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Okay, so why a site called Car Accident Lawyer Texas?
When someone in any part of Texas is looking for a car accident attorney, they may go to Google or one of the other search engines to find one.

In fact, it’s likely that you did that very thing and ended up on this site.

But before you hire the first lawyer you see, there are some things you need to know.

Dealing with lawyers, insurance companies, and the court system can get confusing and downright scary.

Take a look around this site, so you will be better informed before you take the leap.

Getting The Right Car Accident Lawyer
Selecting a car accident lawyer is an essential choice and will most likely impact how good your outcome is. When you have been in an automobile accident you should locate a lawyer that specializes in personal injury law and has a solid amount of expertise.

You must by no means simply take an offer from an insurance company prior to finding out your legal rights from a qualified car accident lawyer. There may be long-term problems in auto accidents that you might not foresee. So do not give your rights away so fast before you truly understand the extent of your injuries.

Most personal injury attorneys will provide a no-cost consultation so you are able to talk about the specifics of the case and ask questions. This can be an excellent time to determine if the lawyer is really a good fit for you and is qualified to assist you. A car accident lawyer will be the individual best equipped to explain to you what type of settlement you can get. Some might even be prepared to take your case on a contingency basis which would mean you do not spend a penny if they do not win your case.

Auto accidents are usually extremely traumatic but in the event you were not to blame you’re entitled to specific damages. Going it alone without having a car accident lawyer will most likely mean that you will get much less in a settlement and might not have the ability to pay all of your bills related to the accident. So select wisely since an effective car accident lawyer could make all of the difference.

Getting Through Personal Injury Litigation
When you have experienced a vehicle accident in which there had been injuries you might have discovered yourself in a personal injury litigation lawsuit. In the event you had been injured in a motor vehicle accident that was not your fault you need to search out injury lawyers to safeguard your rights.

It could be truly stressful on occasions. Frequently you’re coping with medical bills, aches, and pains as well as other stresses because of the vehicle accident. It may appear overwhelming but getting a great personal injury lawyer can make a huge difference. They are able to help inform you of what type of damages you might be entitled to.

They could also help you to consider the long-term and monetary hardships you might face due to your injuries. The good news should you get a quality personal injury litigation lawyer. They will likely be in a position to get you compensated for your injuries.

Your damages might consist of such items as medical bills and pain and suffering because of your vehicle accident. Probably the most crucial factor is that you do not accept the very first check or settlement deal the insurance company gives you. Their objective is usually to settle the claim as rapidly and for as little cash as feasible.

Before you determine whether or not to engage in a personal injury litigation suit, you need to talk with a qualified lawyer that will help you determine the best way to proceed. Learning all of your choices in advance can help you save a great deal of hardship in the future.

Just How Much Are You Going To Get In Car Accident Settlement?
When you have recently been in a vehicle accident it could throw your entire life into disarray. Going through the procedure of car accident settlements may be much more daunting. On numerous occasions to obtain what you’re really entitled to you’ll have to get injury lawyers involved to fight for your legal rights.

There are numerous kinds of damages that you might end up being awarded in an injury litigation case. Firstly, you’ll most likely qualify for any medical bills you incurred because of the accident. You might also have long-term problems because of the accident which may be yet another reason you can’t give your rights away so quickly. In case you do you might discover that you simply do not have sufficient cash to even cover medical bills and rapidly discover yourself sinking in debt because of this.

Car accident settlements are often a lengthy procedure. Yet when you have hired a quality lawyer, you’ll be able to truly feel confident he’s working hard to ensure you get what you’re entitled to. It’s difficult to have patience, particularly whenever you are suffering but you need to let the injury litigation case run its course to help make you complete once more.

Your lawyer is in the ideal position to let you know what car accident settlements you may be entitled to in terms of damages. The law has particular limitations on what you are able to collect on particular types of injuries. Your lawyer can advise you as to what those are with your specific circumstances. Obtain an experienced personal injury lawyer and you’ll find that you can get favorable outcomes.

Dealing With An Accident Claim Solicitor
For those who have just recently ended up in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, you might find yourself looking for the aid of an accident claim solicitor. Accident claim solicitors are actually attorneys whore regionally based and are experts in solving conflicts that could occur between you and your insurance company.

