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Some suburbs make an effort to be livable communities; others are not much more than bedroom conglomerations. Hatboro, Pa., was recently voted one of the “Best Places to Live in the U.S.,” evidence of its effort to create a true community and provide the kind of public services and resources that residents rave about.

Horsham, right next door, proudly guards its status as a municipality even though it keeps “township” in its name. Both Hatboro and Horsham have been able to attract numerous businesses with considerable clout.

One result of that ability to lure businesses and corporations to their borders, coupled with the high livability index, is that traffic has increased in recent years in the Hatboro-Horsham area. The region around Philadelphia as a whole can get very bogged down when workers are going into and out of the city, and now people drive from all sides of Philadelphia to work in Hatboro-Horsham.

Some commuters need to zip up I-95 east of town; many others take the famed Pennsylvania Turnpike that runs along Hatboro-Horsham’s southern border. The Turnpike has been a useful artery for decades in the state, but it has many treacherous stretches that need repair, and winter driving can be a true challenge for several months each year. High accident rates along the Turnpike prove the difficulty of navigating this long ribbon, especially when there is a long line of cars in your lane and fog or snow are impairing visibility and reducing traction.

When the weather is nicer and you get an early start on your commute, it can be very easy to not notice your speed or get strung along in a pack of vehicles all headed to work. When you feel like a fish swimming in a large school, it can be effortless to run a red light or speed, especially if you get behind one of the many trucks that are crossing the state or heading north or south to eventually join I-95.

You might think that you’re guilty of your alleged infraction, but you should consider your options before mailing in your fine, which is in essence a final admission of guilt. Even if the fine is not huge, it could cost you much more in the long term because of points assessed to your driving record and the resulting higher insurance premiums.

Speeding fines can set into motion a costly domino effect. Before you agree with the charging officer that you are completely guilty, consider these possibilities: 1) The police officer was using the new LIDAR technology with little or no training and made a critical error. These LIDAR guns, which use laser beams, are extremely sensitive and must be pointed at the right part of a vehicle to gauge an accurate speed. 2) The officer used VASCAR technology, which is basically a stopwatch hooked up to a computer. In triggering the stopwatch too late, the officer misread your speed over a given portion of the road. 3) The machines used in either of these scenarios were not fit for use by a law enforcement agency due to their lack of maintenance.

As you can see, the possibilities for error are almost too numerous to count. A Hatboro-Horsham speeding ticket lawyer can help you quickly identify numerous potential flaws with your speeding charge, including an angle that the officer had a lack of training in using certain speed detection technologies. With the abundant opportunities for error on the part of an officer, hiring a good Hatboro-Horsham traffic ticket lawyer could end up saving you a lot of money, time and points not added to your driving record.

Before paying your fine, call for a consultation with a Hatboro-Horsham traffic ticket attorney to examine your options when dealing with a traffic ticket. Who knows? You could be just a few points away from losing your license, which could lead to a job loss.

Contact a Hatboro-Horsham traffic ticket lawyer to examine your potential for a case and to give you valuable counsel regarding your choices in the matter. A trained professional who knows traffic law and how modern technology can go wrong in speed detection can help you to guard your driving record, hang on to your disposable cash and keep your job.

The small investment that you make in a top Hatboro-Horsham traffic ticket attorney will most likely be less than paying your fine and the elevated insurance premiums that follow for years to come. Make the wise choice and get a Hatboro-Horsham speeding ticket lawyer on your side.
It is always stressful and frustrating to get a traffic ticket, and for good reason. If you have been caught committing a traffic violation in Weatherly, you can face some pretty serious penalties for your traffic violations, penalties that accumulate and can follow you for years because they stay on your record. This means that a lot of people decide to not simply pay their fine and assume that will take care of their ticket, because there are other penalties aside from the fine that go with traffic tickets issued in Pennsylvania. If you choose to take the route of pleading not guilty to your traffic ticket and having the case heard in court, you will need to get in touch with an experienced Weatherly traffic ticket lawyer to help you present a strong defense before the judge.

