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West Texas Oilfield Injuries Attorney

The oilfields of West Central Texas remain among the most productive in the U.S. with thousands of pumping stations in operations and new exploration derricks rising every year. Thousands of oilfield workers and their families enjoy the economic benefits that result from the oil and gas industry throughout the region.
Unfortunately, oil and gas workers suffer among the highest rates of injuries and accidental deaths from industrial accidents. In a typical year, more than 600 oilfield deaths occur nationally and Texas is at the top of the list, accounting for as high as 40 percent of the deaths.* Many hundreds more are severely injured in accidents that result in catastrophic injuries such as serious burns, fall injuries, head injuries from falling and swinging equipment, amputations and crush fractures of the hands and feet.
In some cases, the accidents are the result of negligence or misconduct on the part of improperly trained workers and subcontractors on-site. In many cases, however, the injuries or deaths are the result of defective equipment or unsafe working conditions.
Oilfield workers injured on the job are typically covered for medical care and lost wages by their employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. But workers’ comp only covers two-thirds of the amount of lost earnings. There are no benefits for pain, inconvenience or other intangible damages directly related to the injury or death of a loved one. Fortunately, the law allows an injured worker to sue for full and fair compensation through a process known as third-party litigation against the individual or corporate entity held liable for causing the accident, other than the employer.
A Lawyer With Years Of Experience In The Insurance Litigation Field
If you were injured in any kind of accident related to the oil industry in West Central Texas, turn your case over to Ketterman Rowland & Westlund in Abilene. will help you secure the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to, while also reviewing your case to determine whether you have a legitimate claim for damages against a third party. Greg offers nearly a quarter century of experience in personal injury claims and litigation. You can trust that he will work aggressively to help you and your family recover the full and fair monetary compensation you deserve.
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Personal Injury Blog
If you have legal questions or legal issues, this site is your resource for finding answers or the latest legal information. The attorneys at are here to provide you answers to anything related to the law.

Product Liability: What It Really Means

“Product Liability” is the term that lawyers use when we evaluate products and their components for potential responsibility for the injury or death of our clients. This evaluation starts with the original manufacturer of the product but it may extend to the suppliers of the components that are a part of the products that the public uses daily. Most products are distributed to the public through a distribution chain. Each member of the chain may have some responsibility for that product if that product fails and causes injury or death. In any case where the performance of the product is questioned, it is important to determine who was involved in every stage of the product’s manufacture, marketing and sale so that the client may advised about their legal rights.
Strict Liability
Strict Liability is the foundation for today’s strict product liability law in Texas and beyond. The Law provides: “One who sells any product in a defective condition unreasonably dangerous to the user or consumer or to his property is subject to liability for physical harm thereby caused.” These claims examine the condition of the product rather than the conduct of the manufacturer or retailer. Potential defects may be found in the design, manufacture, marketing/warnings of the product.
Negligence is defined as a failure of a manufacturer or a retailer to act in conformity with the standard of the manufacturers and retailer in that industry under the same circumstances. Negligence can be found where a defendant acts or fails to act under circumstances where other defendants would have acted. We look at the design, manufacture and marketing/warnings for the product but the focus is the actions or inactions of the manufacturer or retailer. Many negligence-based product liability cases are due to a lack of action when the industry becomes aware of a problem but chooses not to act in the best interest of the customers who buy and use the product.
Breach of Warranty
Personal injury liability claims which result from a breach of warranty fall under a contract action. For instance, many products have express written (and sometimes unwritten) warranties that exist from the time for the sale for a period of time. These warranties set out certain characteristics which the product is supposed to have or is expected to have. When those characteristics are not found and the consumer is injured, there may be a claim for a breach of warrant.
There is also implied warranty, in which case a product comes with the implication that as long as it is used as it was designed to be used, the consumer will avoid injury. Despite the lack of a written warranty, this is still a legitimate cause for legal action if an injury occurs.
Misrepresentation is a “tort” action, or a strict liability claim. Whether purposeful or accidental, misrepresentation is a viable cause for a personal injury suit if the manufacturer or retailer misrepresented the characteristics and qualities of a product and the consumer is injured as a direct result of product not having those attributes.
For instance, if a company produces a product created with toxic materials that are undisclosed, that company would be liable if anyone became ill due to exposure to those materials. Misrepresentation can occur through known ignorance or blatant disregard for the truth.
Proving the specific details which lead to a product related injury often requires the aid of an established products liability lawyer with Ketterman Rowland & Westlund maintain an experienced and professional staff of legal experts


