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General information about caravan accidents that may occur during your vacation
Caravan accidents 1-855-WIN-THE-CASEIt is not so unlikely that you get involved in a vehicle accident while you are going on a vacation trip, as some interstates and highways get extremely busy, especially during the summer months. Auto crashes can occur on every corner as a result of speeding, internal mechanical or engine damage of cars, trucks and recreational vehicles or even simply because someone on the road got too nervous or too absent minded and lost control over the steering wheel.

What to do in case of an accident during your vacation?
If you accidentally get involved in such a misfortunate event and injure yourself through no fault of your own you must immediately find an attorney to defend your rights during the investigation and help you settle for a fair amount of compensation. No matter how sceptical you are towards requesting a legal advisor’s assistance, you may be surprised to find his advice very beneficial for the future improvement of your finances. A little initial investment on legal aid can eventually win you an amount high enough to cover not only your medical expenses and lost wages but also sufficient to secure your future for the next few years. An expert RV accident injury lawyer is what you need from the very beginning in order to get the amount you consider fair to make up for your pain and suffering during the vehicle accident recovery process..

How do RV accidents happen?
It is an interesting fact that state laws do not require special driving permits for the recreational vehicles like caravans and campers, despite they cannot maneuver so easy as other vehicles. The result is that the more inexperienced drivers that are not used to the size of that vehicle end up in accidents. Motor homes and campers driven by people unqualified to drive over-sized vehicles are more likely to end up in an accident situation than those operated by senior drivers experienced in maneuvering and keeping good balance on the road with recreational vehicles.

The hazards for a trip over of oversized-vehicles also depend on the type of RVs. Most of the accidents appear because of poorly balanced load or overloading, insufficient driver’s experience, runaway trailers, rollover caused by higher center of gravity, poorly calculated turns and driver fails to notice a vehicle in the RVs’ large blind spot.

US official statistic data provided by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2010 points that over 85,000 people annually get involved in Recreational Vehicle accidents and, unfortunately, for more than a thousand of the events turns out to be fatal. If you want to know how much is your case worth when involved in a crash due to the negligence of another you then need to consult a RV injury lawyer. There are plenty of personal injury expert attorneys but only a few of them had specialized in motor home and caravan accident cases.To obtain the best financial compensation for your pain and suffering you need to know who are the most reputed names in your area. Someone who has the skill and expertise to help you will become your best friend during the investigation and the medical recovery process. A claims management company like 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE can definitely help you if you wonder how to get it all started and find the best legal defender for your case.












Main reasons to hire a car collision lawyer
Car accidents are one of the most common type of accidents within the US. This is why almost every driver has a car insurance. Unfortunately, humans always think more about the material possessions they own and value their health less. For instance we all have motor-vehicle insurances but almost none of us have insured themselves in case an accident occurs.

So what happens if we get hurt in a car collision? How are we supposed to pay our medical expenses and survive the period during our treatment without receiving any salary?

Car collision lawyersThe options are several, but all of them include hiring a reputed negligence tort attorney at first. You should do that immediately after the accident took place if you do not want to say or do something that may ruin your case. No matter if the collision is a result of the careless driving of another or it happened through your fault you must call the police first and assist them with information that will help them prepare their report. Be careful about the way you present them the accident details, when you are the victim as this police report will later be of great importance when your case is being evaluated and your personal injury compensation calculated.

When interviewing prospective car collision lawyers, you may wish to ask if they have worked with any medical experts, financial consultants and other specialists who can assist you by supporting your claim and determining the appropriate value. You also need your defender to be familiar with the legal complexities that may be involved in certain car collision circumstances. That is why you should not just pick a random motor-vehicle accident attorney but search for an expert who had won outstanding amounts of monetary compensations for car accident victims in particular.

If you call 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE we can briefly explain you some basics about the car collision law and then quickly redirect you to a reputed personal injury attorney that we consider extremely suited to your case, in the area you live in. This is some free help we can provide for you as we aim to aid road accident victims find their best match when they are looking for car collision lawyers. Take one advice from us – Do not fall for the initial offer of the accused party insurance company. We know it will look quite good at the time they will present it to you but you never know how much more you can get only if you find a legal defender to present the evidence that you have against the other party that is at fault, in court. Don’t be afraid to act – you deserve to get all the money that are rightfully yours, now!

Important steps to make after being involved in a car crash: How to hire a collision lawyer?
Many people don’t know how to act when they have been involved in a personal injury accident. They often leave the scene or do not look for legal assistance immediately after the misfortunate event has occurred which eventually ruins their case. That is why it is important that every US citizen knows the basic steps he/she has to take up after a road accident as nobody can feel secure that this can never happen to them in the busy times we live in when so many people commute miles every day.