Your traffic ticket case will be heard in front of the judge in the Carbon County district court that hears cases from Weatherly ( But know that the police officer who wrote your ticket will also be in court telling their side of the story, and judges are often more willing to believe them than to believe someone who comes to court with superb legal representation. In fact, most people who go to traffic court without a lawyer will lose their case. But calling a Weatherly traffic ticket attorney will greatly improve your chances of having your ticket dismissed or at least having the penalties that go with it reduced. But what does your lawyer have that you don’t? Aside from experience handling traffic tickets and a knowledge of the local courts, they will have the legal expertise to build a strong defense to counteract the story of the police officer, as well as access to the right kinds of evidence to support their argument. For example, they can show that the radar gun or traffic camera that caught you had a false reading, or that the police officer operating the speed gun did not have the appropriate training. There are several other strong defenses for people accused of committing traffic violations, so call your lawyer in plenty of time before your court date to start preparing.

You may be wondering why it is worth your time to go to court. The simple reason is that the penalties that go with traffic violations in Pennsylvania will stick with you for years and have negative consequences for you. Except for DUIs, whatever violation you committed will not only usually a fine associated with it but will also have a certain number of points that will go on your Pennsylvania driving record. As those points add up, so do the results. Six total points on your license will require you to take a test about safe driving and Pennsylvania traffic laws. Six more points will require not only the test but a hearing, where they will decide whether or not to suspend your license for fifteen days. And a third time you get six points means you will have your license suspended for a whole month, keeping you from driving yourself around freely for thirty days. The reason DUIs are a little different is because they do not add points to your record, but the penalties are still extremely harsh. For your first DUI, you will have to spend six months on probation, attend mandatory alcohol treatment and traffic school, and pay a $300 fine. If this is not your first DUI, or if your blood alcohol content was very high, the fines will increase and you will spend time in jail.

If you decide that these penalties are not worth facing, call your Weatherly traffic ticket lawyer today. They can help create a strong defense when you go to court so you can face less of these harsh penalties or even avoid facing all of them by having the ticket dismissed.
Located just northwest of Philadelphia with hundreds of thousands of cars speeding along its roads as commuters rush into the city or hurry home after a long day of work, Lower Merion, Pa., rivals any suburb in traffic congestion.

Between the crowded Schuylkill Expressway or the popular I-476, it can be easy to get a traffic ticket as you maneuver between vehicles or just try to keep your place in the pack. On these heavily used roads that are sometimes choked with traffic, it can be easy to lose track of your speed or get pulled along in a pack of vehicles and speed or run a red light. Sometimes you can commit a traffic violation simply trying to avoid being in an accident!

You might assume that you are guilty just because you received a ticket, but you should wisely weigh your options before mailing in your fine like an obedient servant. That fine will cost you in the short term, obviously, but it could cost you in the long term as well if points are assessed to your driving record and/or your insurance premiums get bumped up.

In other words, the initial fine that you pay could be the start of several financial hits as a consequence of your speeding or other traffic violation. Consider these questions before you plead guilty to a speeding offense: 1) Are you absolutely sure that the police officer got an accurate measure of your speed, or is s/he still learning how to correctly use the new LIDAR technology? 2) Did s/he clock you at your true speed, or was s/he too eager to start and stop the stop the stopwatch used in VASCAR technology?

Those are just two preliminary questions, and if you don’t know what LIDAR and VASCAR are, you should definitely contact a Lower Merion speeding ticket lawyer for assistance. S/he might be able to prove in court that the police officer lacked sufficient training in using LIDAR equipment, or that the VASCAR machine was improperly maintained. Again, those are just two possible roads down which a qualified Lower Merion traffic ticket lawyer can take you and save you money and time.

Before admitting your guilt by virtue of paying your fine, call for a free consultation to discover your options in dealing with your ticket.

Here’s another bad surprise that you want to avoid: if you have accumulated points previously on your driving record, a few more could put you over the state limit and cause you to lose your license. If that happens, you not only will be blocked from driving, you could lose your job. Many employment contracts require a current license to continue employment. So, a speeding ticket could push you all the way into the unemployment line, a scary prospect when you consider how difficult it is to find a job in our sluggish economy.

