ts: Do not leave it all up to your lawyer. Help him out by giving him all the necessary information.

The Verdict

Car accident lawyers are very helpful for a lot of people since car accidents are also quite common. However, accident lawyers cannot provide much assistance without help from the accident victims themselves.

So if you want your lawyer to be able to defend and assist you the best possible way, make sure you also pull your own weight and help him out.


law new late October

Victims in car accident cases often feel as though their needs, rights, and feelings have been sidelined by the legal system. The complexities of traffic law leave a person feeling devalued and demoralized, but that is not what a good attorney wants. The car accident lawyers in our firm make several promises to accident victims, topmost being to put his clients first.

Personal Injury Lawyer

How do we put our clients first? For one thing, fees are based on recovery. So if your case is not successful, there is no fee for services. Moreover, potential clients do not pay for an initial consultation. A case might not be viable in court even though a client is sure she was wronged. Although circumstantial evidence is compelling, admissible evidence is lacking and a professional car accident lawyer will not put a person through unnecessary turmoil. It’s not every lawyer that will put clients’ needs ahead of profits, but this one goes further: he will come to you if personal injury has confined you to a hospital bed or your home.

Car Accident Lawyer

Traffic laws govern the rules of the road which enable motorists and pedestrians to operate safely and considerately of others. These laws deal with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, child safety (car seats), road speed, negligence, how to behave when an ambulance or other emergency vehicle is on the road, and general safety issues. When a road user has been injured because a driver flouted one of the laws designed to protect motorists or pedestrians, he can take his case to an attorney specializing in traffic law to seek compensation.

Seeking Compensation

What are you seeking coverage for? This question helps to determine the feasibility of your case. An insurance claim will often cover necessary repair costs to your car. Medical coverage helps to pay for many if not all medical bills. What’s left? There might not be anything remaining to file suit for. Then again, in the eyes of the American judicial system, the victim of a road accident is potentially owed further compensation if medical costs exceed insurance limits or alternative but highly beneficial health care is not covered (acupuncture or therapeutic massage).

For example, if you suffer from chronic pain exclusively as a result of the accident or require counseling due to post-traumatic stress disorder following the event and you were not to blame for that accident, an insurance agency might not pay for treatment or will cease payment before treatment has been successful. Costs of treatment would form part of a settlement.

Value of a Car Accident Lawyer

No one can put a price on loss of sleep, work, or confidence behind the wheel. Since your accident, it might seem that the roads are no longer safe. Your work has possibly suffered owing to loss of concentration following many sleepless nights and recurring nightmares. Perhaps you have to change jobs owing to injury or have become too disabled to work at all. Emotional strain, effects on work, and medical costs all add up. Relationships fall apart; clients develop mental health problems and stop taking part in activities they loved. Our firm is prepared to put a price on your peace of mind and physical well-being; a price that could feature 6 figures or more.

What Your Lawyer Will Do

Going to court is a last resort: most clients and defendants would rather settle out of court. It’s humiliating to have one’s pain dragged through the court system and aired in front of an audience, even if that audience consists solely of witnesses and legal professionals. Our firm usually settles matters out of court by corresponding with the defendant’s lawyer, discussing matters with his client, and speaking with a defendant and his lawyer on a client’s behalf.

It is best to pursue settlement with all the facts prepared. Your lawyer investigates the matter by looking for evidence. That’s why clients should approach their personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible. Evidence tends to disappear over time and witnesses forget things. Addressing the situation early allows your lawyer to have photographs taken, speak to witnesses, and explore your insurance situation. He is also there to answer clients’ questions.

It’s not the injured party’s job to ask the defendant for money or approach the other side. The attorney takes care of all correspondence as soon as you sign him as your legal representative.


Car accident victims have a lot of questions but they don’t always know who to ask for answers. That’s where our car accident lawyers can be of assistance. Call a local personal injury lawyer today if you have been injured in a motorcycle, truck, or car accident that was not your fault. Payment is usually based on contingency: you don’t pay unless the lawyer ensures that you win. Our attorneys will personally manage your case. Judging by his resume and experience, there is a very good chance that his clients will be successful without going to court.

Personal Injury Lawyer

When you have been injured in a traffic accident, this is a personal injury case. A lawyer will only take the case if he thinks he can win it. The best case scenario is that the injured party approaches a lawyer as soon as possible. A client’s friends or relatives might also seek legal action on behalf of someone too severely injured to speak for herself.

A competent legal professional won’t let you pursue a case if there are insufficient grounds to do so. You need hard evidence obtained from witnesses, accident scene reports, and potentially a statement from the person at fault. If our attorneys believe your case has merit, we will look for an out-of-court settlement in preference to a court case. The client only pays for services (up to one third of the amount recovered) if the case is argued successfully.

Going to Court

Our Law Office is confident and competent to handle a court case if we have to, eliminating the area that is mental from discussion so as not to compromise your case. This doesn’t suggest your lawyer is uncaring; exactly that professionalism wins scenarios. They are comfortable they could undermine the victim’s event or in the event his lawyer and the offender aren’t prepared to settle. We are unafraid of tackling your situation in court.

What Constitutes a Traffic-related Personal Injury Case?

Consumers arrived at a personal personal injury lawyer simply because they have suffered physical or mental stress owing to the negligence or undesirable choices of someone else. Another driver drank before engaging in his car. the driver failed to change his rate appropriately or weather conditions were in a way that the posted speed-limit was risky, although he sped. Another driver read a guide or employing a cell phone when he hit the victim’s automobile creating cracked limbs, whiplash, or worse. When the target dies as a result of his injuries, problems will be pursued by household members. Sufferers are other owners people, and even people of anyone whose actions caused harm

Evaluating Needs

As tempting as it will be to bulk up your settlement demand and make the most of the system, the best technique would be to allow your own personal law firm assist you to accomplish an acceptable amount. There is a greater likelihood if they are reasonable, one other part need phrases. Your lawyer talks with insurance companies and flows claim reports in order to decide how much you’re currently eligible to, for just how long, and what chunks remain to be coated. Your lawyer examines reports that are medical, looking for research that his customer undoubtedly needs comprehensive treatment for pain and mental suffering. Their investigations ingest achievable loss of salaries in the limited term. A skilled professional looks into the future, looking to not establish unlikely fiscal desires concerning the incident. A settlement could be tens of thousands or vast amounts: each situation is unique.

