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Survivors on show

Join Michael Cowboy Ellis and guest Enzo Palumbo all set to reveal the #BB17season. The two members will be here to share their ideas. Get ready to know who won the #BB17 as the show goes live on air. Also, learn how they got here and what is the response for this season. Get answers on the popularity of #BB17 Twists and what you prefer to see on #BB18. The show also has time for fan opinion before they close the show. All are invited to chat with Enzo and Cowboy. The chat is just a call away. During the second hour join Big Mike Albirght as he will recap the episodes of #SurvivorSecondChance. It’s been nearly 15 years since Big Mike is interacting with the Survivor contestants at parties, live finales, and charity events.

Read also Know more about talented writer Susan Minot

Know more about talented writer Susan Minot

Susan Minot

See who is at the Halli table on Wednesday. Joining Halli is multifaceted award-winning novelist, poet, screenwriter, short story teller Susan Minot. Do not miss this on the Halli Casser-Jayne show. The maiden novel Monkeys made it to a dozen countries, and it slammed the France’s Prix Femina Etranger. The evening is another bestseller that was converted into a motion picture. Susan teaches at Stony Brook and New York University. Her latest book Thirty Girls is set in the backdrop of war-ravaged Africa. In the book, she interconnects the stories of a Ugandan teenager and Idealistic Jane fighting for the salvation amongst barbarism.

Pay homage to Gary Richrath


Sunday night join for the biggest tribute event. Be part of the tribute ceremony of legendary musician Gary Richrath. Catch up with guest Mile Isenbery chatting with Gary. Mike after the success of The Jets met young Richarth performing at The Suburban 9 to 5 and Alliance. Mike pays homage to the guitar hero sharing interesting tidbits about their early days. At the 9 pm show, there will be a conversation with Tim Fiers, a drummer from Bartonville, who worked with Gary. Tim will share fond memories of Gary on the show and also will discuss the work of Gary. He will also talk about his career path.

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