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WEDNESDAY, March 1 (HealthDay News) — New research suggests that a few extra pounds can be good for you — if you’re male and unlucky enough to be in a car accident, that is. Moderately overweight males are more likely to survive serious car accidents than either the thin or the very fat. Apparently, a bit of extra padding — but not too much — provides extra protection, according to the study. The research suggests that there’s “a threshold, a cut-off point,” where overweight suddenly becomes dangerous instead of protective, noted study lead author Dr. Shankuan Zhu, an assistant professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin.For reasons that aren’t clear, women don’t get the same protection from extra weight: Being fat, thin or in-between didn’t affect their likelihood of dying in a car accident, the study found.Researchers have made similar links between weight and car accident fatality rates in the past, but the new study is the first to take a significant look at gender differences. The researchers examined reports of 22,107 accidents in the United States involving drivers aged 16 and older from 1997 to 2001.

The study findings appeared online Wednesday and will be published in the April edition of the American Journal of Public Health. Overall, males were about twice as likely to die as females — 0.87 percent of them died in the accidents, compared to 0.43 percent of females.The researchers then looked at the connection between death rates and the body mass indexes (BMI) of the accident victims. BMI measures whether a person’s height and weight are proportionate, with a BMI of 30 being the statistical threshold for obesity. Fatalities among males became increasingly likely as their body mass indexes dipped below 22 (meaning they’re on the thin side) or above 35 (meaning they’re obese).The results suggest that a moderate layer of fat — such as that found in overweight but not obese people — provides a “cushioning” effect during a crash, Zhu said. But the cushion effect may vanish in males who are obese because their medical problems — such as cardiovascular diseases and high-blood pressure — could make them more vulnerable to dying from the effects of a crash, Zhu said.

The same might be true for thin males, who may have medical problems that exacerbate their ability to survive a crash, said Dr. Saman Arbabi, director of trauma surgery research at the University of Michigan. He co-authored a similar study that found nearly identical results. Why would body weight affect fatality rates in men but not in women? Arbabi suggested that it may have something to do with the physics of car accidents and the way that fat appears on the body. Overweight men tend to look like apples, with weight around their bellies, while overweight women look like pears, with fat around their hips and buttocks. These weight patterns may simply provide more protection for men, Arbabi said, adding that more research is needed to confirm that. For now, he said, men should realize there’s yet another reason to lose weight: while “love handles” might prove helpful in a crash, being too fat will be of no help at all.

Contact our Tennessee Accident Lawyers if you have ever experienced a personal injury and think others are at fault for the accident.


Safety Seats, Not Seat Belts, Can Protect Children In An Accident
NEW YORK: In a car crash, an infant secured in a safety seat has a far greater chance of survival compared to when buckled only in a seat belt. The current issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine presents a study comparing data from more than 9,200 crashes. A team of researchers led by Michael R. Elliott of University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, said child restraint systems, like a safety seat, were more effective in protecting young children in a car crash-up.
The team chose to look beyond government safety evaluations and probe deeper for a better assessment of survival chances for young children between the age of two through six. They decided to pass up the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) census by the US Department of Transportation. The FARS data for fatal car crashes is not very helpful, the researchers said, because it makes no distinction between how the child occupants of the cars were secured to their seats. The government census assumes that there was no difference between how surviving children were secured in fatal crashes and in non-fatal crashes. The team preferred instead to examine the National Automative Sampling System Crashworthiness Data System (NASS CDS).
This source provided data for 7,813 fatal and 1,433 non-fatal crashes that took place between 1998 and 2003. The results indicate a link between child safety seats and a 21 percent lower risk of death, when compared with the benefit of seat belts. These included cases where the safety seats were improperly used, which meant the actual risk of death was even lower at 28 percent. The research was conducted for the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The team said efforts must continue to promote the usage of child safety seats through educational programs and improved laws.



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Sadly, car accident stories come in great numbers – numbers even greater than those reported and recorded in car accident statistics.