Call for a consultation and let a Lower Merion traffic ticket lawyer review your case and go over your options. A trained professional who is familiar with traffic law can be a powerful ally in preserving your driving record and guarding your money and job.

The Lower Merion traffic ticket attorney’s fee usually more than pays for itself when you consider the high stakes that can result from a simple traffic ticket. Getting a reduced fine or your case dismissed can save you thousands of dollars in fines and higher insurance premiums. Who knows? It might even help you to keep your job.
In Pennsylvania, you can be issued a traffic ticket for running a red light in two ways: if the police see you run the light and issue you a ticket, or if you are caught by a red light camera and are sent a ticket in the mail. But if you are caught failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, you are almost certain to get pulled over by a police officer and to be issued a traffic ticket.

Traffic tickets, including stop sign tickets, are often issued as a way to generate revenue for the city or town. This is why police officers do not hesitate to write a ticket when they see someone run a stop sign, even if the driver slowed down at the sign, or even if the driver did not hit anyone in the intersection. This is why these kinds of tickets can be so frustrating — they are easy to get, they come with incredibly steep penalties, and you may not even have done anything really wrong to deserve the ticket.

Pennsylvania law spells out every driver’s duty when approaching a stop sign. Under the Pennsylvania Code, Chapter 75, § 3323, drivers are expected to come to a complete stop at the designated white line; yield right of way to pedestrians; and to not enter the intersection until it is safe to do so. Failing to do any of these things could mean getting a stop sign ticket.

Not only do these tickets come with expensive fines that you are expected to pay, but you will also have points added to driving record if you plead guilty to your stop sign ticket. A stop sign ticket will result in three points being added to your driver’s license, and after six points accumulate on your record, you will face additional penalties. These can include having to take a safe driving exam or even having your license suspended for several weeks.

However, you have the option of pleading ‘not guilty” to your traffic ticket and having your case heard in your local traffic court. This will give you the opportunity to present your side of the story to a judge. The judge will also hear from the police officer who wrote your ticket, and the officer will try to prove that you clearly ran the stop sign. The judge will then decide whether to assign you the full extent of the penalties of your ticket, to reduce your penalties, or even to dismiss your ticket entirely.

Having an experienced Pennsylvania stop sign ticket lawyer on your side is the best way to ensure that the judge will reduce or eliminate your penalties. We will help you find evidence that will work in your favor, even if the police officer is there to testify. We have handled hundreds of cases like yours and are available to help you prepare right away. Give our offices a call today to speak to one of our attorneys.
A speeding ticket in Pennsylvania can come with a surprising number of steep penalties. Not only do you have to pay an expensive fine if you plead guilt to your ticket, but you will also have points added to your driver’s license record, which can result in even more penalties as those points accumulate. This is why we encourage our clients to plead not guilty to their traffic ticket and to speak to one of our attorneys right away after receiving a traffic ticket.

Police officers often issue speeding tickets as a means of generating revenue for the local city or town. The fines that accompany speeding tickets are often very high as a result. Under Pennsylvania traffic law, you could be paying a fine of between $45 and $100 for a single speeding ticket, depending on how fast you were going when you received your ticket.

The other major penalty that you will face if you plead guilty to your traffic ticket is having points added to your driving record. Under Pennsylvania law, the number of points will vary based on how fast you were going. Below is a list of the point values assigned to the different levels of speeding tickets:

Speeding by 6 to 10 miles per hour over the limit — 2 points
Speeding by 11 to 15 miles per hour over the limit — 3 points
Speeding by 16 to 25 miles per hour over the limit — 4 points
Speeding by 26 to 30 miles per hour over the limit — 5 points
Speeding by 31 miles per hour or more over the limit — 5 points, plus an automatic 15 day suspension of your license
Drivers should note that in addition to these point values, if these violations occur in a work zone, you could also face an additional license suspension of 15 days.

As these points add up on your record, you will be facing other penalties, such as a required safe driving test or having your license suspended even longer. It is important to know how many points you have received for each ticket and what the consequences of those points are.