Car collision lawyerThe first and most important thing to remember is that you should always seek for a reputed car collision lawyer immediately after you have been injured, actually sometimes even before leaving the accident scene. Legal services are not a loss of money as you may think – exactly the opposite, they may earn you a lot in return to the small initial investment, as every auto accident negligence victim in the US is eligible to receive a high compensation, once he/she presents some evidence that somebody else caused the car collision and was at fault.

Here are some advice on what you should do in order to get the best out of your case:
• Never leave the accident scene before the police arrives! – It is your legal right to remain silent and not make any written or taped statements until you get some reputed legal aid, but you definitely have to be there so the police can get all of your details as well as the registration information about your vehicle and the negligent party’ vehicle as well in order to prepare the mandatory police report, being the first evidence that you can use in court in your favour.

• Never move the other victims in the car collision unless you are absolutely sure that you cannot harm them in any way by doing this. Otherwise, if you have no medical education or first aid skills you risk to cause them extreme pain and injure them more than they were before your intervention. Once the ambulance arrives they will take care of the injured.

• The same rule applies for the vehicles that collided. If they do not block the entire road and cause a congestion you better not move them until the authorities arrive. This should be done as otherwise they will not be able to get an impartial idea of how it all happened and who was at fault.

What happens next?
A crash unit or a police officer will interview all the participants and witnesses and collect their contact details in case further investigation is required. Make sure to get those as well, as if your case goes to trial it will be important for your car collision lawyer to have the possibility to call a witness and ask him/her to testify in your favour. In order to do that, however you need to hire a reputed personal injury attorney at first. An easy way to find the best negligence tort specialist in your area is to call 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE. We are a claims management company that has a broad network of attorneys with rich case history and can redirect you, without charging you for that, to the best attorney that will win you the highest settlement in town.

Need money fast? – Get a car accident lawyer
Car accidents lawyerThe most common type of motor vehicle accidents that occur in the US on a daily basis are car accidents. Unfortunately when such events occur there is always a victim that suffers the consequences of someone that has been negligent while driving or parking. There is nothing you can do to turn back the time and fix the damage but you surely do have the legal right to get compensated for your pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost opportunities if you are the injured party.

In order to obtain a monetary relief from the accused party in a quick manner you must hire a car accident lawyer as soon as you can. No matter how hard it is for you to deal with such activities at a time while you are still undergoing medical physical or mental treatment it is an absolute must for those of you who want to feel the financial security to pay all their bills, while they are in a hospital.

There are several well known methods to find an expert car injury litigator:
• A car accident negligence lawyer is most commonly a motor-vehicle collision specialist that could be found in reputed law firms. So try visiting or calling a few of them that you have heard of and make your choice.

• If you do not have the time and strength to go around town and meet different personal injury attorneys dealing with road accident cases get to Plan B. Call 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE and ask us to redirect you to a skillful and aggressive negligence tort lawyer with a proven reputation and excellent case history from our list of local car collision specialists that we have. The legal advisors we can contact you with have all won impressive high car collision compensations to the victims of road accidents.

• An automobile accident attorney can also be found if you have a local friend that was in the same situation to ask.

What you should avoid doing before hiring a car accident lawyer, however, is:
• Moving your car or changing the position of another victim, unless you are medically competent before the police and the ambulance arrive. By doing so you my ruin your case and risk to be accused for some personal damages.

• Giving oficial written or taped statements immediately after the accident while you are still in shock and without a legal defender to guide you. If you provide too much wrongfully organised and constructed information the police report may be used against you in court.

• Accepting settlements, that were offered to you by the Insurance company of the party at fault for the car collision. Those settlements only cover your medical bills but do not compensate you for all the pain and suffering you had gone through and all the wages you had lost.


The importance of being insured in case you become a car crash victim
You deserve a fair compensation for your injuries!
If you or your family had been put at risk or injured on the road due to the negligence of another driver then you fall under the category of car crash injury victims and have the legal right to obtain a compensation for your pain and suffering from the party at fault. In order to obtain those damages you better hire a reputed personal injury lawyer with an expert reputation for winning car collision cases to defend you both in and out of court and to explain you in details what your legal rights are and how you should act if you do not want to ruin your case before the verdict is announced.

Highway serious accidents are mostly caused by drunk or distracted drivers. Such accidents are investigated by either the responding police officer or a crash unit.

The initial investigation process often consists of:
• Obtaining official statements and interviewing all the witnesses that were present at the time when the car collision occurred, as well as taking their contact details for future reference.
• Picturing the accident scene
• Preparing a police report that will be one of the official documents presented in court if you go on a trial
• Examining the visible injuries sustained as a result of the respective car collision

Car Crash InjuryAlmost no California drivers have a life insurance policy that could pay for a funeral if the unthinkable happened, or another type of insurance that could pay for the medical expenses of the injured, so being compensated can sometimes be a truly stressful and exhausting process as none of the parties involved in the car accident is willing to pay the other any damages. This is why car crash injury lawyers are an absolute must if you want to resolve your case and obtain a monetary relief in a civilised way without any low settlements, offered under the table, or fake insurance tricks that we have also heard about a lot.