How Dealing With A Personal Injury Case Can Be Made Easier
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The Information You Need To Deal With Your Personal Injury Case
How Texas Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help You

Accidents by definition happen when you least expect them. You could be aggressively battling rush hour traffic on the downtown connector, or simply driving calmly home after a relaxing day at the aquarium, and all it takes is one careless moment or one bad driver sharing the Texas roads – home to one of the ten most congested city choke points in the country according to Forbes –to cause damage, personal injury, or even death.
At these times there are a number of things that you should keep in mind:
Keep emergency numbers in your phone or wallet at all times in order to be able to call the proper emergency hotlines in case you are involved in an auto accident.
Check yourself and everyone involved for any injuries and apply first aid as needed, but be careful not to move anyone yourself especially if they may be suffering from spine or head injuries, unless they remain directly in the line of danger and consent for you to help them.
When danger has passed, take pictures of the accident for all vehicles and persons involved and from several different angles. If possible, take down the contact information of any eyewitnesses as well.
Include the number of Texas auto accident attorneys in your list of emergency numbers, and refuse to talk to insurance company representatives and authorities until you have called an attorney for a free initial consultation.
While the first two points are for addressing immediate danger arising from the auto accident, the latter two are no less crucial for you to avoid additional and prolonged suffering in the weeks, months or even years to come. There have been many people involved in auto accidents who, even if not at fault, have been further victimized by tight-fisted insurance companies and unscrupulous people who simply knew the law better than their unsuspecting victims. For this reason, you should contact local auto accident attorneys in Texas to explain your situation and ask for legal advice.
Pictures and eyewitness accounts can be the strongest evidence to absolve you of fault, as well as to document the cost of damages to your person and property that should be shouldered by the party/ies at fault and/or your respective insurance providers. A quick call to Texas auto accident attorneys before answering any questions by insurance company representatives is the best way to avoid ending up with financial obligations on top of the problems already caused by the accident. Auto accident attorneys in Texas are well-versed in the local as well as state and national laws governing these types of incidents and can best inform you of your rights, and also discuss with you how to go about dealing with the paperwork and other legalities inherent in an auto accident.
Free Consultation
You do not need to worry about surprise fees and charges in your time of distress – we offer free consultation by visiting our offices, or even house or hospital calls, at any time of day or night.
24/7 home or hospital visit
If your injuries hamper your mobility, or if your car is still in the shop, we offer house calls and hospital visits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Based on the type and nuances of each unique auto accident, we will aggressively push for the maximum amount of settlement you are entitled to under law, and inform you if the other party/ies settlement offers are too low, in which case you may want us to bring your case to trial.
We are always ready to go to trial for you if the need arises. We will aggressively advocate your case against insurance companies or involved parties if they refuse to pay what is due to you.
If you do not win, you do not pay
If we do not successfully get you the compensation due to you, we will not charge you for our time, either. Period.
Hospital Negligence • Physician Malpractice • Nursing Home Neglect
When we entrust our lives to healthcare professionals, our expectations are full of hope for positive outcomes. When the medical practitioners fail in their duty of care and cause further injury to our loved ones, or ourselves, we often do not know where to turn. Our medical malpractice attorneys know how upset and distracted our clients and their families are when injuries are caused or made worse by hospital, physician, clinic, or nursing home negligence. We have represented clients who have experienced these same feelings of anger and helplessness.

The effects of an injury caused by medical malpractice can be catastrophic, changing forever the lives of the injured individuals and the lives of their loved ones, their friends and neighbors, their business associates, and other colleagues and acquaintances as well. At our firm we understand the severity of these injuries. We represent injured people and their families in claims for injuries caused by medical malpractice. We work with clients to define their losses, and then we seek compensation for their injuries.

Medication Error • Failure to Diagnose • Misdiagnosis
Malpractice injuries can occur at any medical facility, from the local doctor’s clinic to the large hospital intensive care unit. For example, a patient goes to the clinic to ask questions about seemingly minor health problems and gets faulty information from an over-scheduled physician. Or a patient severely injured in an auto accident receives the wrong medication in the intensive care unit (ICU). In another instance, another patient has an adverse reaction to anesthesia during surgery, and the anesthesiologist fails to catch the mistake in time. An elderly resident of a nursing home falls and strikes her head against the nightstand. The nursing staff fails to realize that she has a concussion causing a traumatic brain injury (TBI). All of these examples may be causes of action for a claim.