Avoid Trouble; Call a Car Accident Lawyer

While it’s tempting to tell your story to an insurance agent first and even to sign papers to say you won’t file a lawsuit in return for a quick settlement, always call your lawyer first. Our firm will make sure you are treated fairly, not taken advantage of when you are caught up in the initial trauma and chaos of an accident. Remember that some problems won’t surface for days or even weeks such as post traumatic stress or whiplash. Staying silent, brushing away pay-offs, and speaking to your attorney before anyone else will help prevent complications that could later surface and prevent you from obtaining the money you badly need to recover from a traffic accident caused by another driver.


Benefit Of Calling A Lawyer For Car Or Truck Accidents

Car accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Several factors contribute to dangerous traveling conditions. These include a high level of traffic, rush hour traffic, the risky texting while driving and also the existence of bikes and cycles with which drivers don’t always see. You can find a great number of surrounding factors.

Real Stats

Sadly, according to statistics, many automobile accidents aren’t minor fender benders. Over half all automobile accidents end in serious harm and substantial property damage. For this reason, those who have been involved in this kind of event, are probably eligible for a large amount of compensation. This is especially true if the person causing the accident is driving dangerously or neglectfully.

Motorcycle accidents are a serious concern and the professionals in our firm know that your accident risk is higher if you drive a motorcycle. Many times, other drivers are aware of automobiles and trucks, but fail to look for other types of motor vehicles when turning corners or changing lanes. Motorcycle accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries, especially if the driver was not wearing a crash helmet when the incident occurred. For this reason, the most experienced motorcycle accident lawyer should be contacted in the unfortunate event that you are involved in such a collision.


After a bike or automobile crash, you’ll likely have several alternatives introduced to you. For instance, the other driver may try to talk you out of reporting the accident or calling her or his insurance provider. Your relatives and friends may make you aware of the the money and time associated with contacting an attorney.

However, no matter how much well-intended advice you receive from any individual, the only option to which you should say yes to is contacting the best car accident lawyer. Professional attorneys understand that the moments and days following a collision leave you in a frame of mind that can hardly be considered your best. Fortunately, you can enjoy complete peace of mind when you turn your case over to a qualified legal expert at our firm.


Accident attorneys’ primary purpose is to enable you to receive a settlement that is appropriate for damages you sustained from a collision. Some of the issues can include medical payments, missing salaries, and emotional or mental suffering. The latter is generally called pain and suffering reimbursement. Determining a personal amount that is particular to pain and suffering is often a process that can be difficult. However, attorneys who concentrate on personal injury have the track and knowledge record to arrive at a position that you have a superb potential for succeeding. Your attorney begins negotiating quickly with reasonable offers to ensure a settlement that is appropriate. The time Frame for settling your case is time sensitive. It is never in your best interest to wait. An injury attorney should be contacted immediately after the wreck. If you procrastinate you could accidentally go beyond the statute of limitations.

Our firm understand that motorists may face dangerous driving conditions on a daily basis. Their familiarity with the factors that contribute to motor vehicle or motorcycle accidents help them fight effectively for their victims’ rights. For those who have sustained injuries in a car or motorcycle collision, or if you have lost a loved one to an accident, you may be eligible for a settlement for your damage or injuries. You shouldn’t allow a motor vehicle impact to a financial disaster. You should not agree to a reduced settlement. Contact your own personal injury lawyer and get the payment you deserve.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, & Ontario, California

Do You Need A Truck Accident Lawyer?
What To Do When You’re Involved In An Accident With A Tractor-Trailer
California Trucking Laws

Many of the questions you find here also apply to auto accidents. The same basic concerns remain – repairing your vehicle, paying your medical bills and covering your lost time at work. We hope you find them helpful.
How much is my case worth?
The dollar value associated with your case is based on the type and extent of injuries and property damage you have sustained. Our experienced California tractor-trailer accident lawyers will review your case in detail to develop at a dollar amount that the trucking company and insurance company should pay for your property damage, lost wages, injuries and long-term care in case of disability.
How long will it take to get a fair and reasonable settlement offer?
Tractor-trailer accident cases that occur in California can settle quickly but it usually takes anywhere from a few months to a few years, in some cases. Typically, your case will be resolved only after you have completely healed from your injuries and have been released by your doctor. Should you be permanently disabled, your case will be concluded once a qualified physician has made and catalogued this diagnosis.
Will I have to go to court?
If the trucking company and insurance company pay what we agree your case is worth, and you wish to settle for that amount, you won’t need to go to court. Most claims are settled in this manner. However, if the trucking company and insurance company refuse to pay the agreed amount, our skilled California tractor-trailer accident lawyers will pursue your case in court and attempt to get a jury verdict to fully compensate you.
How much will you charge me?
We won’t charge you anything unless you agree to a settlement or the court awards you compensation. Our fees will be deducted from the settlement or award you receive.
Should I release my medical records to the insurance adjuster?
No. Releases should only be signed under limited circumstances and only after consulting an experienced tractor-trailer accident lawyer in California. If you release your medical information to the insurance adjuster, he could use that information against you, leading to an unfair settlement offer.
Who will pay the doctor bills and fix my car if the other person or trucking company has no insurance?
Even if the other driver or owner of the tractor-trailer doesn’t have insurance, you may be covered through your own insurance company. Check with our experienced California tractor-trailer accident lawyers. We can review your policy and tell you if you have the necessary coverage that can compensate you in this situation.

Do You Need A Truck Accident Lawyer?