When looking for a skillful well-known car collision attorney in your town and want to finish quickly with your search you better call 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE. We will redirect you to a specialist in the negligence tort law area, as soon as you present us some information about your case. What’s the best part about it is that we will do that absolutely free or charge as we do not want to profit from your case but to aid you resolve it.


Home » Areas of practice » Car accidents » Factors causing car crash fatality cases – Ways to protect ourselves on the road

Factors causing car crash fatality cases – Ways to protect ourselves on the road
Car collisions are unfortunately one of the most common type of accidents causing wrongful death to both passengers and pedestrians within the US borders. That is why road safety laws are passed every year, with the intention to reduce their number at least a bit.

The main reasons for the occurrence of tragic car crash deaths are:
1) Factors that are related to drivers and other road users that may contribute to a collision, or otherwise called human factors
2) Factors that affect on the normal driver’s level of skill, or otherwise called driver impairment. They can be classified under the following main groups:
– Use of alcohol or drugs
– Sleep deprivation
– Youth or old age
– Distracted driving – it includes texting and talking, using GPS, eating and drinking, talking to passengers while driving
– Physical impairment
3) Factors that are related to the speed of the car driver
4) The roadway design and the environment
5) Factors, related to the brand of the vehicle and its design

Many new road safety strategies have been applied over the past few years in order to reduce the car crash death percent. Best practices from other countries are also adopted, but the truth is that in order to achieve a satisfactory result the car drivers should take the responsibility to protect themselves and their passengers more seriously. It is reported that in most auto collisions in the United States involving death or serious injuries the victims were less likely to wear seatbelts. This proves the fact that people are not protecting themselves and do not take driving as seriously as they should.

Car accident deathThe American law system and the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) defines car fatality cases as accidents in which a vehicle with engine, participating in a collision injures a person that dies within 30 days after the car crash and not only those who pass away immediately. So even if your loved ones do survive the initial shock and die a bit later you are eligible to receive a fatality personal injury compensation for your loss of companionship and security. In order to achieve that you must hire a reputed negligence tort law attorney immediately after the death. The sooner you get a legal defender and collect evidence to prove that your friend or relative was not at fault for the car collision but its victim the higher chances you will stand to obtain a monetary relief big enough to secure you financially for many years to come.

In order to find the best car crash death lawyer in your area you must hurry up to call 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE and tell us a bit more about the circumstances around the accident. We will quickly redirect you to a fatality lawyer who has a proven reputation for winning the highest settlements in your town or county and a rich case history in the car collision death cases. Do not let the pain for your loss distract you from the option to get financially compensated by the party at fault and act now!


How to act at the scene of a car collision for which we are not at fault
The world would have been a better place if we were able to predict and prevent car accidents, but unfortunately at this point they still continue to be the most common cause for personal injuries within the US. No matter what laws are passed and what safety systems are installed in your vehicle if you are not fully concentrated while driving, there is nothing that can protect you.

Car crash lawyerHaving in mind that there is barely anyone that hasn’t been involved in a car accident at least once in his or her lifetime it is a good idea to find the contact details of an expert car crash lawyer to have at hand just in case. No matter how unnecessary that may seem to you it is important to have a legal defender in mind as if you get hurt it will be extremely important to have a legal defender by your side from the very beginning to help the investigation.

In the very likely case that you have noone to call when injured in a car collision and you need to take some immediate action, we at 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE recommend you to do the following:

Call 911 to seek for medical help if injured.
Write down all the details that you may later forget no matter how stupid it may look to you to take notes at that time – those can be the plate numbers of all the cars involved in the collision, the contact details of all witnesses present and the insurance policy number of the party at fault.
Write down any recollections of what you saw if you are in the condition to do that while you are waiting for medical help. If you do not put to paper all the facts that you can remember you may later forget them completely which will not be in your favour if you are not at fault.
Assist the police to prepare their report by providing them with all the information you can. That report will be later considered an important evidence against the accused party when you file for a lawsuit and get your case evaluation done by a professional car crash lawyer.
Luckily in a very high percentage of the cases the victims are not severely injured but just stressed out. Of course, stress can also be regarded as a non-physical trauma caused by the collision and you may get compensated financially for that as well. In order to obtain the most out of your case hurry up to hire a car crash lawyer to navigate your litigation. If you wonder how to get it all started call us and we will assist you with some free guidelines and information.


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