Birth Injuries • Cerebral Palsy • Erbs Palsy
Doctor error can be the cause of birth injuries that leave a child disabled for their entire life. Birth injuries may require the future use of wheelchairs, attendant care, special education classes, and multiple surgeries to correct the damage. If your child is suffering debilitating injuries because of doctor errors during gestation or during birth, contact our office to see how we can help recover compensation to help with medical and education expenses.

Strokes • Heart Attacks • Cancer
Severe brain damage and other injuries that can be fatal may also occur from the failure to monitor stroke and heart attack victims adequately, especially in instances when the patient is taking several different kinds of medications that could have damaging adverse drug interactions. Often, we represent patients—and their families—whose doctor failed to diagnose a severe medical condition, such as cancer, while it is still treatable. In many of these cases, the patient had even notified the doctor of recognizable symptoms, but the doctor failed to get the right diagnosis.

Medical Malpractice Insurance
Because malpractice insurance companies are determined to keep costs down and profits high, malpractice claims can be very complicated, difficult to sort out, and time consuming. They seldom settle out of court. That’s why, if you have questions about whether your loved one’s injury was caused by medical malpractice, you need to consult with an attorney who has the experience, the legal skills, and the resources to thoroughly review the case, advise you regarding whether you have a valid cause of action for medical malpractice and pursue recovery for your losses all the way to trial when necessary.

Our firm has all the resources necessary to pursue your medical malpractice claim. Contact our highly qualified lawyers today.


The Texas car accident lawyers at our firm have the ability and knowledge to successfully represent a variety of challenging automobile accident cases, including intersection accident cases. As the victim of a dangerous intersection accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in an intersection accident or other serious automobile accident, contact our Injury Legal Team today for a free consultation.

Approximately one-third of all crashes occur at intersections. As a general rule, intersections are considered to be more dangerous than other areas of the road due to obvious dangers, such as traffic lanes crossing, vehicles turning, and drivers changing speed or stopping at signals. In fact, the Driving Institute of America states that over 40% of all car accident fatalities involved drivers failing to yield the right of way.

All intersection accidents are not the fault of the drivers involved. In some cases, there may be defects in the design of the roadways or in the construction of the road. Roads may not be designed properly to allow for adequate lines of sight or posted speed limits. The traffic signals may have been improperly timed, or they may have malfunctioned. Other defects on our roadways may be improperly placed stop signs, yield signs, etc., or the existing traffic signs may be faded or damaged.

The chances of being involved in an intersection accident can be reduced by following a few guidelines provided by the Driving Institute of America:

If you are at a green light and a building obstructs your view of traffic coming from either direction of the upcoming intersection, the green light should then be treated as a blinking yellow or caution light.
When approaching a stop sign, be sure to carefully look at approaching vehicles and judge their speed. If you are in a hurry, you may just notice the vehicle, but this does not mean it will stop at the sign. Many lives are lost each day when drivers do not properly judge the speed of an approaching vehicle and pull out into the intersection.
The “1520 Rule” means planning to arrive at your destination 15 to 20 minutes ahead of time. This way, you will not be in a hurry to get there and become and offensive driver. You will pay attention to the road and crossing traffic more carefully.
Intersection accidents often cause serious injuries and catastrophic loss to the parties involved. Since many times there are factors that caused the
Texas intersection accident other than driver negligence, the accident must be properly investigated. Many times there is a need to hire an accident reconstruction expert to do an in-depth investigation to discover the actual cause factors involved to ensure that all negligent parties are held accountable.

If you have been involved in an intersection accident in Texas, you need the knowledge and resources of an experienced Texas dangerous intersection attorney who is willing to investigate your case to the fullest to ensure that you get just and adequate compensation for your injuries and damages.


If you have been in a car accident you may be wondering how to go about choosing a good attorney to represent you. If you pick up any phone book to look for a motor vehicle accident lawyer you will see multiple ads for personal injury lawyers. You might also search on Yahoo and you will find hundreds of listings. Do you know what to look for in a motor vehicle accident lawyer? Would you even know where to start?