Although many fatal auto accident stories are reported in the media and are handled by the police, there are many more non-fatal car accidents that occur on a daily basis that never get reported.

I’m not just referring to news reports, but even police reports are often not made when people want to avoid filing claims with their insurance companies, etc. That’s not always a good idea, but we’ll discuss that later.

What The Stats Don’t Tell You…

Although it is highly advisable to file a report on any car accident regardless of whether there is a fatality or injury or not, a lot of people do not report non-fatal and minor accidents anymore.

Filing a report means getting involved in all the hassle of talking to the police, filling out reports, and going over all the legal requirements. This is why when the accident is minor, even two-party accidents are sometimes simply settled without any formal police report.

This just means that the car accident statistics we know about do not tell us the whole truth. The rate of car accidents is higher than we believe, which makes car accidents even more dangerous because we are not sufficiently informed and guarded against them.

We only hear or read about the fatal auto accident stories that make it to the media, but when you read personal stories online or talk to friends or colleagues, you will realize that there are far more car accident stories circulating around than the media reports.

How Auto Accident Stories Can Teach A Lesson…

Stories about car accidents can serve a valuable purpose. In fact, here’s an example of a car accident story you probably haven’t have heard but can teach some important safety lessons.

A woman from Illinois was driving her van to work one morning when she encountered, and avoided, a snow plow. In her efforts to avoid the snow plow, she failed to notice a pickup truck come up behind her.

The pickup truck was unable to stop because of the slippery road, so it hit the woman’s van. The impact pushed the rear and middle seats toward the front seats, and the back window was pushed out.

Fortunately, the woman was wearing her seatbelt, which kept her from going through the van’s windshield.

This is a good reminder to all drivers to:

drive according to conditions
be aware of everything around you in all directions
wear your safety belt
don’t follow too closely

Every auto accident can be evaluated to determine lessons to be learned and rules to remember.

How To Minimize The Dangers Of Fatal Car Accidents…

Accidents cannot possibly be controlled; the only thing you can do is take necessary precautions to minimize the risks. And if accidents do happen, the important thing is to minimize the damage or injury. There are some things you can do to protect yourself.

First, when buying a car, make sure to check the safety features of the car. Always wear seatbelts when you drive. Make sure that your fellow passengers are also wearing their seatbelts. And finally, be a cautious driver. This way, you can minimize the risks of accidents.

The Verdict On Auto Accident Stories…

A lot of car accidents can be avoided. Some are inevitable. They happen a lot more frequently than we realize. Become the best driver you can be to keep yourself and your family safe.

Have you been in a car accident? If yes, share your story. If no, read about other people’s stories. Most auto accident stories do not make pretty reading, but they all work towards one purpose: preventing similar accidents from happening.

So be part of the campaign to protect people from car accidents. Share your thoughts and warnings.

Have A Car Accident Story To Tell?
Have you had the bad luck to be involved in an auto accident? You may have been a driver or passenger. Either way, the experience is usually quite memorable. Tell us about it…

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More Accident Stories…

Fatal Car Accident Stories | Drunk Driving Stories | Stories of Drunk Driving |
Accident Recovery
What This Page Is About: Your Recovery
This page is written for several groups of people affected by serious auto accidents: those who have just been through an accident, their families, and their friends. All these people have their own reactions to the accident and want to help the people they love.
Above all, this page is about taking back your life and your personal power. That means helping you grab the tools within your reach. The “you” may be the survivor of a serious auto­mobile accident, a concerned family member, a friend, or a col­league. The tools are understanding, knowledge, example, and encouragement.
You had an accident, and you took your car to the body shop; now what do you do about the driver?
You can se the damage to your vehicle, but will you pay attention to the hidden impact on your self?
You may not want to talk about it, but if you’re now curi­ous to know about your stress reactions after the car accident, this page is for you.
Both sides of that reaction – wanting to get as far as pos­sible away from your reactions, yet being hungry for informa­tion to help put them to rest – are what make car accident stress frustrating, complicated. . . and solvable. That’s why I wrote the page and why you are reading it – to figure out some of these reactions and move on.