An accident claim solicitor’s services are utilized through the claim process if you think that the insurance company isn’t doing right by you. This individual will help defend your side of things with the accident adjuster that is employed by the insurer. The accident adjuster is focused on doing what’s good for the insurance provider. An accident claim solicitor is all about your legal rights and ensuring they’re fulfilled.

An accident claim solicitor is a legal professional that is a member of the bar where you live. Therefore they are qualified to provide you with legal advice and assist you to navigate the waters when there is an issue with your accident claim. If you think the insurance firm is unfairly or unjustly refusing your claim, an accident claim solicitor might be able to help you.

There are many accident claims solicitor firms that are experts in accident claims and they will be the people you need to look for. When they operate in this business day in and day out they realize how to navigate it and what you’re entitled to. Getting an individual such as this working for you would make a big difference in what you’ll be able to recoup due to your accident.

Selecting Personal Injury Law Firms
When you have found yourself hurt by means of an accident that was not your own fault you might have to search out the aid of personal injury law firms To be able to get the settlement and compensation you deserve you’ll most likely need to get a legal representative and get involved in a personal injury lawsuit.

A lot of times the insurance company sends you a check out promptly to attempt to settle the claim. This is usually far less than you would really be eligible for under the law for your injuries. An insurance company’s objective is always to settle the claim as rapidly and cheaply as feasible. You must by no means take an offer or a check from them without initially finding out your legal rights from personal injury law firms.

You need to initially begin by sitting down and having a discussion with a skilled personal injury lawyer. They’re best equipped to let you know what you’re facing with your case and what compensation you might be entitled to. In the course of your consultation, the lawyer will need to have the ability to answer any concerns you might have and guide you on the most effective plan of action.

When you make a decision on an attorney the litigation process may be fast if your lawyer can get a fair settlement from the insurance company. If your case winds up going to court the process might be lengthy. Your personal injury lawyer will be the ideal individual to let you know how lengthy the process will most likely take. Whatever you do just make certain you take the time to speak to a professional injury law firm before you sign something or you can find yourself swimming in medical expenses you can’t pay.

The Job Of A Personal Injury Lawyer
An individual injury attorney can win monetary awards for you if you’ve suffered from an injury brought on by a third party. If you believe that you are owed compensation due to injuries sustained from accidents, medical malpractice, or function-related injuries then an individual injury lawyer is the man for the job. Read more information about Personal Injury Attorney.

If you’ve never worked with a personal injury attorney, you may be questioning what they do and how he or she will help you with your case. Monetary rewards won by a personal injury lawyer can greatly help you especially when it is time to pay your medical bill, lawyer fees, and living costs while injured. In order to win the case for you, he or she needs to go through particular processes to be able to be sure you are justly and pretty compensated.

Outside The Court

Injuries can happen everywhere. For instance, you broke your ankle while inside a restaurant. It is the individual injury lawyer’s job to figure out whether or not you broke your ankle simply because you forgot to tie your shoelace or you slipped while walking on their slippery floor.

Clearly, the lawyer cannot do something about you breaking your ankle because of your untied laces. Nevertheless, he can do something about you breaking your foot because of the restaurant’s carelessness especially if they didn’t put warning signs for their patrons to become cautious because of the slippery floor.

Gathering evidence can also be certainly one of their roles. Therefore prior to anything else, tell your lawyer everything about your case. The much more information he has, the simpler it is to gather evidence and submit this to the court later on.

Witnesses are always essential so it is your lawyer’s job or function to interview and prepare them for the courtroom. This procedure entails speaking to witnesses and gathering their testimony as well as coaching them on what to do in case they’re required to testify in court.

Procuring a professional to testify on your behalf can also be certainly one of their roles. The lawyer you hired, will interview physicians to vouch for the severity of your injuries sustained. Getting professional testimony instead of hearsay provides your case with much more credibility.

Inside The Court

Attending all your hearings can also be one of the roles of an individual injury attorney. This is especially true if you are not in a position to attend the hearings yourself. He ought to also keep you informed of all issues going on inside the courtroom.

He’s also in charge of drafting motions and briefs for your case. If a settlement is reached prior to the case going to trial, then it is his job to negotiate on your behalf so that everyone is compensated in a fair and just manner.