Here are a few items to look for:

 Does this motor vehicle accident lawyer offer a free consultation?

 Is the firm upfront and honest about any fees you may have to pay in advance?

 What is their record with cases of your type?

 Do they specialize in your type of injury?

 Are they licensed to practice in your state? If you have a car accident in Texas, you need a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Texas.

While most legal firms that specialize in personal injury are very reputable, there are some that are unscrupulous and will take advantage of you. You need to watch out for your rights and the rights of your family by making sure that you choose a trustworthy motor vehicle accident lawyer.

Be wary of any motor vehicle accident lawyer that promises you winning outcomes without looking into the specifics of your case. No one can predict the outcome of these types of cases, particularly if they go to court. Be suspicious of any firm if they tell you that they can secure you a large monetary settlement, as this also cannot be predicted. Be careful if a motor vehicle accident lawyer tells you that you will not have to pay any fees after being asked to visit multiple doctors or specialists. Usually, these fees will be added to your compensation if you win. You should ask what will happen to these charges if they lose your case. If they are evasive about the answers, keep looking. Don’t believe that they will handle your case for “free.” Again, ask what will happen to their legal fees if you lose.

What is a Good Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer?

The fact is that any good motor vehicle accident lawyer will tell you that you won’t have to pay up front. You should only have to pay if you win your case. This is called the no-win, no-fee system. Any expenses and legal fees will be added to your compensation as losses. A skilled lawyer can make sure that if you have had a car accident, you will be compensated for all losses incurred. These can include damages to your vehicle, personal property, injuries, loss of current and future income, hospital and doctors’ fees, as well as these same things for any passengers in your vehicle who may have suffered losses.

A good motor vehicle accident lawyer will ask you all the details of your case such as whether there were any witnesses, were their police reports filed, and if any photos taken. They should also ask you to list all hospital stays and subsequent doctor appointments, prescriptions, and physical therapy appointments. Hopefully, you have kept detailed records as to your health and medical records during this time.

They will ask you about statements you have made to police, witnesses and the other driver. A good motor vehicle accident lawyer should caution you not to discuss details with the other driver’s insurance company. They will approach you and seem very sympathetic. However, they other have priorities that are not in your best interest. They will want to settle with you for the smallest amount of money and as quickly as possible. Even if you feel that the accident was your fault, it is in your best interest to only discuss the details with your motor vehicle accident lawyer. Many times what you think to be your fault may have extenuating circumstances such as mechanical failure, obstructions in the roadway, poorly lit intersections, etc.

Make sure that your motor vehicle accident lawyer is aware of any passengers in your vehicle that attest to the accident as well. They may also have suffered injuries and be seeking compensation. This is especially important where injuries are involved as they may seek compensation from you as the driver. Your attorney needs to be aware of this.

In addition, after you have met with your motor vehicle accident lawyer and discussed you case ask yourself these questions:

 Do you feel the motor vehicle accident lawyer listened to all of your concerns?

 Were the lawyers empathetic to your situation?

 Were you given the chance to list or explain all of your losses?

 Did they suggest others areas in which you may be rightfully compensated?

Ultimately, you have to feel comfortable discussing all the details of your case with your attorney.

Call Today for the Best Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

If you are looking for a good motor vehicle accident lawyer please call our law firm for more helpful information in your search for a personal injury lawyer. We will be happy to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with you to discuss all the details of your case and set your mind at ease.


If have ever known anyone who has had to go through a personal injury lawsuit, you have probably heard that it took a really long time. Court cases can last a few months or stretch into a few years. Did you ever wonder why it takes so long? One of the reasons is that each side will have a lawyer in working on behalf of their respective clients. A good lawyer in will keep you informed at all stages of the process during your case. You should never feel that you are bothering your lawyer for an update, nor should you be left out of important information and developments.

Immediately following a car accident, you will be asked to meet with your lawyer in and make a statement as to your side of the story. You will also probably have to give a deposition to the opposing side and answer the same questions. Your lawyer is a skilled professional in these types of meetings, he has probably done hundreds of them. Your lawyer will be there every step of the way and will not allow you to answer any questions that may damage your case. A deposition also gives an indication as to the direction in which the future case will go. If you go alone, you could miss these vital clues which could be devastating to your case.