The impact of an auto accident sends waves of reactions through many people – the people in the accident itself, their families and friends, and the teams of police, firefighters, and EMTs (emergency medical technicians). When it involves a school bus, a carload of children, several cars, or a well-known family, the impact can profoundly touch a whole community. Even when it is a near miss, an accident has an impact on the people involved.
Everybody who has an accident will have some reactions. The reactions may last only a few hours, or even a few minutes in a near miss or a minor fender-bender. But if the accident was more serious, a process will be at work. The “Stress Bill” scale on page 20 enables you to quickly size up the accident you had in terms of its likely consequences.
These car accident stress reactions are normal and expectable. One reason they don’t feel normal is that you probably didn’t have them before the accident. But they are the normal indicators that your mind, heart, and body are adjusting to the new reality of the accident. If today is very different from the day before the accident, it is because the car accident stress recovery process is at work. Just as your body needs healing;’so does your mind.
This page is practical, straightforward, and filled with advice from others who have successfully coped with accidents and emerged stronger people.
Even if I could talk at length with each of you, I could never know exactly what it has been and still is like for you coping with your accident. The pain, the trauma is yours alone, and it’s impossible to fully share with anyone else. But in watching the relief that so many people have gotten from unburdening them­selves of their pain and reactions to others who have been through a similar trauma, I know that company truly helps. And I know that isolation does nothing to relieve the pain.
As you read Car Accident: A Practical Recovery Manual, keep these truths in mind:

The path you take through these reactions is yours alone.
Some things may apply to you. Others may not.
You are the captain of your recovery. No expert has the answers; they lie within your heart.
If you are open, you will find wisdom in this page that will lend shape to what you have been through and illuminate the path ahead.
Each step on your journey will change your point of view.
Some things will make sense now; others may only be apparent later.
How you pace yourself, and the support you have and are willing to use, will determine your reactions and your outcome.

You are not alone. Your reactions and feelings are quite com­mon, and those feelings form a pattern that flows in stages.”In the following pages, earlier survivors have agreed to share ­ through their words, their pain, their courage, and their experi­ences – how they have dealt with the feelings you now have. And they want to show you some of what you may encounter on your Journe£

Everyone has reactions. Your choice is not whether you will have reactions but how you will handle them. This recovery is yours, and the option of how to handle it is yours. But you can rely on those who have made this journey before you to help you through.

We have all seen the commercials on television. The attorney appears on the screen and asks if you have been injured in a car accident, or a slip-and-fall accident, or in countless other scenarios where your injury could be worthy of financial compensation. To many, this tactic appears uncouth, and its widespread use is one of the reasons that accident lawyers often suffer from an unsavory reputation. However, if you are among the unfortunate individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of another party, accident lawyers can be your only ally when seeking compensation for your damages or injuries.

Accident lawyers ? also known as personal injury attorneys, plaintiff lawyers, and trial lawyers ? provide legal representation to parties who have been ? or claim to have been ? physically or psychologically injured due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another party. Accident lawyers specialize in tort law, which is a form of civil law that deals with relationships between individuals and/or organizations. In contrast, criminal law involves individuals and/or organizations and the State. When one party has injured another party, accident lawyers are there to help the injured party receive appropriate compensation for their ordeal.

When accident lawyers are hired to represent their clients they assume several responsibilities on their behalf. While adhering to a strict code of ethics, accident lawyers must carefully examine the potential case and weigh its merits before filing a lawsuit. If the case has merit, then the accident lawyers will file complaints, make arguments in court, draft legal paperwork, and research their client?s case so that they can best represent their interests.