Keeping your wits about you when you’ve just been involved in an accident with a semi-truck is not easy. You can quickly become distracted by the situation and may overlook important details needed to process your claim. The experienced semi-truck accident attorneys at Michael Padway & Associates have compiled the following guidelines and urge you to print a copy to keep in all your vehicles.
Stop Immediately . Check to see if anyone has been injured.
Call The Police . Be sure to advise if there are any injuries so an ambulance can be dispatched. Also, let them know if any chemicals or other freight has been dumped on the thoroughfare. The police can then contact the appropriate agency to handle the spill.
Move Vehicles . If possible, move the vehicles involved out of traffic. Set flashers so that approaching traffic can see the accident and not cause further damage. If necessary, flag down other vehicles to help you redirect traffic until police arrive.
Talk to No One about the specifics of the accident except your attorney and physician. Do not admit fault, even if it is accurate, to anyone.
Accident Report. When the police arrive, insist that they complete an accident report including information on all parties involved. This should include name, address and phone number for the driver and owner of the semi-truck; insurance company, policy number, insurance agent and their phone number for the driver and owner of the semi-truck. The accident report should also include contact information for any witnesses to the accident.
Take Photographs. If you happen to have a camera with you, take photographs of the accident scene, the vehicles and the people involved. You may even want to include license plate numbers, logos on the back and sides of the semi-truck, as well as street signs or highway markers to show the intersection or area where the accident occurred.
See A Doctor. Even if you feel fine, a physician should examine you as soon as possible. Injuries that occur internally may not be noticed right away unless a qualified medical professional has an opportunity to examine you and learn the details of the accident.
Call Your Insurance Company . As soon as possible, contact your insurance company with the details of the accident. Even if you think the other insurance company should pay for your damages, you need to make your insurance company aware of the situation. Again, do not admit fault. State the facts clearly and as accurately as possible.
Call Your Attorney. As soon as possible, contact your attorney and provide all the information regarding the accident. An experienced California semi-truck accident attorney such as those at Michael Padway & Associates can advise you each step of the way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.
If you or a loved one has been involved in a semi-truck accident, please email or call us today to speak with an experienced California semi-truck accident attorney.
SUV rollover accident lawyers can provide much-needed assistance to all those needing help with the process that follows a rollover accident.

Rollover accidents are more common than you’d think. Although it seems extreme, it does not take much for a vehicle to roll over.

Unfortunately, such an accident takes much from your car and from you, and only SUV rollover accident lawyers can save you from such an accident.

A rollover accident is one where a vehicle turns over and lands on its side or completely upside down.

This is usually the end result when a vehicle turns a curve too sharply at high speeds.

While this may not really be a sure cause for an accident, some vehicles tend to be less capable of handling such pressure. Most of the cars commonly linked to rollover accidents are those that tend to have high gravitational centers or narrow tire tracks.

More particularly, SUVs are said to be the vehicles most commonly involved in rollovers, though car companies are now installing different technologies and systems to prevent such incidents.

In addition, rollover accidents are also particularly common during the wet and icy seasons, so greater care should be taken.

What Are The Odds Of Rollover Accidents?

Rollover accidents are commonly reported in the news, but most drivers do not take the threat seriously. However, it does not hurt to take the necessary precautions.

After all, although based on your own evaluation, you are not very likely to get into such an accident, the numbers tell a different story.

According to accident records, 35% of all passenger vehicle accidents with fatalities were rollover incidents. Aside from that, the yearly death rate caused by rollovers exceeds 10,000.

This is more than enough reason to be extra alert when it comes to rollover accidents and the skills needed to prevent them.

Preventing Rollover Accidents…

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent SUV rollover accidents!

As much as possible, buy cars that use come equipped with Electronic Stability Control or ESC, which uses a computer to automatically control the brakes system of a vehicle, which gives the driver more control.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has announced a new rule that will require all cars to have ESC.

Aside from that, wearing seat-belts and buying cars with rollover air bags can help shield you from physical harm in case a rollover occurs.

Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Rollover Accident…

An SUV rollover accident usually causes the worst damage to a vehicle. This is why it can be extremely difficult to face the aftermath of a rollover without SUV rollover accident lawyers.

You may very well need some professional help in dealing with your insurance company and getting adequate compensation.

Because of the frequency of these accidents, some car accident lawyers specialize in this specific type of accident. When faced with such an accident, having legal advice will protect your rights as a claimant.


Call around to SUV rollover accident lawyers in the event you are involved in a rollover accident to ensure proper processing of settlement issues.

Buy cars with special stability and safety features.


Don’t buy an SUV without checking to make sure it has up-to-date safety features.

Don’t make sharp turns at high speeds or in poor road or weather conditions.
The Verdict On SUV Rollover Lawyers…

SUV rollover accidents are highly fatal and are also, unfortunately, quite common. The worst part is that they also bring a rather expensive and stressful aftermath even without physical injuries added to the equation.

For help with a rollover accident, make sure you evaluate the available SUV rollover accident lawyers in your area and choose one to help you get the best results for your claim.


Truck Accident Attorneys
What to Do After Truck Accidents

Truck accident attorneyscan help you recover from the aftermath of a truck accident in the mental and financial aspects. A truck accident can be particularly distressing especially if severe damage and injury is involved.

If you’ve been in a truck accident, make sure to talk to truck accident attorneys so you can sort out what you’re up against in the process that follows the accident.

What to Do After a Truck Accident

Right after a truck accident, you should try and keep calm. Panicking will only make matters worse. The first thing to do is check for physical injuries. If there are any physical injuries, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

If you and the other party is unscathed, examine the degree of damages done to the truck or trucks involved. Wait for a police and make a formal report.

Then, before leaving the scene, get all necessary information such as names, contact information, license registration and license plate numbers, and so on. And finally, the most important thing to do is bring all of this information to a lawyer who specializes in handling truck accidents.

What the Truck Accident Statistics Say

Truck accident statistics show that truck accidents are quite common and are mostly fatal. Based on 2003 figures, 4,669 large trucks were involved in truck accidents that resulted to deaths. The likelihood of trucks getting into fatal accidents is higher than that of passenger vehicles.