You may think that this is a simple meeting; the two sides get together and compare damages and liability. One of the procedures that your lawyer will perform after any car accident is to thoroughly investigate the other driver. This is where the other party’s previous driving record, health, age, and any other pertinent information must be researched. The other side will be doing the same thing to you. Their lawyer will talk to your attorney and they can both get a feel for where the case is going. If only you are talking to the other driver’s lawyer, the conversation will be decidedly one-sided and more than likely not in your favor.

Lawyer in Texas
Some of the other things that happen between meetings with your lawyer are the investigation of the accident site and research into accident statistics in your area and at the scene. Without having these important details, you might miss vital information for your case. It has been found in many cities that street lighting, stop signs and traffic signals have not been properly maintained or have even been allowed to become non-functional. Suppose your lawyer discovered that several accidents similar to yours have occurred at the same intersection and city officials have known and done nothing about it? What if next time someone is killed at the same intersection?

If there are serious injuries in a car accident there will be a lot of time spent behind the scenes by your lawyer to obtain doctor’s statements, toxicology reports and the impressions of the responding police and emergency personnel. In some cases, a policeman may suspect a driver is under the influence, but tests are not taken due to injuries or other circumstances at the scene. A skilled lawyer will investigate these statements and find that possibly, the other driver was drunk.

Particularly if there are conflicting stories as to the cause and the details of an accident, your lawyer may employ a private investigator to uncover anything that may be helpful to you and bolster your case. Many times exaggerated claims of injuries are debunked in this way. In one case, a man was claiming that he was permanently disabled and couldn’t work. The investigator followed him around and videotaped him bowling every week! You could never have discovered this on your own. This is why the services of a reputable lawyer are invaluable.

Lawyer in Texas

If you are looking for a skilled lawyer in Texas please call tour firm for more information that will assist you in your search for a personal injury lawyer. We will be happy to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with you to discuss all the details of your case and get it off to a good start.


Auto accident personal injury lawyers are standing by to provide you with a free consultation on your auto accident personal injury case. Auto accident attorneys have expertise in car accident cases. Car accident cases do not always just involve a car. Auto accident personal injury lawyers can help you in truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian injuries, and of course, car accident cases where someone has sustained an injury.

A thorough knowledge of traffic laws sets auto accident attorneys apart from lawyers do not handle much auto accident personal injury work.

But that is only half of the equation. Auto accident personal injury lawyers are very knowledgeable and experienced about personal injuries that are sustained in auto accidents. Neck and back injuries are very common in auto accident as well as head and brain injuries (concussions.) Auto accident personal injury collisions can also result in broken bones.
If you were involved in a very serious auto accident personal injury collision, and someone was ejected from the vehicle, broken bones and other very serious injuries are unfortunately too common. Experienced auto accident attorneys will know what to look for in cases involving these sorts of injuries, and how to position the case for maximum value.

In every auto accident personal injury case, obtaining the police report and witness statements can mean the difference between winning your auto accident personal injury case or losing it. While at the scene of your crash, you should always consider getting the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses who served the crash if you are able. Obviously if you have been severely injured in the crash, obtaining this information may be difficult or impossible. This is where experienced auto accident personal injury lawyers come in. Good auto accident attorneys can and do hire investigators to obtain information that you are unable to.
If you are a loved one has been involved in an auto accident personal injury, your primary concern should be getting appropriate medical care and trying to get better.

Hiring an auto accident personal injury lawyer allows you to do that, because your lawyer will take care of all details. You will not have to talk to the car insurance company about your injuries and how you are feeling once you are represented by a lawyer.

Consultations are always free. You can call the auto accident personal injury lawyer whenever you feel like it and discuss your case over the telephone or in person. Whatever you prefer is fine. There is no cost or obligation for talking to the auto accident attorneys. This way, you can get all of your questions answered and regain some peace of mind.

Auto Accident Personal Injury
There is no charge or attorneys fee unless you hire the auto accident personal injury lawyer and they win your case. Winning your case means a settlement or verdict in your case. This way, no money comes out of your pocket until the case is resolved.

Our auto accident personal injury lawyers represent people all over Texas. You can get help and answers your questions free and right now. Call now!


Accident injury lawyers dedicate their practice to representing people who were injured in all sorts of accidents. The most common type of injury case accident injury lawyers handle are motor vehicle accident cases. Motor vehicle accident cases most commonly include car accidents. They also include truck, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents. If you are struck by a car while walking, this is also considered a car accident case.