Remember that a speeding ticket can result in expensive fines, points on your license, a possible license suspension and the inability to freely drive yourself where you need to go, and even having your insurance premiums increased by your insurance company.
The best way to avoid having these points added to your license in addition to the numerous other penalties is to plead not guilty to your ticket and to talk to you an experienced Pennsylvania speeding ticket lawyer. We will help uncover evidence that may show that the ticket was not issued properly, such as errors in the speed calculations done by the police who wrote your ticket. We will help you prepare for your traffic court hearing and will fight to have your penalties reduced or dismissed. Give our offices a call today to speak to one of our lawyers.

So How many points am I facing for a speeding ticket?

Exceeding maximum speed Miles over Speed Limit: Amount of Points:
0 to 5 0
6 to 10 2
11 to 15 3
16 to 25 4
26 to 30 5
31 and over Departmental Hearing and Sanctions provided under Section 1538(d) and 5

(Please note that if violations occur in an active work zone, an additional 15 days of suspension is possible)

Another frequent question for my clients is how will a speeding ticket affect my insurance rates? Quite frankly, we are not in position to give you the economic increase that you may face, only, we would strongly suggest that you contact your insurance agent. However, based on our experience, it is quite clear that this counts as a moving violation on many insurance ratings of your policy and is such, will result in a substantial increase.

If you have any other questions regarding your Pennsylvania speeding ticket, please contact our office at for a free consultation.

Dress smartly for your court appearance. Even if you are entering a plea of guilty for your speeding ticket, you still want to make a good impression on the court.

Prepare for yourself a statement of your financial situation if you think you will have difficulty paying the speeding ticket fine. Make a budget for yourself and get an idea of exactly what you need to do each month financially to survive. This will be important later when the Justice decides your penalty for your speeding ticket.

Enter the court at the appointed time and wait for the clerk to call your name. Once it is called, approach the bench and say, “Good morning/afternoon Your Worship. My name is ____, and I am prepared to enter a plea today. I am doing so voluntarily and I understand I am waiving my right to a trial.”

You need to make sure the court knows you know your rights. If you give the impression that you have been coerced into your decision or that you don’t know what your options are, court may proceed to trial anyway, and you could possibly lose your negotiated bargain for your speeding ticket.

The clerk will read your speeding offence to you, and then the prosecutor will read the facts according to the charging officer. Listen very carefully to the facts as they are read and make sure that they are correct. If you don’t understand something that was read out, make a note of it so you can ask for clarification. Also note if anything was incorrect.

Once the prosecutor is finished reading the list, the Justice will ask you if you have anything to say regarding the facts for your speeding ticket. If they are all correct, simply answer, “I agree with the facts, Your Worship.” If there is a problem with the facts for your speeding ticket, only address it if it will affect your sentence but not the question of your guilt. Do not argue in such a way as to call into question whether or not you committed the speeding ticket. If that occurs, the Justice will quash your plea and the matter will go to trial, which you will likely want to avoid at this point. Only argue if the prosecutor’s evidence makes your speeding ticket more severe.

For example, your speeding charge would be more severe if you were doing so in an area where there were children. If the prosecutor claims that children were in the area, but the time was when school wasn’t in session and no children were present, say so. You are not arguing with the fact that you were speeding, just that you weren’t doing so with children present.

It is important to know what kind of factors can make your speeding ticket more severe for just this reason. At no time try to explain why you’re not guilty of speeding. Doing so will just make you look foolish to the court, and your plea will be quashed and a trial will proceed.

Once any issues with the facts of your speeding ticket are addressed, the Justice will ask the prosecutor for submissions on your penalty. Once a penalty has been submitted, the Justice will then ask you if you have anything to say regarding the penalty. This is the time to bring up any concerns you have with the penalty for your speeding ticket, particularly if you are worried that you will have financial difficulties. If you need to, explain your financial situation calmly but sincerely to the court, using your prepared budget to back yourself up. Let them know how much hardship you would face if the fee were levied against you, and demonstrate how sorry you are for committing the speeding offence and your intention to never do so again.