Most truck accidents also involve multiple vehicles, which puts more people in danger. Multiple vehicle cases also vary; some involve two or more trucks, while some involve a truck and other vehicle types such as passenger vehicles.

Accidents involving a truck and a passenger vehicle usually cause fatalities due to the large size of trucks and the expected impact of such a bulk in case of a collision.

Truck accident statistics also state that the fatal truck accidents occurred most in the rural areas. Truck accidents are also more fatal and frequent during weekdays and in daytime.

Unlike in passenger vehicle accidents where DUI is quite common, drunk driving is not the number one cause of truck accidents. In fact, only 1% of truck accidents are linked to DUI. Most truck accidents are caused by over-speeding.

How Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

Among all U.S. states, Texas has the largest number of fatal truck accidents, followed by California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. These states are the most popular sites of truck accidents.

Fortunately, if you face car accidents in these areas, you can also find state-specific truck accident attorneys who can assist you through the legal process that comes after an accident.

These personal injury lawyers can help you through the process of making claims for the damages or injury you suffered. An accident lawyer can also defend you in case the other party makes any claims.

The Verdict

Truck accident attorneys can bear most of the brunt of your truck accident so you won’t be faced with the damages, injuries, and grueling compensation and settlement processes altogether.

Truck accidents also leave huge expenses in their wake, so it is all the more important for you to claim proper compensation. A truck accident lawyer can help you obtain this.

Toronto Car Accident Lawyers
Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Toronto car accident lawyers are the best sources to get help from in case you encounter an accident on Toronto’s roads. Car accidents are not uncommon in Toronto, Canada.
Despite Toronto being one of the safest places to live in, car accidents are just unforeseen and sometimes unavoidable. So if you get behind the wheel, make sure you know what to do in case the unexpected and the unfortunate happens.

How Dangerous Are The Roads?

Driving in Canadian roads like in Toronto is known to be so much safer than driving in the United States. Nonetheless, the number of car accidents that occur in Toronto are still enough to worry about. According to the latest records, there are more than 160,000 car accidents in Canada every year.

The Transportation Safety Board also determined that a little less than 3000 people are killed by car accidents in Canada every year. Injuries, however, reach up to 24,000, which is enough proof that there are still considerable risks when driving in Canada.

Fortunately, despite this, Toronto is not considered as a hotspot when it comes to Canadian car accidents. It does not make up the largest percentage of car accidents that occur in Canada. According to Toronto Car-Free, the 2005 records of fatal car accidents in Toronto were just 77, which is relatively smaller than in other areas.

The reports also show that Toronto car accidents are usually related to alcohol use. In fact, almost 40% of drivers who get fatally injured are under the influence of alcohol. Another common factor that causes fatalities in car accidents in Toronto is the failure to wear seatbelts, which account for more than a third of the total fatal car crashes in the area.

Aside from that, around 30% of the car crashes, especially the alcohol-related ones, were linked to drivers who were under the age 25. In the period of 2000 to 2003, 144 young drivers died after driving under the influence, and 237 got severely injured. Most car accidents that involved young drivers also happened on the weekends, and a lot of the accidents are related to certain youth celebrations such as graduations and other parties.

Taking these factors into consideration, it is clear that there is still so much to guard yourself from when you drive in Toronto. And in case the unexpected occurs, it helps to know exactly what to do.

Toronto’s Laws on Car Accidents

So what should you do? Well, the first thing should be to hire Toronto car accident lawyers who can help you understand the specific Toronto laws on car accidents. Toronto car accident lawyers can help you make the necessary claims for damages successfully following an accident. If you get into an accident in Toronto, make sure to look for a local car accident lawyer who knows Toronto’s special laws on car accidents that occur within its boundaries.

In all of Canada, every driver should have basic auto insurance. However, every province in Canada has different standards as to the minimum that is required for the auto insurance coverage. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the minimum coverage does not have to include accident benefits coverage. In Toronto and in some other cities, this is mandatory.

To make a claim in Canada, you have to file a lawsuit within the limitation period of every province. To be successful in your case, seek the help of knowledgeable Toronto car accident lawyers who will guide you in establishing a solid case against the party at fault. After that, you need to establish the damages that you suffered and build a case that claims compensation for such damages.

Finding a Good Lawyer in Toronto

It is not mandatory to hire Toronto car accident lawyers when you get involved in a car accident in Toronto. Despite this, however, it is just better to trust a local lawyer than to trust a non-local one. After all, Toronto’s transportation system is different from that of other states.

Thus, there are different processes in making claims and handling car accidents. Local Toronto car accident lawyers will know their way around these processes and will be familiar with any special laws on Toronto car accidents. This will help save you a lot of time during the process.

You can find local lawyers through the local Toronto phone directory. However, don’t sign up with one lawyer immediately. Ask for referrals, and if you have time, visit the local lawyer you have in mind so you can discuss the terms and conditions in person. If possible, check the background of the lawyer you are considering.

Get an idea of his past cases so you can gauge his chances of winning your case. And if you suffered specific injuries, you can also get lawyers who specialize in such injuries. Lastly, before signing anything, make sure to read through everything as thoroughly as possible.

Do’s: Find a good local car accident lawyer, and make a careful comparison of the available car accident lawyers in your area.
Don’ts: Don’t hire a car accident lawyer from another state and don’t hire a lawyer without evaluating him as thoroughly as possible.

The Verdict

Accidents are very common that every time you get behind the wheel, you are making yourself vulnerable. So it is better to know where to turn in case you get into unexpected situations. And it is so much better if you can turn to someone who’s easily within reach. Aside from that, hiring local car accident lawyers will save you a lot of otherwise wasted time and effort.

Stories of drunk driving can be heartbreaking!

If you or someone you love has been involved in a drunk driving accident, you know exactly what I mean.