Arguments are regular inside the courtroom and it is via these arguments that lawyers sway the jury for your side. A good lawyer will probably be in a position to argue your case successfully and win just compensation for you.

You will find many more roles an individual injury attorney takes on to be able to win the case for you. The above-mentioned barely scratches the surface of the job description. If you think you’re entitled to some compensation because of injuries sustained, an individual injury attorney can figure this out for you.

Accidents are everywhere that may lead to injuries, if you want to know more about personal injury lawyers, just read further.

Personal Injury Lawyers; Dealing With Insurance Adjusters
In many instances, personal injury attorneys have clients who come to them five to six months after they were injured. Many of these people are honest people that simply attempt to control almost everything themselves and they also realize that they need to be cautious when they proceed to the insurance company. Anybody can work with a personal injury lawyer.

You should know that the insurance company, along with its adjusters, operates using the insurance plan organization. They will be working for their own ability to earn money instead of those of your personal needs. So whenever you’re talking to the insurance coverage adjuster, just remember that prior to you making a statement. It might be easy to state that you and also the circumstance is okay soon after the incident, but there are a lot of cases whereby the insurance coverage insurance adjuster makes use of that information against you.

Auto Accident Attorney

You may think that things are originally alright but you may learn once you go to the physician that you have a slipped disc, neck injury, or even back injury which can be discovered days, weeks, or months after the incident happened. So keep in mind that it may seem you’re alright when you are not. However, you may have given your statement to the insurance adjuster just after your accident and you may be unable to retrieve back again whatever it is that you said after it’s documented.

As unfortunate as it may seem, the insurance coverage adjuster is just protecting his company. It is mainly business for them. You can claim that you’re harmed but the insurance adjuster may come back and state that you said otherwise. However, if the insurance adjuster isn’t on your side, the private injury lawyer would be. So immediately after you get into an accident, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately before saying anything to an insurance adjuster.


Wrongful Death

Put 30 Years of Experience on Your Side During This Difficult Time
If you have lost a loved one to wrongful death, you know that money cannot undo the damage that has been done. However, you also know that you and your family may be facing serious financial difficulties in the aftermath of this tragedy. Will you be able to pay funeral expenses and monthly bills?

Bringing a wrongful death claim against the negligent party is a way to secure financial compensation for your family. It is also a way to seek justice for your loved one. Holding an individual or corporation responsible for its actions may prevent the same thing from happening to another family in the future. You will still have suffered a terrible loss, but some people find comfort when their loved ones’ death has an impact on safety regulations, personal responsibility, or corporate policy.

How We Can Help
The wrongful death attorneys at our Law Firm provide compassionate support to families while aggressively pursuing wrongful death claims. We take the time to get to know you so we can truly understand your family’s needs and goals. As experienced trial lawyers, we are prepared to go to trial when that is in your best interests.

Wrongful death damages may be awarded to compensate the family for financial and emotional losses such as:

Medical bills
Funeral expenses
Lost future income for dependents
Emotional distress
Depending on the specifics of the case, damages may also be awarded as a punitive measure against the negligent party.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?
Depending on the type of case, the following people can file wrongful death claims:


Wrongful death is described as any death that is another person’s fault. The most common cause is auto accidents, Rollover, unsafe products, unsafe premises, truck accidents, bus accidents, marine accidents, medical malpractice accidents, and railroad accidents although any other type of death is a potential wrongful death case, as well. Survivors of the deceased typically file a lawsuit in order to seek financial compensation. The amount awarded is based upon the deceased’s projected potential earnings and medical costs, as well as emotional anguish.

While someone usually files a wrongful death case in the immediate family, other people may file a lawsuit in special situations. For instance, if the litigant is under 18, a guardian ad litem is usually appointed to conduct legal matters on their behalf.

Also, stepchildren and other non-adopted children can also be awarded certain rights regarding wrongful death lawsuit filings. Much of who is allowed to file suit is dependent upon the specifics of the situation.

What sort of compensation can I receive?
It depends on the situation. Generally, the deceased’s projected future earnings are calculated and then divided proportionally by the number of dependents. The compensation varies, however, based on how the person died. Additionally, punitive damages for pain and suffering can be awarded.