You can apply under section 59(2) of the Provincial Offences Act (POA) to have your speeding ticket fine reduced or waived completely based on your financial situation. Address this section to the Justice and see what he or she determines. The Justice will also ask you how much time you will need to pay your speeding ticket fine. You usually have up to 15 days to do so, but you can apply to have as much time as you need.

Once you are finished, thank the court for their time and leave quietly. Make sure to pay your speeding ticket fine before the deadline, and be aware of how your charge will affect your driving record and your insurance.

Trial preparation for your speeding ticket
tier 1
Special Instructions for Speeding Cases
If you were charged with a speeding ticket, make sure to request information on the equipment that the officer used to clock your speed. You should get the type and model of the equipment, notes taken by the officer regarding testing and using the equipment, and details on how the device is meant to be tested and used. If the officer did not properly test the equipment or take notes proving that he or she made sure it was working properly, the speed they say you were travelling may be suspect.

Keep in mind that some offices may include the testing procedures in the disclosure, but others might require you to come to the office in person to review the manual. If you do not receive all the information in the disclosure, make sure to contact the prosecutor’s office to arrange a time to review the manual and make notes.

Remember that you’re entitled to all the information necessary to ensure you get a fair trial for your speeding ticket, so insist that you be given access to the relevant pages in the manual. The prosecutor may argue that they aren’t bound by law to provide you with a copy of the manual itself, but you can make the rational argument that the information inside the manual is necessary to ensure you a fair trial, and then specify which pages from the manual you need. As long as you stay calm and keep your reasoning logical and rational, they cannot fault you. Stick to your guns and get everything you need for your speeding ticket defence.

It will usually take four to six weeks to get your disclosure for your speeding ticket, and it may be longer in some busier courts, such as Toronto. This is why it is important to request it as soon as you get your trial date. If you don’t request disclosure until just before the court date, you will very likely have to come back to court again, costing you more time and money.

If you don’t hear anything from the prosecutor’s office after about four weeks or so, send your request for disclosure another time. If you’ve sent requests four or more times without any response, make a note of each date you sent a request. Send one more the week before your trial date so you can prove you have made a diligent effort to get the evidence you’re entitled to for your speeding ticket, and make sure to bring it up right away when you appear in court.

The prosecutor’s office should contact you once the disclosure is prepared. Many offices will require you to come in person to pick up the disclosure, but you may be able to work out another manner of getting it with one of the clerks at the office. Be polite and explain your circumstances if going in person will be difficult for you. They may be willing to fax it to you or send it by mail, or even scan it and send it by email.
Reviewing Disclosure

Now you finally have the disclosure for your speeding ticket in front of you. Make sure to set aside at least one uninterrupted hour to go over everything in it in detail. Depending on how severe your speeding ticket is, the file may only be a few pages of notes and copies of pages from a manual, or it may be very large with accident reports and a history of any other offences you may have been charged with in the past. Big files can be very intimidating, but just take your time and read through everything included.

The first thing to do is to compare the officer’s notes to your own account of the incident. Remember how we said to write that down back at the beginning of this process? Now is the time to dust that off and use it to refresh your memory of the incident. Do the officer’s notes match your own? If there are discrepancies, what are they? Small differences might actually be very key, so it is important to make note anything that differs from your own recollection of what happened. It is better to make note of something that won’t be useful later than to pass over something you think is unimportant that could have saved your case.

Look for missing details in the disclosure for your speeding ticket. Anything that you made note of that the officer did not should be highlighted. Conversely, if there is something in the officer’s notes that you don’t remember, that should be noted as well. Determine whether you just forgot to include something in your own notes or if the officer has noted something that did not happen.

For your speeding ticket, make sure to see if they have included information on the equipment used to clock your speed. You should have the type and model of the speed measuring equipment, notes taken by the officer before and after testing and using the equipment, and details on just how the speed measuring device is meant to be tested. If the officer did not properly test the equipment or take notes proving that he or she made sure it was working properly, the speed they say you were travelling at will be suspect, and you can use that as part of your speeding ticket defence.