Accident lawyers are compensated in several different ways, although a contingency fee is the most common. A contingency fee is an agreement where the client has no financial obligation to the attorney until the case is successfully resolved. Upon settlement, the attorney will then keep a portion of the money as compensation. Other less common forms of compensation for accident lawyers are flat fees ? a set amount regardless of the outcome, retainers ? money paid before representation takes place, and hourly rates ? where the client is billed for each hour that is dedicated to their case.

In today?s society, accident lawyers are an oft maligned group. They are blamed for frivolous lawsuits and escalating health care costs, among other things. While those charges have merit in some instances, one should not conclude that accident lawyers are not an important component of our legal system. Accident lawyers are the individual?s last line of defense from further damage as a result of an accident or negligence. Sadly, we need accident lawyers after we have already been wronged, but with their competent representation we can not only receive just compensation, but the damages collected from negligent parties act as a deterrent from continuing to act in an irresponsible way in the future. In short; accident lawyers help prevent accidents as well.

For easy to understand, in depth information about accident lawyers visit our ezGuide 2 http://lawyer.ezguide2.com

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The Expert Car Accident Lawyers in California
There are plenty of people injured or even killed every year in car accident. In California alone, there are bulks of cases relating to car collisions or car accidents in general. These situations became worst and reached such numbers that the need to address the same is urgent.

Dos and Don?ts in Finding Car Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles
Even if you failed to prevent yourself from getting involved in a car accident, you can still do well by having a legal specialist to safeguard your rights and fight for the recoveries/compensation for damages and injuries you are entitled to receive.

Auto Accident Lawyers Can Benefit by Evidence Other Driver Was on a Cell Phone
Auto accident lawyers can use the evidence that the other driver was on his cell phone in the moments preceding the accident in at least two ways: (1) to establish that the other auto driver was DUI level driving impaired, to aid in establishing liability, particularly in contested liability cases; and (2) in some cases to gain access to additional insurance coverage, e.g., where the auto accident attorney can establish that the driver was engaged in a business call, “in the course and scope of his employment. Driving under the influence of cell phone conversation results in DUI level driving impairment and a four fold increased likelihood that the driver will cause an accident. The attorneys at the California Auto Accident Lawyers Gr…

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Automakers, insurance companies, and personal injury attorneys are learning about an automobile design flaw that causes personal injury, wrongful death and property damage on a large scale. Invent2win’s auction is currently open.

Legal Issues And The Florida Accident Lawyers
Despite the huge safety improvement in the automobile and its accessories, road condition and design, the car accidents are being remained inauspiciously common in US. As this is very common in US a quite large number of people die and get injuries thought out the certain period of time. In the year 2002 along nearly 43000 people have been killed in the car accidents the country.
Accident Lawyers Work for You to Help Your Complete Recovery.