What if the death occurred in a medical setting?
Wrongful death claims are still applicable. For more information, please view the medical malpractice page.

How much does a wrongful death lawsuit cost?
Nothing. Our consultations are free, and if we take your case, you won’t pay us until it has been resolved.

Our wrongful death lawyer serves clients with free consultations! Contact our Law Firm today to set up an appointment.


Auto & Vehicle Accidents

Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Bikes, Buses, and Trains
A car accident can leave you in pain, without a vehicle, and wondering what to do next. You may be facing weeks of doctor’s appointments and phone calls to the insurance companies. How will you find time to heal, buy a new vehicle and get back to work?

Accident Attorney
Working with a personal injury attorney relieves much of the stress accident victims feel. At our Law Firm, we take the burden of dealing with the insurance companies off of you. Our job is to recover the damages you need to get a new car, pay medical bills and compensate for lost income.

Let Us Fight for the Compensation You Need
In our vehicle accident practice, we handle accident claims involving all types of motor vehicles, including:
Cars, SUVs, and light trucks
Trucking accidents
Commercial vehicle accidents
DUI/DWI accidents
Motorcycle and bicycle accidents
Bus accidents
Railroad and train accidents
Railroad disasters
Boating accidents
Marine accidents

Whether you were driving or traveling for work or personal reasons, we can assist you. We have extensive experience with claims involving severe injuries and wrongful death. We understand that you and your family may be experiencing a difficult ordeal, and we will treat you with respect and care as we work to recover compensation for you.
Because we prepare our cases for trial, insurance companies know we are ready and willing to litigate. Our reputation in the courtroom often leads to favorable settlements without the need for a trial.
For a free consultation with our auto accident lawyers, please call us toll-free to schedule a free initial consultation.


Truck Accidents

On Your Side After a Serious Accident
When a large truck and a passenger vehicle collide, the injuries are usually catastrophic or fatal. Passenger vehicles cannot withstand the size and weight of a commercial truck, especially at high speeds or if the truck tips over. While liability for the accident may seem clear, the trucking company and its insurance carrier will try to deny any fault.

Trucking accident victims need a tough trial lawyer on their side. At our Law Firm, we fight the trucking company’s insurance carrier until we get results. As trial attorneys with decades of experience, we know how to stand up to these companies and build strong cases for our clients. You can rely on us for cases involving severe injury or wrongful death claims. For a free consultation with a truck accident attorney, please call us toll-free.

Trucking Accidents Can Be Complex
All large commercial vehicles can be dangerous in an accident, from cargo vans to interstate carriers such as:

Sea-land container trucks
Tanker trucks
Cement trucks
Construction vehicles

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, as well as state laws, govern the trucking industry. The FMCSA places limits on the number of hours a driver can work without a break for rest. It also requires regular safety and maintenance checks for the vehicles. After a trucking accident, however, it is not unusual to discover that the trucking company or driver violated these regulations.
The firm will investigate the accident to determine the cause. We may work with experts who can reconstruct the accident and examine the truck, the safety and maintenance record, and the driver’s logbook. If the driver or trucking company violated state law or FMCSA regulations, we will work to prove their liability.

Contact a Truck Injury Attorney
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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Your Advocate With the Insurance Company
Commercial vehicles, whether they are cars or large trucks, carry commercial insurance policies. If you are in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you will have to battle the company’s insurance carrier for every cent. Commercial insurance carriers are notorious for trying to deny fault for accidents so they do not have to pay damages.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers
At our Law Firm, we know how to fight insurance companies. What’s more, the insurance companies know we can and will fight them. Our reputation as aggressive trial lawyers is a valuable asset. The founder of our Law Firm has been Board Certified in civil trial law since 1993. You can rely on his expertise at trial and in negotiations. To schedule a free consultation with a commercial vehicle accident lawyer, please call us toll-free.

Comprehensive Injury Representation
The firm represents people injured in accidents with vehicles such as:

Commercial vans
Cargo vans
Delivery cars or trucks
Garbage trucks
Construction vehicles

Whether you were in a collision while driving or were hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian or cyclist, you may be entitled to compensation. If the other driver’s negligence caused your injury, we can seek damages for medical bills, related expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. If you lost a family member to wrongful death, we can also argue for funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and future income that has been lost.