But a drunk driving story can serve another purpose. Drunk driving stories can be used to help drivers realize the seriousness and life threatening dangers involved in driving under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk driving news is far too common. There is rarely a week that goes by that you don’t hear of tragic tales of accidents resulting from drunk driving.

If you have any personal stories of drunk driving that you’d like to share with us, either as a memorial to a loved one, or as a warning to others, please do take the time to add it below.

Here’s a drunk driving story from a friend of mine who has first hand knowledge and experience of how drunk driving affected his own family.

Here’s Jibril’s story…

One night on a Thursday in late 2007, I had been sitting in the dining with my younger sister, Dama. We were watching Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network while joking and chatting. I was deeply concerned why my elder sister Millicent was so late. She normally came home by 8:30pm latest. Dama was of the excuse that they had talked and she hinted that she was to attend a party.

Millicent had told her that it won’t be long but didn’t mention what time it will be over. It was already past 12:30am and we had not heard about her and her phone was dead. The next day, we (Dama and I) were supposed to travel upcountry for our late mother’s memorial service. She was to come by Saturday due to work.

When the clock ticked 1:30am, I decided to retire to bed telling Dama to wake me early for us to catch the first country buses. She woke me early in the morning but sinisterly, she informed me that Milly, as we used to refer to her, didn’t turn up the night before.

I got a bit skeptical but assumed that may be she decided to spend the night at her boyfriend’s house and the phone might have no charge. I knew definitely that she would call to ask whether we had a safe journey. Though Dama wasn’t that convinced.

We locked the house and left for upcountry. We reached our home at around 4 PM but hadn’t heard anything from her. I tried calling her closest friends but they knew nothing about her and her whereabouts.

The friends tried helping us locate her but were in futility. We called her boyfriend but he too, wasn’t reachable. At this point we were restless with nothing else to do than either abscond and postpone the memorial service or go back to the city.

At 1 PM, in the afternoon while listening to the news, there came that shocking news: “A white Peugeot Reg No. KXG 482 crashed after rolling several times and both occupants died on the spot.”

“The driver, a 37-year-old man, swerved from the road after losing control of the vehicle. Together with him was a 29-year-old lady, who according to identity cards and other documents found from her purse is Millicent.”

According to preliminary reports, their blood samples revealed there was some concentration of alcohol. I couldn’t imagine what I was hearing. Bearing in mind that both my sister and her fiancĂ© were holders Masters Degrees. Did it mean they hadn’t in their entire lives heard of any drunk driving story and the risks involved?

We had to call off the memorial and go back to arrange for another funeral back in the city. From then on whenever I hear any drunk driving news, all that comes into my mind is the death of the two bedfellows who were to achieve the success that was in their sight. Do not drink and drive. The outcomes are more agonizing than just a hangover.

Thank you, Jibril, for sharing your own heartbreaking story of the loss of your sister. I hope it will serve to help others think before they make such a foolish mistake.

Are there any stories of drunk driving that have inspired or challenged you? Has your own family or circle of friends been affected first-hand? Allow your stories of drunk driving to help and warn others.

Have you been affected by the result of drunk driving in some way? You may have been a driver or passenger. Maybe a family member, friend, or loved one was lost in drunk driving deaths.

Either way, tell your story as a memorial to a loved one, or a warning to other drivers. Let this tragedy make a difference…
The Virginia auto accident lawyer will brief you on the immediate actions to be taken after an auto accident.

The moment an accident occurs, everything is chaotic and shocking and can make you immobile. It looks like everything has come to a halt, your surroundings seem vague and you fail to think clearly or take any action in that moment.

Being aware of the immediate steps to be taken after an accident gives you a direction to focus your thoughts and enables you to take the necessary action. Here are a few tips from a Virginia auto accident lawyer. These are things to remember if you get involved in any sort of accident.

Virginia Auto Accident Lawyer Tips For Drivers:

1. Don’t run away from the scene:
‘Hit and run’ is a very serious offense which will usually result in criminal penalties. Never leave the accident scene till the police have arrived at the scene and make a report of the incident.

If it is a small accident and if you can negotiate with the other party, after finalizing the matter you can move on.

But if the accident has caused any serious injuries, never leave the place. The penalties are likely to be much less if you are there to give an account of the accident than if you have run away and are caught later.

2. Passengers and Driver Safety Check:

Ensure that all the passengers and drivers are safe and that there have been no injuries. If any one needs any medical attention, don’t delay in calling for an ambulance or other nearby medical services.

It is better not to move an injured person on your own because the injury might require delicate and very careful handling.

Unless you are very sure of your first aid skills, never try to move or give any sort of treatment to the injured passengers or drivers.

The only exception to this is if there is any fuel or gas leakage. In that case, the passengers should be moved away to a safe place without delay.

3. Call the police:

If the accident has caused a significant damage to any property or injuries to either passengers or driver, give a call to the police. The police will file a report with necessary information which will help the Virginia accident lawyer in further investigation.

4. Get the right information:

Try to get as much information as possible. Talk to the driver and passengers who are involved in the car accident. Get their names and telephone numbers and address and any other information which you can gather from them.

If possible try to get pictures of the accident scene. It’s a good practice to keep a disposable camera in your vehicle, particularly if you do not normally carry a cell phone with photo capabilities.

All this information will help out your cause should you have to hire a Virginia car accident lawyer to recover damages for you in a claim.

5. Talk to any witnesses:

There might be spectators of the accident who can serve as witnesses of the tragedy. Talk to them. Take down their names, phone numbers and contact address.

Ask witnesses to give the details of the accident, what they saw, how it happened, who was at the fault, etcetera. Ask as many people as possible who are in the vicinity. These details will also help your Virginia auto accident lawyer in contacting witnesses for investigations and may turn out to be invaluable to your claim.

6. Inform your insurance company:

Never forget to call up your insurance company in the event of an accident. Give a detailed account of the accident and the damages you have suffered. The information gathered and the statement of the witnesses will help the insurance company to get a real picture of the accident.

