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For over 25 years, our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys have represented many accident victims throughout the state, and have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

Free Initial Consultation

If you have suffered an injury from an accident due to negligence or through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to damages. Have you been a victim of medical malpractice or suffered workplace injuries? Come by our office or call us to discuss your case for free. Generally, we can tell you immediately whether we can take your case.

Attorneys Handle Your Case, Not Secretaries

Your case will be personally handled by attorneys who have years of experience in personal injury law. Many personal injury law firms rely heavily on secretaries, paralegals and other non-attorney personnel to handle cases. We believe that in order to maximize and speed up your recovery, your case must be handled personally by attorneys.

How We Charge – No Fee Until We Win Your Case

We take cases on a contingency basis. You pay no fee unless we make a recovery for you. Costs, such as medical records copy charges, which are usually nominal, are extra. We generally charge a fee equal to one-third (1/3) of the amount we recover for you, even if we have to try your case in court. Many other firms now charge 40% or more if your case goes to trial.


Product Liability

If you or a loved one have been injured by a product you may have a liability case against the product’s manufacturers and/or distributors and may be able to recover damages to compensate you.

Many types of defective products can cause injuries, including:

Medical Devices
Household Products & Appliances
Power Tools
Tires (Rollover Accident)
Vehicles (Enhanced Injuries in a Car Accident Due to Lack of Crashworthiness)
Medicines (Unsafe Prescription Drugs)
Children’s Toys, Clothes, & Cribs
Recreation Equipment
Safety Devices for Children (Car Seats, Baby Seats, High Chairs)
Care Seat & Seat Belt Failures
Airbag Injuries
Prescription Medications & Over-The-Counter Drugs

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a defective product, contact us for a free initial consultation.




When people die due to negligence, surviving family members must walk a difficult road. Not only are they grieving, but they often must do so while carrying added financial burdens.

Through my legal practice, I represent survivors of victims of wrongful death negligence. I help them to recover the financial costs of medical bills, funeral expenses and decreased family income, as well as non monetary losses for pain and suffering and loss of companionship. I also help them regain a sense of justice and dignity by holding negligent parties accountable for actions (or inaction) that directly caused or contributed to their loved one’s serious injuries and wrongful death.

Your Family Deserves Justice, Dignity and Compensation

I represent clients in a full range of wrongful death litigation involving:

Motor vehicle accidents
Commercial truck accidents
Premises liability accidents (accidents on property)
Nursing home negligence and/or abuse
Accidental death involving government liability

Because of my more than three decades of legal experience, I understand the complexities of wrongful death litigation. I am dedicated to proving your case and to recovering your survivor benefits. When possible, I use medical experts, accident reconstructionists, actuarial accountants and other professionals as part of a careful evidence-gathering process designed to prove the negligence and liability of parties who fatally injured your loved one and who now owe your family money for its terrible loss.

My more than 16 years of representing insurance companies in personal injury litigation taught me how insurance adjusters and insurance attorneys think about and evaluate cases. This insight is extremely useful when pursuing damages from insurance companies. Although I work to broker the best settlements for my clients, I am at my best in the courtroom. I have spent my entire career using my understanding of law and courtroom procedures to benefit hundreds of clients.

Free Consultation

To discuss your situation and your legal options for recovering damages with an experienced personal injury attorney, contact our office for a free initial consultation as a prospective client.



Harm to Children – Child Injury Lawyer

The threats to a happy and safe childhood are everywhere: shaken baby syndrome, car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents caused by careless drivers, burns caused by unsafe products, inattentive adults, caretakers and negligent and abusive adults, dog bites, house fires, unfenced pools, windows without guards, unsafe toys, unsafe child products, and unlocked guns and household chemicals, to name a few.

The National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System estimates that almost one million cases of child abuse or neglect are reported in the United States each year. Children who are victims of neglect or abuse suffer not only the physical manifestation of this abuse, but must also endure painful emotional and psychological suffering. The physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of abuse and neglect can take years to overcome. In cases where a baby or child has lost his or her life due to abuse or neglect, the results are unimaginably tragic.

You may be asking yourself how you can help a child who has been left to face the consequences of wrongdoing by an adult. You may want to seek justice, and ensure that the child receives coverage for his or her long-term medical and psychological needs, in addition to any compensation for pain and suffering. This is where our attorneys can help. We have experienced personal injury attorneys, and over three decades of trial experience. We have handled cases involving trauma to children, including cases of sexual molestation.

We accept only a select number of cases, which allows us to provide personalized attention and allocate significant resources to the children and families in each case.