To build strong cases, we often work with medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, life-care planners, and economists. They provide crucial information about liability, the effect of the injury or death on the victim and family, and the present and future costs of the accident.

Contact a Commercial Vehicle Injury Lawyer
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Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents

Experienced Trial Lawyer Who Fight for You
No matter where they occur, motorcycle or bicycle accidents are almost always serious. Even when there is no collision with another vehicle, the cyclist can suffer severe or fatal injuries.

At our Law Firm, we understand that you may be seeking compensation for a seriously injured family member or because you lost someone to wrongful death. We have represented many motorcycle and bicycle accident victims and their families over the years. You can be certain that our attorneys will diligently pursue your claim and will take it to trial if that is in your best interests. To schedule a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer, please call us today.

Get the Compensation You Need
Many motorcycle and bicycle accidents are the results of collisions with cars or other vehicles. With no protective steel structure surrounding them, cyclists can be severely injured by a relatively minor collision. Injuries common to these accidents may include:

Broken bones and amputations
Back injuries
Neck injuries
Brain injuries and paralysis
Burns and road rash

These injuries may result in scarring or another disfigurement, as well as temporary or permanent disability. The accident victim may need surgeries, rehabilitation, long-term care, and cosmetic procedures. Because the medical expenses will be significant, we will argue for full and fair compensation to cover your losses. When necessary, we utilize medical and economic experts to calculate the costs of current and future medical bills, lost income, and additional expenses.

Contact a Bicycle Accident Lawyer
To schedule a free consultation, please call us today.


Bus Accidents

There are two types of bus accidents related to legal situations:

You were a passenger on a bus that was involved in an accident.
You were driving or riding in a passenger vehicle that collided with a bus.
An auto accident lawyer with our Law Firm can help in both instances.

If you were a passenger on a bus that was involved in an accident, obviously the accident was not your fault. You may still deserve compensation for injuries sustained through no fault of your own. Legally, however, you must prove negligence on the part of the other parties, which can include the bus driver, the owner of the bus, and the operators of any other vehicles involved in the collision.

Negligence is a legal definition involving the comparative inattention towards a potentially dangerous situation that a reasonable, prudent person would have avoided. Proving negligence is not something easily done. That’s why you need an attorney on your side. Our Law Firm has the resources and skills necessary to investigate your bus accident-related injuries and subsequent legal claims.

If you were driving a bus or were a passenger in a vehicle that collided with a bus, you should also hire legal representation. It can be difficult to obtain compensation from a bus company after a bus accident because it’s difficult to prove who was legally responsible. The negligent party could be the bus driver, the owner of the bus company, the bus maintenance supervisor, or a combination of these people.

Frequently Asked Bus Accident Questions

Fortunately, if you enlist our Law Firm, you enlist an experienced lawyer. We will help determine who was at fault, why, and what settlement you deserve. Then we will pursue that settlement and, as with all our cases, we’re fully prepared to go to trial and win.

If you’ve been involved in a bus accident, please contact our auto accident lawyer today for a FREE CONSULTATION!


Railroad & Train Accidents
It is fairly often that we read about some type of accident involving trains and the railroads. The three most common types of train accidents are:

Derailment – when the train leaves the track and damages people or property
Collision – when the train damages people or property in either a properly or improperly operating railroad crossing
Environmental – this is when a train accident results in toxic cargo solid, liquid, or airborne entering the ground or atmosphere

Due to the size and sheer weight of even a single train car, the destruction that can result from a train accident can be severe, if not deadly. In order to receive a settlement for any injuries suffered as the result of a train accident, you must prove that the responsible party was negligent.

The responsible party can be:

The actual train conductor
The owner of the train company, who is ultimately responsible for the proper maintenance and safety of the train
Some other party such as another driver depending on the specifics of your situation
Investigating a train accident to its fullest requires someone with years of experience and a wide range of resources. Frankly, without a personal injury lawyer on your side, you don’t have much chance of getting a settlement for medical bills, damages, and injuries that is truly in your best interest.