If you were involved in an accident, the accident injury lawyers will want to know what sort of injuries you sustained. Back injuries are the one of the most common kinds of injuries in every kind of injury case. Car accidents with neck injuries are also very common. Sometimes a car accident victim requires neck surgery or back surgery. These are very serious injury cases. Other serious injuries which accident injury lawyers see include broken bones, permanent scars, brain injuries (concussions), paralysis or even death. As you can see, auto accident attorneys handle cases from minor to extremely serious and life-changing.

Insurance companies battle against accident injury lawyers every day, and they do not like auto accident attorneys. Insurance companies would much rather have you try to handle your case by yourself. This is because insurance companies know the rules in accident injury cases. And they are hoping that you will not ask for help. But asking for help from accident injury lawyers is the smartest thing you can do to make sure that you get recovery of your personal injury damages.

Accident injury lawyers make it easy to get help. First, accident injury lawyers offer a free consultation. You can call on the telephone and ask accident injury lawyers all of your questions for free. There is never a charge for an initial consultation.

Accident Injury Lawyers
Second, auto accident attorneys do not charge you any money to handle your case until and unless they win your case. This is called a contingency fee. It means that you never pay the lawyer out of your pocket. Accident injury lawyers only get paid if they win.

If you have questions and worries, please feel free to call us right away to get answers to your questions for free. Call now!


Truck Accidents causes can be divided into three distinct categories. They can be weather related, equipment failure related, or simply caused by the driver. In some cases it can be a combination of more than one reason. For example, a driver going too fast when the road was slick due to rain or snow can cause a crash. Here in Texas, fog sometimes in combination with smoke from wildfires are significant contributors to major truck accidents and deaths.

If you have been involved in an accident with a heavy truck it is important that you seek the advice of a trucking accident lawyer, who understand the issues and causes of these types of accidents.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the agency responsible for overseeing America’s truck industry has developed a Safety Measurement System (SMS) to help in the task of improving highway safety in the truck industry. This system uses seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) to evaluate the safety performance of truck companies. They are:

UNSAFE DRIVING – Operating in a careless or reckless manner. Method of evaluation – Traffic Violations: Speeding, Reckless Driving, Improper Lane Changes and Inattention.
FATIGUED DRIVING – Drivers who are ill, fatigued or violate the Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations. Method of evaluation – Exceeding HOS, and incomplete or inaccurate logbook, and operating the truck while ill or tired.
DRIVER FITNESS – Drivers who are unfit because of lack of sufficient training, experience or because of medical conditions.
CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES and ALCOHOL – Drivers who are impaired due to alcohol, illegal drugs or misuse of either prescription or over-the-counter medications. Method of evaluation: citations for use or possession of controlled substances or alcohol.
VEHICLE MAINTENANCE- Failure to properly maintain equipment. Method of evaluation: citations for brakes, lights, and other mechanical defects as well as failure to make required repairs.
CARGO RELATED – Failure to prevent shifting loads, spilling cargo and unsafe handling of hazardous materials. Method of evaluation: Citations for improper load securement, cargo retention and hazardous material handling.
CRASH INDICATOR – An evaluation of a trucking companies crash history based on data from State provided crash reports which help identify histories or patterns of high number of crashes, including both the frequency and severity of such accidents.
Most truck drivers are paid on a “per mile” basis. The more miles that a driver completes, the larger that his paycheck will be. While the maximum number of hours a driver is supposed to complete is mandated by the HOS, keeping track of those hours is the sole responsibility of the driver himself. It’s similar to the fox guarding the chicken coop. Some drivers have even been known to keep dual paper logs. One for the truck, the second for their paycheck. If they will cheat their employer, they will do almost anything illegal.

Accidents with heavy trucks can cause life changing injuries and often, death. Truck drivers who have been negligent must be made to pay. Your case could help make the highways safer for others. So how do you choose a lawyer? Here are some things to consider:

The number of years your lawyer has been litigating these cases.
The understanding your attorney has for what is involved in cases such as yours.
An attorney with a good track record is essential.
The attorney has been recognized by law associations with awards and distinctions.
Truck drivers have a difficult job and in these economic times the temptation to cheat must be very high. But you, as an accident victim, should not have to pay for the mistakes of others! If you have been involved in such an accident it is prudent that you contact a truck accident lawyer to assist you in obtaining just compensation.