If you find that the insurance company is not handling your claim properly, a Virginia car accident lawyer will definitely assist you in dealing with insurance companies wisely.

7. Keep your medical records with you:

Always keep a few details of your medical records in your pocket, wallet, or purse while traveling. Information on your blood group and details of any illness which you are suffering from are important, especially if you are severely injured or unconscious and can’t provide the information verbally.

Something as simple as this will help the doctors to start any needed treatment as soon as possible, rather than spending time in getting to know more about your medical history.

Advice From A Virginia Auto Accident Lawyer:
Make a note, the state of Virginia’s laws are quite stringent in relation to its litigation. The Virginia state jurisdiction does not consider partial faults and negligence.

If you are a victim of an automobile accident, you will be eligible for compensation only if you are completely innocent in the accident and the other party is completely at fault.

If you are at fault partially or marginally then you can not recover any damages you have suffered in the accident.

Also, a good Virginia auto accident lawyer would suggest that you never blurt out apologies after an accident. It’s easy to do out of habit, but don’t! Also, do not speak about the accident to anyone other than to your lawyer, your insurance company and the police.

Sometimes the insurance company or the lawyer of the other person who is involved in the accident might try to get information from you. Ask them to consult your auto accident lawyer for the information they are seeking.


There are many South Carolina car accident lawyers who can help you deal properly with a car accident that occurs within the state of South Carolina.
South Carolina is a nice central location sandwiched between Atlanta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Due to this convenient location, it is a well-known transportation hub, and IS 77, 85, and 26 all lead to the state. As a result, South Carolina suffers from a steady rate of car accidents.

Accident Statistics in South Carolina

In 2004, 1,046 people in South Carolina were killed due to car accidents, which cost the state a whopping $3 billion in total costs. Out of this number, 86 were pedestrians and 46% were passengers of the motor vehicles involved in the accident.
In addition to these fatalities, a larger number of injuries, many of which are fortunately mild, were the result of various avoidable accidents that occurred throughout the state.

Out of all the accidents that occur within South Carolina, around 70% are said to be caused by roadway departures. Improper use of intersections also cause 21% of these car accidents. A smaller number, but significant nonetheless, of these car accidents, at 10%, involve large trucks.

If you have suffered because of a South Carolina car accident, you should know your rights and what South Carolina’s laws say about car accidents. The best source of help for this type of information are South Carolina car accident lawyers.

What South Carolina Laws Say
Don’t let varying state laws on car accidents confuse you. Enlist the help of South Carolina car accident attorneys who can fill you in on the special statutes of the state when it comes to car accidents.
After a South Carolina accident, you can sue for compensation of your medical expenses, lost income, loss of earning capacity, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering compensation.

Knowing the damage compensation that you are entitled to will help minimize the overall suffering caused by the ordeal. If you are unfamiliar with the laws and are incapable of seeking compensation, then the assistance of South Carolina auto accident lawyers is of extreme importance to you.

We will soon be featuring a number of South Carolina auto accident attorneys so that you will be able to familiarize yourself with some of the legal professionals available in your area. Until then…

Steps in Finding a Good South Carolina Lawyer
To find a good car accident attorney who can help you defend your case and make your clams, compile a list of South Carolina car accident lawyers and then evaluate each lawyer by looking into their past records. Take note of cases that are similar to yours. Lawyers with good track records and good reputations should be placed on top of your list.
Next, ask for a free consultation from these lawyers and in the process, find out how much they would charge if they take your case. Be sure to ask whether the lawyer charges contingency fees or if they charge by the hour.

Contingency fees are portions of your settlement, which the lawyer gets when you win the case (usually a percentage basis and may be quite high). If a lawyer charges a contingency fee, ask what percentage he will charge you.

Also, find out which South Carolina car accident lawyers are members of South Carolina’s official lawyers association or the American Association for Justice. This raises their credibility and is a sign of their commitment to good quality legal services.

Do’s: Get help from a lawyer who operates within South Carolina.
Don’ts: Do not choose the first lawyer you find. Evaluate lawyers properly to get good quality service.

The Verdict
South Carolina motorists are at high risk of getting into car accidents. To protect yourself, make sure to drive carefully and follow South Carolina traffic laws. Learn to be a defensive driver. You can’t always count on the other person to pay attention!
If you do get into an accident, minimize the damages you suffer by seeking the assistance of South Carolina car accident lawyers, who can help you seek fair compensation for your suffering.


Need A Texas Auto Accident Attorney?
Getting the advice of a Texas Auto Accident Attorney can make a big difference in the level of drama and stress you have to endure if you’ve been involved in a car accident in Texas.

You might be feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, scared, or confused by all the forms you have to deal with, the conversations with the insurance companies involved, and even the possible injuries you’ve faced.

The dictionary defines accident as “an unexpected and undesirable event, a mishap unforeseen and without apparent cause.” Most accidents are not “accidents” at all: they are collisions that could and should have been avoided.

Most Texas car accidents are caused by excessive speed or aggressive driver behavior.

It’s very sad, but today, thousands of reckless drivers cause accidents resulting in severe injuries and mental trauma.

Driver error is a major cause of traffic accidents. All car “accidents” in Texas have something in common: Every crash was caused by someone. From distracted drivers to those who drive drunken, thousands of drivers make bad choices on the road each day.

If you experienced a vehicle accident, your mind is likely spinning with questions. You don’t understand the complicated and endless forms the auto insurance company keeps sending you, nor do you understand why they need all of that information.

And why do they need your “recorded statement?” You need answers to these questions before you take any more steps on your auto accident claim. Texas car accident attorneys can help you sort through the whole mess.

In Texas, if you are involved in a car accident, you must be familiar with the laws of the state for you to file a claim against a driver who has been negligent and caused the accident.

Texas state law identifies a driver’s failure to use reasonable care as negligence. Auto accident injury victims may be entitled to compensation for property damage, car replacement or repairs, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and permanent injury or disfigurement.