Railroad Disasters
When railroad companies act responsibly and meet their safety obligations to passengers and the public, railroad disasters are rare. Unfortunately, as budgets are slashed by corporations and by government overseers, safety personnel may be cut back, inspections may be hurried or even eliminated, and safety suffers.

If safety suffers, hundreds of people can be killed or injured in railroad disasters. OUR Law Firm can make the difference between devastation and the justice that injured victims and their families deserve.

We know the laws and safety standards that apply to railroad disaster cases.
We can provide victims of railroad disasters with the confidence that they will be treated fairly and justly, because we have litigated cases similar to theirs. Our team of experts knows the laws and safety standards that apply to railroads and rail companies.

When you or your family members have been harmed in a railroad disaster, or as the result of an accident involving a vehicle and a train, we move aggressively to find the cause. We know that rail carriers sometimes neglect proper maintenance of train steps and passageways, or speed over unsafe or congested stretches of track. We know that warning systems are sometimes neglected, and that locomotives are not always properly maintained.

One of our strengths in handling railroad disaster cases is our meticulous investigation and attention to detail. For example, we investigate whether crossing guards may have malfunctioned, or if warning devices may have failed.

Each case is different, and we give each one our serious, undivided attention.

We are ready to help if you or a loved one has been involved in a railroad disaster.

If a loved one has died, or you or a family member has been injured, because of a railroad disaster, we are prepared to discuss your case and seek justice on your behalf.

Free consultation with an experienced train accident lawyer
Please fill out our Contact Form, or call us to learn more and arrange for a confidential free consultation.

If you’ve been involved in any type of train accident or railroad work-related event, the law limits the amount of time you have to process a claim. A personal injury lawyer with our Law Firm offers free consultations. Contact us Today!


Insurance Claims / Bad Faith

Do You Know Your Rights in Insurance and Financial Disputes?
An insurance policy is a contract between the client and the insurance carrier. If the insurance company fails to meet its obligations, you may be able to file a bad faith claim and receive compensation for your losses. Do not settle any insurance claim before you know your rights and have been treated fairly and honestly by the insurance company.

Insurance Claims Lawyer
At our Law Firm, we know how to fight insurance companies. We have dedicated our careers to protecting individuals from insurance company greed. In addition, we represent people who are experiencing problems with financial advisors, stockbrokers, or accountants. To learn how we may be able to help you, please call us toll-free or contact us online. Your consultation with an attorney for insurance claim litigation is free.

What is Bad Faith?
When you buy insurance, you expect to get a fair deal. Should an event occur for which you have coverage, you expect your insurance company to pay you promptly and fully. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Insurance bad faith is a situation in which your insurance company fails to deal with you in an honest and timely manner. The two most common types of bad faith are:

Denial of a legitimate claim
Excessive delay in payment of a legitimate claim
Insurance policies are intricate and complex legal documents. Some insurance companies play to the fact that most people don’t read through the documents or understand what their coverage fully entails. Remember, every time an insurance company pays out a claim, they lose money, and that isn’t in their best interest.

Sometimes an insurance company will acknowledge your claim, but take an unreasonable amount of time to pay you. This is an internal situation with the company. Often, if the company delays a claim long enough, they are able to stall negative financial reports to its stockholders.

An attorney that is on your side, rather than the side of the insurance company, can really help. When your insurance company realizes that you are prepared, able, and willing to go to court, it becomes in their financial best interest to settle your claim as quickly as possible. A long court case is the last thing an insurance company wants.

If you are having any type of difficulties settling a claim with your insurance company, please contact our insurance bad faith lawyer today for a free consultation. Once we understand the specifics of your case, we will be able to help you more fully explore your legal options.

Talk To Us First
Before you accept a settlement from an insurance company or another party, it is important to consider the short and long-term expenses of your loss. Although the insurance company may pressure you to make a decision quickly, you do not have to accept the initial offer. You have a right to consult an attorney first to make sure you are receiving adequate compensation and not signing away critical rights.

If you are being treated unfairly, we can protect your rights. Call our Law Firm and speak to an experienced insurance claims / bad faith attorney.
One of Texas’ top law firms.