While you’re reviewing your disclosure for your speeding ticket, it is a good idea to be consulting defence resources. There are several useful books that can give you some insight into fighting your own traffic ticket. We have a list of some that we recommend here. (include link)

Most of the useful books are going to make references to speeding case law, which are used to back up arguments in court in which a similar situation had a ruling already made on it. If you don’t have access to case law, we suggest looking into getting it. Look online or consult a local librarian, as they will often be able to point you in the right direction to getting access. You can also consider consulting or hiring a law or paralegal firm, as they should have access to the right case laws.

It would also be a good idea to have the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) on hand, which you can find online here (link:

Take your time reviewing the disclosure for your speeding ticket. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break. Legal information can be tough to slog through, and getting upset won’t make it any easier. Ask for help if you need it.

Our office in New Jersey, concentrates on traffic law and especially assisting you in getting your traffic ticket dismissed. We possess a reputation for honesty and excellence and are committed to serving our clientele with any given legal circumstances in New Jersey.

We defend against:

Get Your New Jersey Ticket Dismissed

Traffic tickets are going to make your insurance expenses substantially go up and you might even lose your license if you get enough points upon your record. It is vital that you battle each traffic ticket, as every ticket upon your record will have an impact. Read more concerning why you ought to battle your speeding traffic tickets and traffic tickets. We are going to assist you by offering professional, experienced legal help to aid you in fighting speeding traffic tickets, traffic tickets, and so much more in New Jersey dealing with traffic court cases in New Jersey.

Why Employ An Experienced New Jersey Traffic Lawyer ?

Traffic violation attorneys aren’t necessary in a few instances. In cases in which you did what you’re accused of and there’s little capability for you to battle the charge, you might not require these experts for the duty. On the other hand, within almost all additional cases, it’s a great idea to employ an attorney to represent you within court. Doing this might assist you in reducing your fines, reducing the impact upon your criminal record and license, and aid you in getting back on the road quicker. If you procrastinate, you might be facing even greater fines.

When Do You Require Assistance?

A traffic violations lawyer has the duty of representing you within a court of law. Additionally, this expert’s duty involves offering you with guidance concerning what your choices are for preventing complications. She or he can inform you what to plea and what you can expect from your outcome. If you believe you don’t require one, think again. It might mean the difference in between suffering jail time and paying hundreds of dollars, to strolling away from your case. Here include a few of the times when it’s ideal to contact these experts:

Do you already possess points upon your license and are concerned with the outcome of this most recent stop? If you’re a multiple offender, it’s a great idea to call an Traffic lawyer to figure out how to battle these charges.
Do you know you didn’t commit the crime charged with within this instance? If you merely wish to clear your name as well as can back up the claims made, it’s a great thought to employ an expert to assist you in doing just that.
Are you faced with the loss of your capability of driving? Are you currently a commercial driver? In cases in which the risks are great, it’s ideal to turn to an expert to assist you in getting through the process, as well as potentially reducing the risk of you losing your job.
Traffic violation lawyers may assist you in determining if there’s a way to get your charges dropped. It also may be possible to utilize proof to show you couldn’t have committed this crime. In additional instances, the objective includes proving that you weren’t justly charged because of an error made by the officer. No matter what your defense options include, it’s a great thought to employ an attorney to assist you through this process. Going to court by yourself is never a good idea.

If you’re like the majority of people, you’re likely not familiar with the jargon and routines included in such court proceedings. It places you at a disadvantage as you’re likely to be opposing an officer who has been to court on a number of occasions and understands how he or she can present her or his case well. Our office may dramatically boost your opportunities of winning your case. We’re extremely experienced with New Jersey traffic laws and court procedures and rules and will present a more compelling case upon your behalf. That is why you must hire Mr. Greenberg, an experienced New Jersey traffic lawyer.

How our Traffic Ticket Attorneys Do It

We strive to make your litigation process as efficient and easy for our clientele as possible. We will move rapidly to solve any given circumstances in a cost-effective, successful manner. Every case is underneath the direct supervision of Michael Greenberg. The very reliable, professional, and efficient team is dedicated to making your legal experience a positive one. We’re available around the clock to help our clients.

If you require legal representation for your traffic offense, we are well-equipped to provide the guidance needed to get your citation solved rapidly with as little cost, aggravation and time as possible.