If you have been in an accident, accident lawyers can make sure that your recovery both physically and materially is effective and thorough. An accident can be traumatic and devastating on so many different levels. Not only does your vehicle have damage, but you may also experience personal injuries both physically and emotionally. Once you?ve had an accident, your state of mind might not be what you need it to be in order to handle your assessment and claim for your damages. Accident attorneys have both the knowledge and skills needed in order to get you the compensation you deserve.
Accident attorneys have been trained and involved in a number of situations when it comes to dealing with accident claims. While you may think you can handle your own claim, there are many different situations that can arise you might not be able to handle. For example, if you are not at fault in your accident you will want the other party to do the right thing and take responsibility for their carelessness. Unfortunately, this doesn?t always happen. Many accident attorneys will tell you than even if the responsible party acknowledges their responsibility at the scene of the accident, they may change their minds at a later time and even try to claim that you were at fault. Accident attorneys are ready for such cases and know exactly how to proceed if this should happen.
Accident attorneys know that the more information you have from an accident, the better for your case. If you are in an accident, most accident attorneys will request any police reports, the names and contact information of any witnesses, medical records and treatment information, driver and insurance information from all involved parties and all photo and video evidence from the accident scene. Accident attorneys will take all of the information you can give them as well as do the research and obtain other relevant information you may find is not easily accessible to you.
You are entitled to have realistic expectations from accident attorneys. Accident attorneys have the knowledge that allows them to collect all of the information necessary for your case. Medical bills, property damage, personal injury and more are things accident attorneys will know to include in your claim. Accident attorneys are also keen about any possible flaws or weaknesses in your case. They can advise on what the consequences of such a situation are for you. If you were to try to file your claim without an attorney, you might not get all of the compensation that is collectable.
Accident attorneys will accept most valid cases without demanding a deposit of any kind. This would be a case that is contingent on the outcome of your claim. You will only have to pay accident attorneys if your case results in a successful settlement or monetary reward. Most accident attorneys will charge just over 30% of the total amount of money paid as a result of your case if the case is settled before a trial. If your case goes to trial, you may pay accident attorneys upwards of 40%.
No matter what, accident attorneys are there to protect your best interests and work for you. Accident attorneys have the education and knowledge to make sure you are not victimized any further by responsible parties and insurance companies. Be sure to research and consult with accident attorneys if you are involved in an accident.
Can you just imagine your car being bumped or rammed by an 80,000 pounds truck ? about 67 to 75 feet in length? You are lucky if you will only sustain injuries. You may then ask, what are my rights? What benefits I am entitled to? Can I sue the offending driver directly? These questions are better answered with the help of truck accident lawyers.

Truck accidents, unlike other vehicular accidents, are more complicated than it seem. This is because the truck driver may not only be the one liable in the accident but it may also include the trucking company, manufacturer and other parties.

This is where the role of lawyers comes in. Their function is vital because insurance companies, more often than not, offer low settlements, or will inquire into medical records to cast some doubts on the cause of the injuries.

Insurance companies do not want injuried parties to know the monetary benefits due them such as compensation for medical bills, loss of earning capacity, disability, and for the injury itself.

An experienced legal practitioner can help the victim go around through the various insurance company tactics and can assist him/her in securing the compensation that he/she needs and deserves.

If the accident happened in Los Angeles, victims may consult the best Los Angeles truck accident lawyers who are equipped with knowledge and experience to handle his/her plight. The victim is insured that his/her rights are protected and claims are correctly assessed and effectively handled.

To avoid being a victim of truck accident or any accident for that matter, extra precautions must be undertaken. However, should accident occurs, the parties involved must make the necessary steps while waiting for their own representatives to arrive at the scene.

While waiting for their arrival, certain steps may be commenced to prevent other risks from happening:

? Get pertinent information such as name, address, plate number, and license number of the offending party as well as the name and address of witnesses, if any

? Take pictures of the accident scene if a portable camera is at hand or anything to document the accident

? Wait for the lawyer before giving out information

? Report problems, however minor, such as injury, memory problems, discomfort or disorientation

In the streets of U.S., truck accidents are regular occurrence. Statistics show that truck safety is not improving in the U.S. Data for 2005 (NHTSA) showed that approximately 5,226 people are killed in crashes involving large trucks. In third year in a row, big truck accidents? death toll continues to rise. Large truck collision is to blame for about one of every eight traffic crash fatalities each year.

Some of the causes of truck accidents are as follows:

? Hostile drivers

? Unrealistic schedules

? Mechanical defects such as tire break out, break failure or improper breaking technique, and insufficient lighting

? Tailgating

? Long working shifts

? Driver?s physical condition such as fatigue and boredom

? Use of cell phone while driving

? Non installation of blind spot mirrors to avoid dangerous lane changes

? Jackknifing

? Driving beyond the speed limit

Certainly, it is every victim?s right to be assisted by an experienced and expert LA truck accident lawyer to whom he or she can fully entrust his or her legal battles.

To know more on how to handle your truck accident involvement, just visit our Los Angeles lawyers website at http://www.mesrianilaw.com/Truck-Accident.html and benefit from our free case evaluation services.

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