Railroad Disasters

When railroad companies act responsibly and meet their safety obligations to passengers and the public, railroad disasters are rare. Unfortunately, as budgets are slashed by corporations and by government overseers, safety personnel may be cut back, inspections may be hurried or even eliminated, and safety suffers.

If safety suffers, hundreds of people can be killed or injured in railroad disasters. Our Law Firm can make the difference between devastation and the justice that injured victims and their families deserve.

Railroad Disaster Lawyer
We can provide victims of railroad disasters with the confidence that they will be treated fairly and justly because we have litigated cases similar to theirs. Our team of experts knows the laws and safety standards that apply to railroads and rail companies.

When you or your family members have been harmed in a railroad disaster, or as the result of an accident involving a vehicle and a train, we move aggressively to find the cause. We know that rail carriers sometimes neglect proper maintenance of train steps and passageways, or speed over unsafe or congested stretches of track. We know that warning systems are sometimes neglected, and that locomotives are not always properly maintained.

One of our strengths in handling railroad disaster cases is our meticulous investigation and attention to detail. For example, we investigate whether crossing guards may have malfunctioned, or if warning devices may have failed.

Each case is different, and we give each one our serious, undivided attention.

We are ready to help if you or a loved one has been involved in a railroad disaster.

If a loved one has died, or you or a family member has been injured, because of a railroad disaster, we are prepared to discuss your case and seek justice on your behalf.

Free consultation with an experienced train accident lawyer
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Severe Injuries

Severe Injury and Amputations
Most severe injuries which include amputations have a long-lasting financial and medical impact. If that injury was the result of someone else’s negligence, you deserve financial restitution to help cover the costs of lost wages, doctor bills, prescription medications, and more. In some cases, you can even be awarded punitive damages to compensate for your pain and suffering.

The most common cause of severe injuries is auto accidents However, virtually any severe injury you have suffered due to someone else’s negligence is a potential case. If your injury was the result of another’s actions whether those actions were intentional or accidental, you have the right to seek restitution from that party.

The most common types of severe injury are:
Back Injury
Brain Injury
Neck Injury
Broken Bones and amputations

The symptoms of these injuries present themselves in a variety of unpredictable ways. Additionally, nervous system injuries (back, brain, and neck injuries) may not manifest symptoms until weeks, months, or even years after the accident. Not all doctors are able to properly diagnose such injuries. That’s why it is important to find a doctor who doesn’t work for your insurance company. First and foremost your insurance company is a business. Their overall goal is to make a profit. Investing time and money into properly diagnosing and treating your severe injury is not something they may be able, or even willing, to do.

Paralysis & Brain Injuries
Spinal injuries and brain injuries can drastically alter the lives of injury victims as well as their families. A permanent catastrophic injury changes the dynamic of the family and typically causes considerable financial hardship. If you do not seek the maximum compensation you are allowed, your family could have a very difficult time in the years ahead.

At our Law Firm, we work to ensure our clients receive full and fair compensation for medical bills, long-term care, lost income, medical equipment, medications, modifications to homes and vehicles, and pain and suffering. Catastrophic injuries require extra treatment that may last for the life of the injury victim. We employ medical and financial experts to help calculate the present and future costs you will face. Then we pursue your claim with the insurance companies, going to trial when necessary. To schedule a free consultation with a paralysis lawyer, please call us today.

The Need for Compensation for Spinal and Brain Injuries
Spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia or hemiplegia will permanently change the lives of the injury victims and their families. People who suffer these injuries need lifelong treatment from specialists as well as daily care from family members or nurses. Depending on the severity of the injury, they may be unable to feed, bathe or dress themselves. Many will not be able to return to work.

Brain injury victims may also need specialized care and compensation for lost income. The type of brain injury they suffer dictates the medical treatment they need. Mild brain injuries may cause personality and mood changes while leaving most mental and physical abilities intact. Moderate brain injuries can cause more serious cognitive and physical damage as well as persistent headaches and mood disorders. A severe brain injury can result in loss of speech, vision, cognitive ability and motor function. In the worst cases, severe brain injuries may result in coma or death.
It is critical that family members receive the emotional and financial support they need after a loved one suffers a severe injury. Our goal is to make that happen.