According to Texas law, “proper lookout” means that as the driver, you have to be driving in such a way that you are aware of what is going on around you and taking steps to avoid an accident as would anyone exercising “ordinary care.”

The proper lookout standard requires a driver to pay attention to the road and other drivers in an effort to avoid accidents. Failure to observe the standard is legal negligence.

Proving negligence represents the first requirement for a successful lawsuit. If you think you may need a Texas accident attorney to help prove your case, don’t be afraid to seek one out.

You should get the advice of a Texas accident attorney experienced in handling Texas car accidents. You may need the help of a lawyer in order to prove that the other driver was negligent in a Texas car accident and not you.

You may also need help proving you indeed suffer bodily injury in the car accident. The damages that you can sue for in a Texas car accident case include loss of income because you are unable to work, permanently or for a period of time, medical or funeral expenses, and non-economic compensation, such as for pain and suffering.

The court may reduce the amount of your claim if the other driver claims that you are also partly responsible for the Texas car accident. The Texas auto accident attorney you choose should have extensive experience in all types of car, truck and vehicle accidents.

A good Texas auto accident attorney will understand how accidents occur, and the medical implications of catastrophic injuries which can result from vehicle accidents. They fight to get the maximum possible compensation for their clients. I hope you’ll seek the advice you need.

Texas Car Accident Lawyer
A Texas car accident lawyer is a lawyers who provides legal support to Texas residents who claim to have been injured or suffered loss as a result of an automobile accident.

Some Texans will argue that Texas City is the best place to live, to work, and to play. But car accidents are so common in this city that car accident lawyers are one of the busiest professionals in Texas City.

Regardless of which Texas city you call home, there is some basic information that is needed if you’ve been involved in an auto accident.

Texas Car Accident Lawyer Advice

To get the best legal support, Texas accident lawyers always advise the people who are involved in an accident to keep a journal of everything they can remember about the accident.

Keep notes of how you feel on a day-to-day basis even afterward. If you keep a good record of everything from the moment the accident occurs, that will be a great help to you in getting as much compensation as possible.

Medical treatment must be the first step you should take if you are involved in a car accident. Even if you think you are “okay,” it’s a good idea to consult a doctor as early as possible. Some injuries show up later, but if you didn’t take the initial step of seeing a doctor, you could lose your chance of filing a claim.

Nowadays there are several insurance companies emerging offering legal assistance for those involved in a car accident that was not their fault.

Being involved in an accident can result in loss of earnings, medical expenses, as well as damages to property. Insurance companies or legal firms can help a person in obtaining compensation for such losses.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, you’re going to need prove of your losses before making a claim. Keep receipts, estimates, etc. along with the written record mentioned earlier.

Even if you are unsure as to whether you have grounds to make claims, consult an experienced Texas car accident lawyer. He may be able to determine the viability of your case based on the facts and evidence.

Once you are involved in a car accident, Texas auto accident lawyers can immediately advise you about how to get the best possible result.

A car accident can happen to anyone. A Texas auto accident lawyer can provide you with the legal assistance necessary to keep your accident from becoming an utter disaster.

If a car accident occurred and it was your own fault, you will be responsible for the subsequent losses. If you have good insurance, it will cover most of the damage.

Common Causes of Accidents In Texas

There are so many different circumstances that contribute to the number of accidents on the roads, we’ll just name a few of the main factors that you should be aware of and try to reduce in your own life.

Careless Driving
Alcohol Use
Drug Use
Excessive Speed
Talking On The Phone
Texting While Driving

Once you’ve been involved in a car accident case, it will take years to get rid of it from your driving record. That’s why it’s important to develop safe driving habits so that you can avoid becoming an accident victim.

Teenagers Car Accident Statistics
The Risks Grow

Teenagers car accident statistics can be shocking. Any parent browsing through them definitely has cause for alarm.

Not only are car accidents very common; teenage car accidents are doubly so, and most cases are extreme and lead to fatalities.
Knowing just what the teenage car accident situation is will help create awareness about this problem and may lead to more careful teenage drivers.

What the Stats Say

According to the teenagers car accident statistics, more than 5,000 teenagers die each year due to fatal car accidents. This number only takes into account teens between the ages of 16 and 20, which makes up a very small percentage of the total number of drivers in the country.
This is quite disturbing, especially since teenagers account for 12% of car crashes that lead to deaths, whereas they only make up 10% of the overall population of the country. Out of these numbers, gender also seems to play a starring role in the teenage car accident statistics.
According to the numbers, fatalities are higher for teenage male drivers than for female drivers. Out of 100,000 teenage male drivers, 19.4 dies in fatal car accidents, while only 11.1 dies out of the same number of teenage female drivers.
In costs, drivers under 24 were found to be responsible for 30% of the total damages incurred by all car accidents in the country.

What the Odds Say

There are statistics, but then there are odds. According to the odds, drivers aged 16 to 20 face the highest risk of getting involved in car accidents. Other age groups face considerable risk, but this age range is about 4 times more vulnerable.
The risk is also higher during the first year that the teenagers turn into legal drivers, perhaps due to the excitement they have over the freedom and independence that being able to drive gives them.
Aside from that, some analysts also explain that young drivers are less able to recognize situations that may lead to tragic car accidents than older drivers.
In fact, the risk of a car accident faced by young teens is twice as high as the risks faced by drivers more than 35 years old. Through the statistics, analysts also observed that teens tend to tailgate and over-speed a lot.

How to Prevent Teenage Car Accidents

Teenage car accidents are difficult to control and prevent, especially since teens with newfound independence are the hardest to control. Attempts to prevent these accidents often involve driver’s education classes, but according to teenage car accident statistics, these classes do not have any effect on the rate of car accidents linked to teens.
Fortunately, some laws that attempt to control alcohol-related car accidents have helped reduce the rising teenagers car accident statistics. One example of these laws is the Graduated Drivers License law, which had an effectiveness rate of 20%.