If you were involved in an accident with a semi or a commercial truck, there are a number of things that you should do. Truck accident lawyers have compiled a trucking accident checklist for your consideration. Listed below are some of the more important tasks that you should undertake in the event that you have been involved in a heavy truck accident.

If you and your passengers can safely exit your vehicle do so as quickly as possible. In a crash this always a chance of fire so turning off your ignition and leaving your vehicle could be very important.
If possible, move to a safe location. Away from the traffic lanes in the event additional vehicles are further involved in the collision.
If no one has done so already, call 911 to report the accident. This is extremely important if there are personal injuries. This will ensure that medical attention arrives at the scene as quickly as possible.
Do not leave the accident scene until the police arrive and tell you that it is okay for you to leave.
Gather as much information from the other parties involved as possible. Names, addresses, telephone numbers and insurance information will be helpful later on.
If you or your passengers have a cell phone with picture taking capabilities use it to document as much of the scene as possible. Take pictures of a particular damage to both yours and other vehicles. Pictures of injuries could also be useful. At your earliest opportunity download and store this documentation at a stable and safe location for further use if required.
See to it that you or anyone else involved receives adequate medical attention. Even if you initially did not think you are hurt, being examined by a qualified physician is important. The increased adrenaline levels resulting from the accident itself will sometimes mask pain. Also, some types of injuries take a while to evidence themselves.
It is important that you do not make any statements at the accident scene. It is way too early in the process to determine who was at fault so therefore do not make admissions of fault. Do not say “I didn’t see you, you were in my blind spot”, “my insurance will take care of it” or even “I’m sorry” or any other similar statement. These could be considered as admissions of guilt.
Even if you had received medical attention at the accident scene, follow up with a doctor’s visit.
Notify your insurance carrier that you have had an accident and give them any details you have collected.
As soon as practical contact a truck accident attorney. If you or someone in your vehicle was seriously injured it is critical to have your accident attorney begin the process of investigating and collecting evidence. It is important that this crucial data not be lost due to a time lapse.
Remember, the above are only guidelines. A seasoned lawyer knows the in’s and out’s of litigating cases just like yours. They know the right questions to ask the right places to looks for clues and evidence. Their experience is essential to the successful resolution of your case.

If you have been involved in a collision with a heavy truck, don’t delay – contact an attorney for help today. Our lawyers have the years of experience litigating cases just like yours. Call today!


Texas Boating Accident Lawyer Attorney
Texas Boating Accident Lawyer | Maritime Law Texas, Texas Maritime Injury Lawyer, Texas Maritime Injury Attorney | Texas Boating Accident Report

More and more of us are making the time to enjoy the beauty of our waterways every year. The recreational possibilities are increasing as the popularity of personal water crafting and motor boating continues to rise. Unfortunately, so are boating accidents.
More than 4,000 people are injured and 750 people die in boating accidents annually. Almost 80% of those who die do not wear floatation devices when the accident occurs. And almost 3/4 of the deaths are due to drowning. If you’ve been injured in Texas you should contact an experienced Texas boating accident attorney.
Call us today for a FREE accident review. Get the experience and dedication of a premier
law firm now!

Similar to auto and bus drivers, operating a boat carries the responsibility of keeping the people on board safe by exercising what is known as reasonable care in preventing injury to others. Yet statistics claim more than 80% of boat operators don’t take a course in boating safety and 40% of accidents that cause injury involve alcohol use and can possibly fall under the category of negligence.

Texas Boating Accident Laws
Federal law states that boating accidents that result in injuries that require more than simple first aid, or result in death of an individual or their disappearance, must be reported within 48 hours to either the Coast Guard or state authorities. Then, after the Boating Accident Report Database system determines if property damage exceeds $500, the accident must be reported within ten days of when it occurs.
There are other maritime laws that are specific to governing waterway safety and what occurs when they are not adhered to. If you or someone you know has experienced a boating accident, it is wise to speak with an attorney with experience in maritime laws and boat accident lawsuits as soon as possible, to file your claim within the limited time period.