Irrespective of how insignificant the citation might seem at this time, it’s nearly always worth your time in the long range to contact a traffic ticket attorney concerning your case. A lawyer well versed in New Jersey traffic law may use knowledge of legal processes and the law.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Michael Greenberg are specially equipped to handle various infractions, from minor ones to severe moving violations and misdemeanors, too. If you’ve been cited for a violation you think to be the result of a mistake, or one where you were at fault, you may battle red-light camera, speeding ticket, and additional citations by employing a Traffic lawyer who has experience in defending such cases.

Take a minute to learn more concerning New Jersey traffic law, as well as on our legal services. Please contact for a free consultation. Our lawyers are completely licensed, compassionate, as well as experienced in dealing with various citations effectively and with the highest possible benefit to a client.
DUI Tickets

New Jersey is possibly the worst state for performing a DUI offense. Driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence includes one of the most severe offenses and will be responsible for lots of fatalities in New Jersey each year. New Jersey additionally leads the nation within DWI/DUI arrests. That’s why New Jersey DWI/DUI offense penalties will be so severe.

Over 0.08 percent BAC (blood alcohol concentration) (0.04 percent for commercial drivers as well as 0.01 percent for drivers up to twenty-one years of age) is all that’s required for a DWI offense conviction within New Jersey. If your BAC level is over the legal amount, you’ll be instantly arrested. The police officer is going to revoke your driver’s license, send it, alongside the suspension or revocation order, as well as a sworn report, to the DMV.

If you’re stopped by a policeman underneath the suspicion of DWI/DUI, taking the BAC tests includes the ideal choice you have. The test might be within the form of a breath test, a blood test and within some instances, a urine test. Refusing to do this will result in instant suspension of a driver’s license by the DMV.

You do possess the right to contest a driver’s license revocation or suspension, if you believe you were incorrectly accused. You may ask for a hearing between ten days following you receiving your revocation.

If you become convicted under DWI/DUI following your hearing, you need to pay heavy duty fines and undergo DUI programs for around 9 months. You might lose your driver’s license as well as even be faced with jail time.

For a driver over twenty-one years of age, the initial DWI/ DUI conviction is going to bear a 4 month suspension of a driver’s license. It’ll be a 1 year revocation if the next conviction happens between ten years of the initial one. If the 3rd conviction happens between ten years, it’ll be a 2 year revocation.

If a driver is under twenty-one years of age, the initial conviction would possess a 1 year suspension of a driver’s license, for the 2nd and3rd conviction between 10 years, the suspension is going to be 2 years and 3 years, respectively.

DWI/DUI Offenses for Commercial Drivers

The BAC limitation for commercial drivers within New Jersey is 0.4%. Over that, CDL holders commit a DUI offense and endanger their commercial license, as well as possibly their job.

A DWI offense carries nearly the same results for non-commercial and commercial drivers; a license suspension, a heavy fine, as well as jail time. However, CDL holders face more issues. They’ll possibly have their license revoked for one year for the initial conviction (even if driving their personal car during the time of the offense) and need to go to alcohol assessment courses. They’ll be faced with increased insurance rates and probably will need to select an additional career if their license is suspended.

You do not need to experience an accident or a speeding violation to become pulled over. If you’re weaving or simply driving a bit erratically you may be pulled over underneath DUI suspicion. If you’re pulled over you’ll be tested to check if you’re intoxicated. You’ll need to walk a little white line, blow inside a breathalyzer, or additional on-site tests in order to check if you’re considered drunk. If so you’ll be arrested immediately.

Not just are you going to have an arrest upon your record following this, you’ll have obstacles to beat. In most cases you may have your license suspended or indefinitely pulled. This means you’ll need to either locate somebody to take you from one place to another or take public transportation in order to get from and to work.

Then, of course, there are the court costs and fines. You got it, not just can you spend some time behind bars you’ll need to pay a lot on top of that. Not just are you going to have the traffic violation fines which you’ll need to pay you’ll additionally need to pay any court expenses.

While you’re considering the financial expenses of a DUI do not forget the price of your insurance will rise, if they do not drop you all together. If the offender has multiple charges on a record he or she may not have the ability to keep an insurance carrier — not for reasonable rates, at least.