The Verdict

Teenage car accidents may be difficult to control, but there is one effective way of preventing teenage-related accidents even without the law. Awareness, proper discipline, and guidance from parents can help teenage drivers turn into careful and responsible drivers and be protected from fatal crashes.

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Medical Malpractice

The lawyers at our Law Offices have helped those both young and old who have suffered as a result of a doctor’s negligence.

Medical malpractice cases require a certain expertise. The attorney representing you must be knowledgeable not only in the law, but also possess an in depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

The best medical malpractice lawyers will tell you that they turn down far more cases than they accept. These cases are intricate and require significant time and expense. Once you contact us, we will take a very close look at your situation and give you honest feedback about the merits of your claim.

Medical malpractice is essentially an action for negligence that is brought against doctors, and other medical professionals, when their conduct falls below the standard of care of a reasonable practitioner.

In addition to violating the standard of care, the violation must result in some sort of injury to the patient. This is known as “causation.”

Medical malpractice is a larger problem than you might expect. A Harvard Medical Practice Study suggests that 80,000 people die in the United States each year due partly to medical malpractice. Many more are seriously injured.

Once an attorney meets with you and decides to conduct a full investigation of your case, all of the relevant medical records should collected and inspected by both a lawyer and a medical professional. The most important documentary evidence in a medical malpractice case is, naturally, the set of records that accompanied your treatment. Unfortunately (and to the surprise of many), we’ve encountered records that have been altered after the fact. It is vitally important to collect your records as soon as possible.

Upon completion of the record review, law requires that an outside expert, qualified to testify in your case, examine your file and state under oath that she believes the case has merit.

At that point, the claim may either be submitted to the doctor’s insurance company for settlement purposes, or a lawsuit filed.

While awaiting trial, each side engages in a process called “discovery.” During this time, information is exchanged in writing and by way of oral deposition testimony.

Quite often, cases settle during this stage of the process.

If your case does not settle, it is resolved in a trial. The trial will involve the testimony of yourself, witnesses on your behalf, such as family, friends, and co-workers, and expert medical professionals who will discuss the improper conduct of the treating medical professional. Jurors will be asked to hear your case and render a decision.

Because of the high costs involved in pursuing a medical malpractice claim, the complex medical issues that are involved, and the relative standing of medical professionals in the community, each case must be carefully examined and balanced before a claim is brought.

The factors for consideration include: whether there, indeed, was a deviation from the treating professional’s standard of care; how significant the deviation was; whether the deviation actually resulted in harm to you; the reputation of the treating professional; whether money damages may be proven, and in what amount; the costs involved; and, of course, whether an expert may be obtained to confirm that the treating professional acted negligently.

Respectable malpractice attorneys will only take cases they believe have merit, and will front all expenses associated with pursuing the claim. Then, at the conclusion of your case, the lawyer will receive a percentage of any recovery and have expenses reimbursed. This is called a “contingency” arrangement. On the other hand, if you recover nothing, you owe us nothing. It’s as simple as that.

Some law firms charge a higher percentage if a case goes to trial. We don’t. Our fee remains one-third of any recovery obtained through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or trial.

No reputable lawyer will promise you anything up front. It is simply impossible to offer a specific dollar figure. At best, an attorney may be able to gauge the severity of your case and offer a range of recovery based upon their experience.
There are literally dozens of factors that play a role in your recovery. A few of them are discussed below.

At the onset, no demand should ever made until the full extent of your injuries is known and you have had adequate time to recover from them. You only get one chance at resolving your claim.

Unfortunately, many clients do not ever recover, and their injuries are permanent in nature. A permanent injury is valued much higher than a temporary condition, usually.

Another aspect of compensation involves who the insurance companies are. Some companies will negotiate in good faith and make meaningful offers to settle claims. Others, however, will attempt to pay out as little as possible and make injury survivors fight for every dollar. The latter is much more typical, and can result in a lower net recovery to you.

Finally, one of the golden rules in injury cases is that “a case is worth what a jury says it’s worth.” Juries today are very unpredictable. Every client has a story to tell. The best way to receive fair compensation for your loss is to retain a skilled advocate to explain your circumstance to six ordinary people who serve as jurors.

In , the statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases is four years from the date of the discovery. In other words, you have four years to file suit or your claim is forever barred. Most cases that have merit are filed much sooner.





There are more than 1.6 million nursing home residents in the United States and over 17,000 care facilities. As the baby-boomers age over the next few decades, those numbers are expected to triple. Nursing home abuse is becoming far too common. And it is unacceptable.

Nursing home residents deserve to live with respect, dignity, and with as much comfort as possible. Nursing homes often fail to provide appropriate care, fail to notice and treat problems with the residents, or fail to address nutritional needs. When residents suffer serious injuries or death from such conduct, it is only appropriate to hold the care facility accountable. We’re here to help.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse
The signs of injury to a loved one may not be obvious nor result from physical violence. Abuse and neglect in nursing homes has involved sexual abuse, abandonment, extortion, emotional abuse and poor nutrition. Families must carefully question nursing home staff if they find unusual bedsores or bruising, the appearance of sexually transmitted disease, changes in attitude or appetite, withdrawal, sudden weight loss, unexplained fear or paranoia.

Call us today schedule a free consultation. Protect your rights in a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

Remedies Beyond Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits
Our Texas nursing home abuse lawyers are dedicated to holding nursing homes and other assisted living facilities accountable to the their residents – and to the state and federal government. Our lawyers aggressively pursue all civil remedies available to a nursing home abuse victim (and their family), along with reporting the mistreatment to local law enforcement for criminal prosecution.

Free Consultation with a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
Have you or a loved bone been injured through nursing home abuse? Call and schedule a free consultation with our attorneys to discuss your nursing home abuse case. We’ll meet at a location convenient for you – whether at your home, work or hospital.

Client Testimonial: “This Law Offices was wonderful to work with. They helped us through a very difficult time. They took the time to listen, answer all our questions and put our minds at ease. They gave us all our options and helped us to make the best decisions for our case. We would highly recommend her law firm.”



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