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Oklahoma City Divorce Mediation Lawyer
Whether you face a contested divorce or have an divorce in mind, I, Eunice Wimberly, have the skills, knowledge and empathy to help you through it. Divorce is rarely a pleasant experience. Interpersonal dynamics, finances and legal technicalities all come into play in a divorce. It is critical to keep your ultimate goals in mind at all times. I do not get bogged down in issues that are simply not worth the legal fees and aggravation it might take to fight about.
Divorce And Property Rights
One of the most pressing issues for divorcing couples is the division of property and reorganization of family finances. Whether you have significant assets, outstanding debts or combined incomes, you want strategic advocacy and support to protect your rights and long-term financial security.
In my 30 years as an educator, I fine-tuned communication skills that still serve me well as a family law attorney. I know how to listen well, how to get to the heart of a matter directly and how to clearly explain what my clients need to know. I will take the time to understand your unique and individual concerns and develop a comprehensive approach designed to protect your investments and your financial position after divorce.

I am experienced with cases involving:
Division of marital property
Division of assets, including retirement accounts, real estate and businesses
Division of debts, including loans and credit card balances
Divorce And Legal Issues Affecting Children
The primary concern of any parent facing divorce is protecting his or her parental rights. Even if you are not expecting full custody of your children, you want to ensure that after divorce you have fair access to visitation and that parent-child relationships will not be damaged because of a divorce. I will take a strategic approach to protect your rights and the best interests of your children in any case involving:
Child custody
Child support
Grandparents’ rights
Stepparent adoption
Child custody modification
Child support modification
Alimony modification
Former Educator With Much Experience Working With Families — Today, Dedicated Oklahoma City Divorce And Mediation Attorney
As a previous educator I know how family changes affect children — and parents. You can benefit from my experience as both an educator and lawyer as I work to help you achieve family law solutions in your and your children’s best interests.
To schedule a free initial consultation about your pending divorce, call or email my Oklahoma City law offices.


Oklahoma City Child Custody Lawyer
Nearly everyone realizes that divorce or separation of parents will have an impact on children. Some families struggle to achieve peaceful dynamics in spite of divorce or separation. This is especially true when one parent lives out of state or in a community rather far from the other — such as Tulsa versus Oklahoma City. Whatever your unique circumstances, I am here to help you meet the legal challenges. Solid legal footing in the area of child custody and visitation can set the tone of stability for a family with separated or divorced parents.
With A Background In Education, I Am A Caring, Skillful Family Law Attorney
As I am a former educator, I am especially alert to child custody as a critical area of family law in my Oklahoma law practice. When parents are divorced or separated, their family structure is sometimes described in legal terms such as:
Joint physical custody
Sole physical custody
Visitation rights
Grandparent visitation
Parenting time schedules
Sole legal custody
Joint legal custody
In my work as an educator and now as a family law attorney, I have seen firsthand how parent-child relationships and family dynamics — whether troublesome or secure — can affect children emotionally, academically and socially.
Contact An Oklahoma City Child Custody Attorney Who Understands Your Challenges And Concerns
The child’s best interests as well as parental rights and strong parent-child relationships are guiding factors in a child custody arrangement. If you and your child’s other parent disagree about how this will look in your family, mediation may be the most effective way to arrive at a workable resolution.
Child Support Calculations
Parents must provide their children financial support as well as physical care. In a divorce or separation situation, child support is determined through a government-provided calculator that takes into account variables including:
Each parent’s income
The parents’ combined incomes
The amount of time a child will spend with each parent
My background in education has given me a great many insights that are helpful to my legal clients dealing with child-related legal matters, such as child custody and child support. I am a skilled lawyer and a former educator. I bring to every child custody case my years of experience translating for parents how children’s sense of security in their families can affect their daily lives and overall development.
Paternity Actions
When parents are unmarried, a paternity action can confirm a father’s identity. However, if too much time goes by before paternity is confirmed or disproved, a man who is not the biological parent may nonetheless be responsible for paying child support until the child is 18. Talk to an attorney as soon as possible if you are unmarried and assumed to be a father or if you are an unmarried mother seeking child support.
I welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns in a free consultation. Contact me by phone or email.