You’ll lose a whole lot by getting behind the wheel. It is vital that if you discover yourself being charged with a DUI, you must get a lawyer who specializes within such cases. Particularly if it’s just your 1st offense you have to have somebody on your side to aid you in keeping your license and assist you with keeping your jail time to a minimum.

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New Jersey Point System

In the U.S., one method in which a driver’s issues with the law are recorded includes the form of points. These points are basically demerits that are applied to a driver’s license upon the discovery of a wrongdoing. As a specific amount of points is reached, a driver is penalized, usually within the form of a suspension. If you’ve incurred points upon your driver’s license, it’s vital that you understand more concerning the system and to find out what to do concerning your record.

It’s additionally worth stating that different individuals are suspended during different times. For instance, if an individual drives for a living, as within the instance of a cabbie or bus driver, the amount of points accumulated prior to a revocation or suspension is necessary is usually greater than that for regular drivers. It’s something which differs from one state to another. Similarly, a few younger drivers might have less points prior to their licenses being revoked. It’s something that depends upon the state in which the driver resides and where the driver’s violation takes place.

Keep in mind that as you’re thinking about how the point system operates that the important factors to consider include where you reside, what you wish to do concerning the points, as well as how you can avoid getting points in the future. If you’re somebody who’s prone to traffic violations, you should take some time to study how this system within your state operates and how it will affect you.

Make certain that you’re clear about the point’s policy, particularly if you’ve never had the points applied to your driver’s license before. The more you understand concerning this system, the better your odds of removing them.

The road users who violate the traffic rules will be summoned with a traffic ticket. A couple of forms of violations exist – non-moving and moving violations. Exceeding the speed limit will come under a moving violation, whereas violating a parking rule will come under a non-moving violation. Violations like permitting a parking meter to expire, as well as unlawful manner of parking will be issued with a parking ticket. NJ speeding tickets’ fines generally are extremely costly in order for the perpetrators not to repeat the same error again.

The officers in New Jersey utilize K-55 Radars to catch a speeder. Camera radars and radar guns also are utilized for this reason. Such radar systems are discovered to be reliable by NJ courts. Laser use for speed reading will be admissible solely as an officer is trained and all pre-operation check responses are acceptable. The speed limit is established by the transportation commissioner and approved by the transportation department.

With every speeding ticket, a point is added to a violators’ license. If the speed limitation goes over by 1 to14 mph, a two-point ticket will be issued. Not obeying a cop’s direction, to keep right, as well as to stop at a red signal also is charged with a two-point ticket. Going beyond the limit by 15 to 29 mph, incorrect passing off the roadway, as well as of frozen dessert trucks are given a four-point ticket. If driving goes beyond the limitation by 30 mph or above, a five-point ticket is issued. Unlicensed driving will be charged $100. One advisory notice is sent as the point total is from six to eleven. In severe cases in which the amount of points exceeds twelve, the license is suspended for a brief time. The system of utilizing points will be used to trace poor drivers, as well as account them in the instance of future offenses.

If points are assigned to a driving license, the surcharges must be paid in addition to the imposed fine. Surcharge non-payment might lead to a suspension of every privilege. It also might involve securing rights over any property owned by an individual until his or her debt is taken care of. The surcharge of $250 is given for driving an uninsured car. The NJ speed violation fines will be doubled underneath specific conditions like speeding over the safe corridor region or the NJ construction zone and within instances of a driver going beyond the speed limitation by twenty or more mph.

Out-of-state drivers also may be given a NJ traffic ticket. It’s crucial for out-of-state drivers or non-residents to be certain that their ticket is properly defended in order to eliminate the license impact. The court permits a NJ defense lawyer to defend out-of-state drivers and represent their case.

The points remain upon a driver’s record even following his license being restored. These violation points stay as a permanent black mark upon his record. But, the present driver status record varies from this. The present status equals the present, minus any deduced points.

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Odds are if you made it here you are aware of some of the consequences that you may face as a result of guilty verdict. They include the following:


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Our Service Area includes :

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