If you’ve been injured in Texas you should contact an experienced Texas boating accident attorney. Don’t let someone else’s negligence harm you physically or wreak havoc on your life. Our experience with maritime law will provide you with the support and action you need to get on with your life. Call us today at and get the experience you need to protect your rights.
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Direct negligence

A truck company can be found directly negligent in an accident if it negligently hired the driver of its truck, failed to ensure that the truck driver was properly licensed, negligently entrusted the truck driver with the truck, failed to instruct properly the truck driver on the safe use of the truck in terms of loading, unloading and driving, and for negligent maintenance of the truck as well as for failing to have truck properly equipped.

The trucking company has a “non-delegable duty,” i.e., a duty it cannot pass on to anyone else, to use reasonable care to equip and maintain the truck in compliance with the law. The truck must be equipped as required by statute and as is necessary for safe operation and must be maintained in a reasonably safe running condition. Failure to equip or maintain a truck as required by law gives rise to a presumption of negligence. No person can operate a commercial motor vehicle without a special driver’s license and without passing a special examination. A commercial truck driver who is convicted of any offense involving the safe operation of a truck or has his or her license or privileges suspended, revoked or canceled, must notify the employer within 30 days.

Under law, no person may be issued a commercial driver’s license until passing a written and driving test for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle which complies with the minimum Federal standards. Further, until a truck driver passes the airbrake component of the knowledge test, they must have a license which restricts them from operating trucks with air brakes.

Drivers that operate a double trailer, tank vehicle, carry hazardous materials, or transport certain kinds of loads require a special DMV endorsement to be able to drive.

Compensatory Damages in Truck Accident Cases.

In a truck accident case, plaintiff can recover for past medical expenses, future predicted medical expenses, past wage loss, future predicted wage loss and for past and future pain and suffering.The medical expenses are determined by the testimony of physicians or other health care providers. Frequently, an economist or an expert in the industry determines the amount of future wage loss; however, no expert can testify to the value of pain and suffering.Pain and suffering is typically the most significant element of a plaintiff’s damage and it includes emotional distress. Contrary to popular belief, there is no formula for pain and suffering awards and it varies greatly from case to case depending upon the location of the case, the seriousness of the injury and how well the case is presented.


Our Trucking Accident Trial Lawyers represent clients seriously injured due to the negligence of trucking companies and truck drivers. Our trucking litigators regularly represent clients all over Texas. Our attorneys and staff speak Spanish so that we may serve our Hispanic clients. Consultations with our truck accident trial lawyers are always free and cases are taken on a contingent fee basis, meaning you do not owe any attorneys fee unless we win your truck crash case or have secured a settlement for you. Our trucking crash lawyers will work hard to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible for your injuries sustained in a truck wreck. Our trial teams regular prosecute injury claims against national trucking companies and negligent truckers. If you have been injured in a wreck or collision involving a tractor trailer, semi truck, dump truck, flatbed truck, moving truck or any other type of truck, call for a free consultation with one of our trucking lawyers.

Our law firm has tried many cases involving truck collisions throughout Texas and in other States. If you have been injured by a truck driver while in Texas, our truck crash law firm can help you recover your lost wages, medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering and other damages caused by a negligent truck driver.

Our truck wreck and collision expert reconstruction witnesses will analyze every detail of your trucking crash. Our attorneys understand the details of motor carrier compliance, and the way to properly investigate a trucking crash to recover the maximum compensation against negligent truck drivers and trucking companies, and seek punitive damages against the negligent parties, if appropriate. In addition to truck collision cases, our attorney have handles cases involving roll-overs. It is far too common that truckers follow too closely or tailgate passenger cars in front of them. Following too closely is an offense that many truck drivers are guilty of and which cause a great deal of trucking wrecks. Our trucking collision law firm employs paralegals and investigators who understand Spanish and will assist in the investigation and work up of your trucking collision case and will keep you informed of the progress of your trucking crash case. If you have been hurt in a crash involving a truck or roll-over, our attorneys will work hard to ensure that you and your family receive the compensation that is due because of the negligent truck driver for causing the truck wreck.

Our law office regularly litigates cases of truck crash or wrecks in Texas and throughout the United States with the assistance of out-of-state legal attorneys and legal teams. If you have been injured in a truck crash or truck wreck due the negligence of a truck driver who is fatigued, call our attorneys today for a free consultation on your trucking wreck claim. Our car and truck accident law firm has been handling truck accident cases for many years and stand ready to assist you in your trucking accident collision.

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