Oklahoma City Mediation Lawyer
A familiar nightmare for people approaching divorce is the idea of former lovers, best friends and partners in life fighting tooth and nail before a family law judge in a public courtroom. Even when pain and hurt feelings are strong, most reasonable people prefer more peaceful pathways to divorce that preserve the privacy and dignity of both parties.
Mediation is a very good option for spouses approaching divorce. In the process of mediation, each person has his or her own attorney. Areas of the divorce that both parties need to consent to may include:
Division of assets that may be complex, high-dollar or difficult to categorize
Spousal support when one spouse has lived as a dependent of the other
Child custody, a high-stakes and emotional topic for many families
Child support, particularly when there are out-of-the-ordinary facts to consider, such as a parent’s disabilities or a child’s special needs
In my family law practice, I thoughtfully represent divorcing clients in mediation, before a mediator. The process belongs to the people whose marriage is under discussion. The mediator keeps a neutral stand as each person’s attorney helps make sure that he or she understands the ramifications of divorce settlement terms.
Oklahoma City Mediation Attorney — Family Law Mediation
Mediation allows couples to keep the divorce process private. It allows them to make their own decisions about things that will affect their lives more than anyone else’s. A divorce judge typically has a very small period of time to devote to each marital dissolution in the courtroom or in pretrial settlement conferences. With mediation, on the other hand, divorcing spouses keep control of the process and drive their own reasonable solutions. In many cases, it is more combative methods of divorce.
I am committed to protecting your family and your interests so that you can move forward after divorce. Call 405-708-6839 or contact me by email for an initial consultation about mediation with an experienced Oklahoma City family lawyer.


Property Division In Divorce
Division of assets is an essential component of every divorce. Arriving at a fair, reasonable division of assets that a family law judge will accept is sometimes straightforward and sometimes complex. Any number of unique factors might make your divorce fall in the “complex” category. However, you and your spouse can save a great deal in legal fees by negotiating calmly and fairly. Sometimes mediation is the best way to reach a settlement agreement that both can live with, without taking battles to court.
Divorce Planning And Preparation — Talk To An Attorney Early In The Divorce Process
I am a former educator with a great deal of experience making complex subject matter understandable. If divorce is still down the road but you suspect it is inevitable, I can advise you on prudent divorce planning techniques, including taking inventory of your assets such as:
Bank accounts
The marital home
Any other real estate in either or both of your names
Boats and other recreational equipment
Collectibles, such as guns, musical instruments or fine art collections
Household goods
Stocks and bonds
Retirement accounts
Anticipated bonuses and commissions
Expected proceeds from a lawsuit
Whole life insurance policies
If you entrust your divorce to my law firm, I will begin by helping you categorize all assets in the marriage as separate property or marital property.
Generally, whatever was yours before the marriage should still be yours as assets are divided. (There are always exceptions, such as when one spouse helped improve property previously owned by the other before marriage.)
Also generally speaking, property that two spouses acquired during a marriage tend to be split 50-50. (There may also be reasons to deviate from an equal division.)
There is often some sticky point to resolve that makes property division in divorce more challenging than originally expected. For example, retirement accounts, including pensions and 401(k) accounts, are often difficult to deal with. In most cases, unless a prenuptial agreement says otherwise, retirement assets acquired during a marriage should be split between the divorcing spouses. Perhaps you are grappling with a business that one or both of you own and operate or inherited vacation real estate. I can help you streamline the process of reaching a resolution in asset division and getting on with your divorce and beyond.
Some couples already agree on all terms of divorce and wish for help crafting their own divorce settlement. I can help keep the process simple in cases where the facts really are straightforward.
To schedule a free initial consultation with an honest, reputable Oklahoma City divorce lawyer, call or email the Wimberly Law Firm, P.L.L.C. .


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