Damage claims on behalf of children include the following:
Children’s brain injury
Children’s spinal injury
Child scarring and disfigurement
Automobile accident injury
Truck accident injury
Pedestrian and bicycle injury
Premises liability
Wrongful death cases
Child molestation & sex abuse
Defective product cases
Birth trauma injuries
Dog bites

If you believe that a child in your family has been injured due to the fault of another, call our office for a free consultation about your child injury case.


Head Injuries

Head injury is a trauma to the head, which may or may not include injury to the brain. Head injuries can be closed or open. A closed head injury is one in which the skull is not broken. A penetrating head injury occurs when an object pierces the skull. A head injury may cause a skull fracture, which may or may not be associated with injury to the brain. Brain injuries may occur over a wide or small area.

Common causes of head injury are:
Traffic accidents, including pedestrian accidents
Occupational accidents, including construction accidents
Assaults and other violent crimes
Bicycle, motorcycle, and truck accidents are also a common cause of head injury-related death and disability.

Head injuries can result in attention, emotional, and memory loss problems. Severe head injuries can lead to paralysis, coma, or wrongful death. Because so much is at stake, you should entrust your head injury case to an experienced personal injury attorney. Our attorneys have over three decades of trial experience, including 16 years representing insurance companies in personal injury cases.

We offer a free initial consultation to go over your case, and do not collect any fee until you obtain a settlement or a monetary award at trial. If you are in need of a head or brain injury attorney, call our office today to set up your free consultation.


If you or someone close to you suffered a serious injury in an accident, you know how urgent the need is for compensation. Medical bills are one thing, but if you cannot work because of a serious injury or permanent disability, you may no longer be able to provide for yourself or your family. In such circumstances, it is important to hold negligent parties accountable for their roles in causing your injuries. Whether you were struck by a negligent motorist, run off the road by a commercial truck or crushed by heavy equipment while on a construction site – just to cite a few examples – you can recover financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Our firm has spent more than 35 years defending the rights of our clients in court and in negotiations. For more than 16 years, we represented insurance companies in personal injury litigation, and learned how insurance adjusters and insurance attorneys think about and evaluate cases.

If someone you care about was seriously injured or killed as the result of negligence, we can provide you with thorough and effective representation designed to maximize your compensation. Our goal is always to restore our clients to good health by seeking the compensation they need to pay their medical bills and cover the costs of lost wages, disabilities and inability to earn money in the future.

Getting the Diagnosis You Need, Legal Help You Deserve

We represent clients with a wide range of serious injuries, including:
Radiating nerve pain
Severed spinal cord/paraplegia/quadriplegia
Vertebral disk herniations
Cervical injury/spine injuries
Amputation of arms, legs, fingers and other body parts
Torn tendons and ligaments
Crushing injury caused by impact/blunt force
Bone fractures/compound fractures
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) leading to loss of brain function, personality changes and/or loss of cognitive abilities

We will help you get the diagnosis you need and start a process of documenting your condition and accompanying medical expenses over time. We will also counsel you on your legal options for seeking compensation from negligent parties and their insurance companies, which may need legal encouragement to pay the full amounts due to you.
With the assistance of medical experts, vocational rehabilitation specialists and other qualified parties, we can prove the true costs of your injuries and obtain the compensation you need, either in court or in negotiations. Our many years of experience as a practicing trial lawyers will benefit you in either case.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation for prospective clients. To discuss your serious injury and options for compensation with an experienced serious injuries lawyer, contact us today. We look forward to helping you.


Wrongful Death Truck Accidents – Truck accidents

Traffic accidents are a leading cause of catastrophic injuries and tragic deaths, and large commercial trucks often play a role in these accidents. These vehicles – also known as semi trucks, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, or big rigs – can cause a large amount of damage or even wrongful death from even a relatively “minor” accident due to their freight loads and very large size. Dump trucks and tanker trucks, the type that carry large amounts of liquid, also may be involved in this type of very damaging accidents.

Truck accidents may occur for a variety of reasons, including:
Poor road conditions
Inadequate driver training
Truck overloading
Driver fatigue, stress, inattention, or carelessness
Failure to see objects in one of a truck’s large blind spots
Failure to leave enough space between truck and other vehicles

Our firm has personal injury attorneys with three decades of trial experience, of which 16 years were spent representing insurance companies in negligence and injury cases. We know how insurance adjusters and insurance lawyers think. We know what juries look for in personal injury trials to award the monetary damages for fair compensation of your or your loved one’s injuries.

We will use all of our experience and knowledge to aggressively represent your legal interests if you have been injured in a truck accident. If you are in need of an attorney, call our office for a free consultation


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