Back Injuries
A back injury can happen to anyone. You could be in a car accident, fall, or otherwise injured due to someone else’s negligence. But then, immediately or sometimes weeks or months later, you start to have pain in your back. Perhaps shooting sensations start to run up and down your legs. You may even begin to have trouble moving or twisting your back and you’re not sure why. Its quite possible that the reason for your prolonged pain and continued symptoms is that back injuries can involve damage to the spinal cord. Trauma to the back can agitate the spongy material between vertebrae. Over time this material weakens and the vertebrae begin to rub together. The result is damage to the nervous system that begins to manifest itself in a variety of neurological problems. The most common symptoms of back injury are radiating pain and limited back movement. Some other symptoms include tingling in the extremities, pain in the arms and legs, and blurred vision. The most common causes of back injury are:

Car accident
Bus Accidents
Pre-existing medical conditions that are improperly diagnosed or aggravated
Dangerous Premises
Truck Accident
Slip and Falls
Boating Accidents

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own and have subsequently developed back pain, please contact our injury attorney for a FREE CONSULTATION today. Well help properly determine the responsible party for your back injury and help you obtain a fair settlement from your insurance company. Even if your pain appears after you’ve already settled your claim.


Burn Injuries

Severe burns are horrifying and can be extremely painful. They often require expensive, long-term health care. Intricate medical procedures, such as skin grafts, may be necessary, requiring extended hospital stays. Often, the burn victim will be unable to work during recovery.

The primary cause of burn injuries is auto accidents. Another major cause of burns is the use of unsafe and defective products. Defective products are another major cause of burns.

There are six degrees of burns with first-degree burns being the least severe and sixth-degree burns being the most severe. Typically, lawsuits only involve second-degree burns or higher. It is important to contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible to help determine your best course of legal action.

If your burn is the result of someone else’s actions or inactions, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. Our Law Firm will help you seek restitution for medical expenses, lost wages, court costs, and pain and suffering.

At our Law Firm, we operate on a strictly contingent basis. We will never charge you anything up-front, nor will we charge you anything if we don’t win your case. If you’ve been burned in an accident, you deserve to explore your legal options, relief is available. Call or email our injury lawyer today to schedule A FREE CONSULTATION!


Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice has become increasingly challenging over the last several years. Many lawyers have decided not to take these cases, but at our Law Firm, we continue to pursue medical malpractice claims for our clients.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer
We know how to investigate medical malpractice injuries and wrongful deaths, working closely with medical experts. Our founder is a Board Certified civil trial lawyer with extensive medical malpractice experience. You can rely on his skill as a litigator and his dedication to clients. For a free consultation with a medical malpractice attorney, please call us today.

What Is Medical Malpractice?
Many medical malpractice claims involve either misdiagnosis of a medical condition, mistreatment of a diagnosed condition, or failure to obtain informed consent from the patient. When we evaluate a claim, we look for evidence of negligence by the doctor, nurse, or hospital.

Misdiagnosis of a Medical Condition – When you go to your doctor’s office or the hospital because of a medical problem, you expect to be treated with the best of care. You expect to hear a diagnosis and then a treatment plan that lays out a course of remedies or medication. To create that plan, your doctor will take your medical history; ask you about the duration and severity of your symptoms, and then order tests and/or blood work, if necessary, to determine what your actual diagnosis is.

But what happens to you or a loved one if the doctor doesn’t follow all of the steps required in standard care and offers up a misdiagnosis? What happens if that misdiagnosis leads to further physical complications, injuries, or even death?

That’s where our Law Firm comes in. If you suspect that your doctor did not follow standard care procedures in diagnosing a medical condition and you’ve suffered because of it, contact the medical malpractice attorneys at our Law Firm, We will evaluate your situation and determine if you have a viable medical malpractice case.

A Formidable Legal Ally
At our Law Firm, we hold medical professionals accountable for their actions in your medical care. If you feel you have suffered further injury or missed time from work and your life because of a medical misdiagnosis, contact us today. Our medical malpractice lawyers now offer complimentary medical malpractice and medical negligence consultation to clients. If we accept your case, we will fight for compensation for medical bills and other medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering. We can also seek funeral expenses and emotional distress damages for families who lost a loved one to wrongful death.


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